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Chapter 8: Who Is That Girl?

Qi Xi was very excited about Gu Xuehan's alternative plan, as she believed it could secure the best possible rights for Chen Xiang.

This was supposed to be great news, and Chen Xiang seemed a bit surprised by it.

Gu Xuehan smiled and said, "So, should we proceed with this plan? If there are no issues, we can start negotiations with Ai Xiang anytime."

Perhaps due to their long-standing relationship, when the moment of truth arrived, Chen Xiang hesitated, "Give me two more days to think about it. We need to consider the emotions and arrangements for the child before negotiations."


After Qi Xi dropped hints to Chen Xiang about divorce and examining the details of their assets, she had been proactive. Although she had some doubts in the end, her attitude completely changed three days later –

"Attorney Gu, you've done a great and professional job, but I..." Chen Xiang hesitated.

Gu Xuehan was patient, "Do you have any concerns?"

Chen Xiang hesitated for a moment but finally mustered the courage to reveal her decision, "I don't want a divorce anymore."

Gu Xuehan remained composed, but Qi Xi was utterly stunned.

What a surprising turn of events! Wasn't Chen Xiang the one who initially couldn't accept Ai Xiang's affair? How come her attitude has changed so dramatically in just a few days?

Even Gu Yan seemed surprised as he furrowed his brows and asked, "Is Ai Xiang planning to come back to the family?"

At the mention of this, Chen Xiang looked pained, "I couldn't hold back and confronted him. Unexpectedly, he felt no guilt at all and even brazenly told me that he no longer loves me. If I want a divorce, he's fine with it. He's willing to give me a bit more money and property, abandon all the children, and pay child support. He's even willing to give up our joint property and just wants me to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep their illicit affair hidden. He wants an amicable separation and a respectable life for our child."

On the surface, it seemed like a good thing that the other party was willing to negotiate and make concessions.

"He's not willing to give me more money and property out of genuine guilt, but because the popularity of his novel 'Encountering Immortals' is still rising, and the price for its IP is soaring. Many film and television companies are willing to offer high prices for the rights to his unwritten works. However, to prevent these from becoming marital property, he has refused to sign any contracts. He is just waiting to divorce me, divide the current visible assets, and then openly sign lucrative film and television contracts with that despicable third party."

Chen Xiang, once a gentle woman, now had a twisted and hateful expression, "He wishes! He wants to get rid of me so badly, but I won't allow it. I will exhaust him. From being worthless to becoming successful, it was all the result of my silent dedication and investment. Now that I turn around to leave, shall I hand over the kingdom I built to that lowly third party on a silver platter? No way!"

Qi Xi finally couldn't hold back, "But he clearly no longer has any feelings for you. This marriage is already empty in reality."

"As long as I'm around, that scheming little witch will never ascend. She won't be his rightful wife, and even if he has no feelings for me, he'll still have to call me his wife and only show our love on Weibo. I will make sure that the despicable third party has no status and can never openly have a relationship with him! I will never let them cast me aside and allow Ai Xiang's subsequent high earnings from film and television rights to become their post-marital property!"

Chen Xiang still paid the lawyer's fees according to the efforts of Gu Xuehan's team, and eventually regained her composure. She thanked Gu Xuehan and her team for their help, but it was evident that she had made up her mind not to divorce.


When Chen Xiang left the law firm, Qi Xi went to see her off. Looking at Chen Xiang's current state of abnormal excitement, reminiscent of her elegant demeanor at the beginning, Qi Xi couldn't describe how uneasy it made her feel.

Chen Xiang had already wasted nearly a decade of her youth on Ai Xiang, but if she cut her losses in time, she could have her own life for the next ten years, or even the one after that... Compared to a long and unhappy life, Chen Xiang was still so young...

What was the point of all this?

However, Gu Xuehan seemed quite indifferent to the fruitless effort. She glanced at Qi Xi and Gu Yan, who looked a bit disappointed as the case came to an abrupt end, and spoke with a profound tone, "It's just something to get used to. Many parties involved in civil disputes might demand a withdrawal of their lawsuit after the lawyer has done a lot of preliminary work. This is especially true in marriage disputes. They might start out ready to fight like gladiators, but once they reach the courtroom, they break down in tears, reminiscing about the past."

"As a lawyer, one must be prepared for the possibility of the client changing their mind. Chen Xiang is at least a good client who paid the initial fees. There are plenty of clients who change their minds, refuse to divorce, and won't pay a penny of the fees they owe."

Gu Xuehan quickly turned her attention back to her other cases, but Qi Xi still felt a sense of regret and loss. She turned to Gu Yan and asked, "Gu Yan, why do you think Chen Xiang is unwilling to divorce? It seems like her actions are taking a toll on Ai Xiang, but being trapped in a loveless marriage of betrayal is also consuming her."

Gu Yan closed his notebook and lowered his gaze, "Her intention to take a toll on him is just self-consolation and an excuse for others. In reality, she still holds expectations for him and hasn't completely given up on the marriage. She can't accept the fact that he truly doesn't love her anymore, and she can't bear the thought of him starting a new life with another woman after the divorce. So, although she says it's to take a toll on him, it's actually her own obsession. If she truly wanted to get revenge on him, she wouldn't be entangling herself in this way."

Qi Xi didn't understand, "But leaving a scumbag like him should be easy, right? After all, he hasn't treated Chen Xiang well, hasn't given her control over the finances, and has dumped all the parenting responsibilities on her. After the affair, he even agreed to the divorce without a fight and didn't contest custody of their child. It's clear he has little investment in being a parent and probably spends very little time with their child. Most importantly, his heart and body are no longer with Chen Xiang..."

Gu Yan pursed his lips, "It's not as easy as you think."

Usually, it's women who are more inclined to empathize with the betrayed wife in this situation. But Gu Yan's words made it seem like he could deeply relate to it...

Almost suddenly, Qi Xi finally understood why Gu Yan was so sensitive and empathetic – wasn't it because he liked a girl who didn't like him back? And yet, he continued to harbor feelings for her...

Wasn't this somewhat similar to Chen Xiang's mindset? She knew she should let go, but she was unwilling to do so, and in the process, she was wearing herself out...

It felt rather sad and pitiful.

In an instant, Qi Xi couldn't help but look at Gu Yan with a tender expression, "Do you really like her that much?"

Gu Yan seemed taken aback for a moment, then probably realizing Qi Xi was talking about the girl he liked, his lashes lowered as he avoided her gaze and tightened his lips.

"Don't talk about unrelated topics during work hours. I'm leaving, tidy up the meeting room."

With that, he turned and left.

The more Gu Yan acted this way, the more anxious Qi Xi felt.

She couldn't shake the feeling that she was somehow to blame. Even if she clarified the misunderstanding, Gu Yan's reputation... it was still thanks to her. It was possible that the girl had already been influenced and formed a negative opinion because of her.

Not to mention that Gu Yan was heartbroken; when he's unhappy, he tends to look for someone to blame, and who else but herself parading in front of him, destroying his reputation...

Thinking about Gu Yan and then Gu Xuehan, Qi Xi felt trapped between a rock and a hard place. These days were not easy, especially with Friday approaching. Gu Xuehan would have separate talks with her and Gu Yan to review the progress of their work in the past week and provide individual work advice and guidance.

Sigh, she needed to put in more effort. Qi Xi thought for a moment and quickly ordered another durian online. After work today, she would try to coax Gu Yan again. She would risk it all for the sake of friendship and have durian together once more! Their bond was formed over eating durian!


Qi Xi felt that she was gradually getting used to the taste of durian. When she woke up the next day and remembered yesterday's durian feast, she felt that her relationship with Gu Yan had taken another step forward, and she was filled with anticipation for the future once again.

However, she didn't expect this anticipation to be extinguished so quickly.

After Gu Xuehan finished her private conversation with Gu Yan, it was Qi Xi's turn –

"Since you are newcomers, each person's adaptability and handling of cases vary. So, I will adjust the workload assigned to you. First, tell me about the work you've done since joining and how you handled the tasks I assigned to you."

In fact, since joining, Gu Xuehan had mainly assigned Qi Xi various sporadic tasks, such as contract revisions, helping to answer legal questions for Gu Xuehan's long-term legal advisory clients, and assisting in organizing basic case information, evidence, and lists of witnesses. Qi Xi completed all these tasks quickly and efficiently. As for Chen Xiang's case, it had come to an end since she decided not to get divorced. The only task Qi Xi hadn't completed yet...

Was Gu Yan's defamation case...

Sure enough, Gu Xuehan remembered, "Oh, and what about the matter of Gu Yan's graduation ceremony? How do you plan to handle it?"

Qi Xi's heart raced, but she decided to take a different approach in her final struggle, "Attorney Gu, defamation cases are private prosecutions, and only Gu Yan himself is eligible to be the plaintiff*. Although you are his sister, if Gu Yan himself doesn't want to pursue it, even if we want to defend his rights, it won't work..."

*A plaintiff is the party who initiates a lawsuit before a court.

Compared to Gu Yan, Gu Xuehan seemed even more difficult to deal with! After all, Gu Yan hadn't taken any action, but Gu Xuehan seemed prepared to delve into the matter.

In Qi Xi's mind, several scenarios flashed by. For instance, if Gu Xuehan found out and got furious, she could rely on the bond formed over the durian to beg Gu Yan to intercede for her... If Gu Yan didn't agree, she could promise to be the exclusive durian supplier for the rest of his life...

But amidst her chaotic thoughts, Gu Xuehan simply chuckled at her words, "Congratulations, you've passed the first little test I gave you."


In Qi Xi's surprised gaze, Gu Xuehan raised an eyebrow and looked at her, "Of course, I know that defamation cases are private prosecutions, and even if I want to defend Gu Yan's rights, it won't work."

"But with this matter, I just wanted to tell you that many newcomers tend to accept everything their boss says, even if there are fundamental mistakes in what the boss says. Due to their respect for authority or the boss's filter, they blindly accept incorrect information."

Gu Xuehan took a sip of tea, "Consider this my first lesson for you. Although I am your supervising attorney, I may also make mistakes, even low-level ones. In our future collaboration, if you find any issues like this, please point them out promptly. I welcome such corrections at any time."

Ah, that's why! Qi Xi almost breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, feeling grateful.

Gu Xuehan pursed her lips and smiled, "However, who is that girl?"

"Didn't you say you didn't plan to help Gu Yan defend his rights anymore..."

Gu Xuehan's expression remained elegant and calm, "Oh, besides testing you, helping him defend his rights seems like a more noble reason. I'm just curious to see who could make him look like this. Having you search for the video isn't really about obtaining evidence. I'm just curious and want to see his expression at that moment. It's quite rare for Gu Yan to encounter something like this, so I want to keep a memento."


"So, can the video still be found?"

"..." Qi Xi was somewhat shocked. Was Gu Yan really Gu Xuehan's younger brother?

Gu Xuehan probably knew what Qi Xi was thinking, but she didn't care, "Gu Yan is an adult now, and he's going into the legal profession in the future. He's an independent individual capable of making his own decisions. Since he doesn't want to pursue or clarify things, as long as he can bear the consequences and responsibilities himself, I won't interfere."

"..." Qi Xi cautiously tested, "If you later find out who that girl is, would you seek justice for Gu Yan?"

"I won't." Gu Xuehan answered straightforwardly without hesitation, "I just want to see what kind of formidable character could make Gu Yan suffer such a big loss and still come out unscathed. We grew up together, and I've never succeeded in bullying him despite being a few years older."

Qi Xi thought, it's probably best if you don't find out. The formidable character is right in front of you, seemingly harmless and weak like a mere house pet.


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