My Family Is Very Odd

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Chapter 4: Will Be Eaten

The path grew more twisted as they walked, and the number of people gradually decreased. Both sides of the road were silent, with even the sounds of insects and animals few and far between.

Dusk hung low, casting intermittent shadows that pressed downward. The girl and a slender, elongated shadow walked along the middle of the path. It seemed that something lurked in the darkness, pulsating and expanding like clouds and mist. But upon closer inspection, it appeared as though there was nothing, just an ordinary night sky...

The young ghost asked her, "How did you fall? Does it hurt?"

"I fell with a 'smack'!" Li Xiao Gui opened her round, shiny eyes. Her small mouth resembled a freshly plucked cherry as she earnestly said, "It hurt a little at first, but I wasn't scared. Then when the teacher applied some medicine, the slight pain turned into more intense pain, and I got a little scared. But then the brother comforted me, and I wasn't afraid anymore. It didn't hurt much either, it felt nice and cool!"

The young ghost lowered his head, his deep-set eye sockets casting shadows around his eyeballs. His pale, gaunt face twisted with a lip line that pulled to the left and right, curving his upper lip into an exaggerated arc. His large eyes sat unblinking within their sockets as he asked, "Brother?"

It was quite peculiar.

Li Xiao Gui looked up, her big eyes gazing at the tall young ghost. She didn't find him strange or terrifying at all, and naturally replied, "Yes! It was my brother who helped me up after I fell. He's super nice and even comforted me."

The young ghost said, "That's good."

He asked again, "How was your day at school? Were you happy? Did anyone bully you?"

Li Xiao Gui said, "I was happy. I didn't fall during physical education class today, and I came first in the running race."

The young ghost nodded, "That's good."

Suddenly, Li Xiao Gui thought of something and said, "When school ended, a kid pushed me. He's really annoying and very impolite. He randomly called a big sister ugly! I don't like him; he's the ugly one!"

As she spoke, Li Xiao Gui's cute little face wrinkled up.

The young ghost asked, "Who is he? I noticed you disappeared while walking."

Li Xiao Gui's eyes held confusion as she said, "I don't know. He wasn't wearing our kindergarten uniform."

"When you see him next time, point him out to me, and I'll take care of him for you."

Li Xiao Gui nodded and said, "That kid is really bad. That sister he called ugly isn't ugly at all. Her eyes are very pretty, and her skin is fair. She kind of looks like Mommy and Daddy."

"Looks like?" the young ghost said. "No wonder you disappeared for a while and absorbed so much Yin energy again. It's not easy... but never mind, even if you go back to the house, you'll still absorb it. Who let you stay with us?"

The young ghost said in a faint voice.

Li Xiao Gui looked at the young ghost in confusion, not understanding what he meant.

The young ghost didn't explain and continued, "Next time you see someone who resembles us, don't get close to them."

"They're very bad."

As the little girl grew older, unlike in her childhood, she spent most of her time in the ghost house. She had curiosity, she would run around, and she would get out of their sight. Just like today, when she disappeared behind him unintentionally and ran off to another place, attracting strange things.

Spending a long time with them had made the little girl lose her fear of ghosts, which wasn't necessarily a good thing.

Those were not the ghosts of the ghost house. Especially when encountering those irrational low-level creatures, it became even more troublesome.

The young ghost suddenly felt the need to warn the little girl about something.

"Don't get close to any strange shadows. Be cautious around anything that resembles us, no matter what it is." His face maintained its usual smile, and his tone was gentle:

"If you're being followed, run towards warm and crowded places. The more people, the better. They are afraid of well-lit places and feel vulnerable in such environments, and if you stay there for five minutes, they won't be able to find you when you leave. Never run to secluded and dark corners, or they will catch up to you."

"If they catch up to you," the young ghost looked at the small Li Xiao Gui with a smiling face and said, "you'll be eaten."

The young ghost stopped walking; they had reached the entrance of the ghost house.

Li Xiao Gui turned her head and immediately forgot about the young ghost as she rushed towards the house.

Suddenly, Li Xiao Gui floated up in the air, her short legs dangling. She turned her head to see the young ghost grabbing her clothes, lifting her up.

The young ghost smiled, "Do you remember what I just said?"

Li Xiao Gui obediently nodded, "I remember! Be careful of people who look like Mommy and Daddy. If you see strange shadows, run towards bright and crowded places. Don't go to secluded and dark corners, and don't let them catch up to you, or you'll be eaten."

"Good, very good. Will the little ghost listen obediently?"

Li Xiao Gui's face showed her obedience, "Yes!"

The young ghost put her down, "Alright, let's go."

Li Xiao Gui cheered and ran towards the house, "I'm back!"

The young ghost reminded her from behind, "Put on your coat; it's cold in the house."

As Li Xiao Gui's joyful voice echoed into the empty and vast house, one by one, figures slowly appeared.

Ghost granny said, "Oh, little cutie is back?"

Ghost grandpa remained silent, nodding solemnly towards Li Xiao Gui.

The female ghost also came downstairs and casually asked in the direction of Li Xiao Gui and the young ghost, "What were you talking about at the door?"

The young ghost said, "Nothing much, just educating the little ghost about some common knowledge, so she can maintain a bit of respect for ghosts."

Female ghost felt speechless. What does the little ghost understand now? She probably can't even distinguish between the living and the dead... Respect? What's there to respect?

Female ghost rolled her eyes.

At that moment, the burly ghost's head appeared through the wall again, "Alright, it's time to eat!"

Meanwhile, the ghost granny was helping Li Xiao Gui put on her coat. Carrying a tone of excitement, she happily called out in a prolonged voice, "Alright—"


At the long table, each of the five sat in their respective places, with different foods in front of each person.

On the spacious table, only Li Xiao Gui's meal was steaming hot. They sat around the table, distinct and separate.

However, Li Xiao Gui didn't feel anything amiss. Her chubby face, rosy like a peach, full of vitality, was surrounded by four pale and lifeless faces. She happily waved her little round arms as she scooped rice and vegetables.

The five faces, filled with deathly air, all had smiles of varying depths.

The bright lights in the house shone down, illuminating the spacious floor. A small figure was projected, having a meal alone. Just like countless previous days, they all quietly and harmoniously enjoyed their meals.


On Friday, the classroom was stuffy and hot, dimly lit. The lights were turned on earlier than usual in the afternoon.

Everyone was excited because it was the weekend, restlessly waiting for the end of class.

Five minutes before the final class ended, the teacher clapped their hands, signaling everyone to quiet down. Then they began to remind the children to be careful and stay safe over the weekend. They mentioned that a few days ago, a primary school child accidentally fell into the water and drowned, emphasizing the need for caution in their daily outings and activities.

Especially with the current weather, so gloomy, as if a heavy rainstorm was about to come.


Author's note:

The young ghost's black box:

She's growing up,

My first thought is not about planning how to make her die,

But rather, thinking about how to keep her alive,

Damn it, who made her so bold,

That she's not even afraid of ghosts!


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