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Chapter 11: White Rabbit Candy

Chen Yuanyuan left school twenty minutes before Li Xiao Gui, but they shared a part of the route.

As she and the Young Ghost were about to pass the bridge, they saw Chen Yuanyuan crying loudly underneath it. Her voice was sharp, like a boiling kettle.

Strangely, no one paid her any attention, not even Chen Yuanyuan's mom, who stood nearby chatting animatedly with someone else.

Chen Yuanyuan cried so miserably that Li Xiao Gui couldn't just ignore her. She couldn't help but keep her gaze in her direction.

Moreover, Li Xiao Gui recognized the woman standing opposite Chen Yuanyuan, someone she knew.

Unable to hold back, Li Xiao Gui said to the Young Ghost, "Daddy, Daddy, I want to go over there and take a look."

The Young Ghost looked towards the other side of the bridge, knowing that something had happened there. He didn't want to get involved and didn't like Li Xiao Gui meddling either.

But seeing Li Xiao Gui's worried expression, he still didn't say anything.

He remembered the contents of the parenting book he read before:

Respect the child's thoughts, pay attention to their inner feelings, and avoid excessively restricting or suppressing their choices, curiosity, and actions.

Seeing that the Young Ghost didn't say anything, Li Xiao Gui became even more confident and boldly walked towards Chen Yuanyuan.

She approached the woman from behind and saw the woman reaching out in front of her...

And in front of them, there was flowing water.

"What are you doing?" Li Xiao Gui asked.

After a brief silence, the woman spoke in a cold tone, "I'm asking her if I look beautiful."

She didn't turn back and still faced away from Li Xiao Gui.

Li Xiao Gui blinked and felt relieved. "Sister looks beautiful," she said naturally.

She looked at the crying Chen Yuanyuan in front of her. Although she didn't know why, they seemed to be afraid of people with pale faces and dark eyes, like her sister. When they occasionally went out to play as kids, other children would cry when they saw her family members.

Li Xiao Gui thought Chen Yuanyuan might be scared for the same reason. She comforted her, "Yuanyuan, sister just has a fair complexion and dark eyes, but if you look closely, she looks just like us. There's nothing to be afraid of. Don't be scared."

Li Xiao Gui said, but Chen Yuanyuan, looking at the woman's face with a large gash, revealing bones, was almost suffocating.

The woman's head tilted further to the left, still not daring to turn around.

The Same?

That's because you haven't seen me now.

"Now?" Li Xiao Gui tilted her head in confusion.

The woman suddenly realized that she had accidentally spoken aloud. She saw Li Xiao Gui looking in her direction and taking a curious step forward, which made her feel flustered.

"Don't look over here!" The woman's voice was somewhat hoarse, and she lowered her head, saying, "...I don't look good now."

The woman cowered, but in fact, she wasn't afraid of others seeing her face. On the contrary, she enjoyed showing her extremely ugly face to others and asking if it was beautiful.

Because no matter how they answered, she would kill them. The excitement and pleasure from that could override all the flaws her face presented.

However, at this moment, she didn't want Li Xiao Gui to see this face. She didn't want it.

Li Xiao Gui blinked and stopped in her tracks. She was always obedient. "Oh." She thought for a moment and said, "Ah, sister, are you making a funny face?"

The woman turned away from her, and the long crack on her face slowly merged in front of Chen Yuanyuan's eyes, restoring its intact appearance.

Seeing the entire process, Chen Yuanyuan couldn't help but sob.

Li Xiao Gui had excellent contextual comprehension. She said softly, "No, you can't do that, Yuanyuan is crying, you can't do things that make people cry."

The woman: "..."

At this moment, Chen Yuanyuan's mother, who wasn't far away, finally noticed the commotion by the bridge. Her sharp eyes caught sight of Li Xiao Gui with her daughter.

Chen Yuanyuan seemed to still be crying, and her mother immediately frowned, stopping her conversation. She walked towards the two with an imposing manner.

Chen Yuanyuan's mother angrily questioned Li Xiao Gui, "What's going on? Why did you push my daughter?"

Li Xiao Gui was full of question marks, "????"

Before Li Xiao Gui could answer, Chen Yuanyuan quickly defended her, "No, no! Li Xiao Gui didn't push me!"

Her eyes subconsciously looked at the woman.

Chen Yuanyuan's mother: "No? Then why is she on the ground?"

Chen Yuanyuan: "I-I fell by myself!"

Chen Yuanyuan's mother fell silent for a moment, then impatiently said, "You're so clumsy! Get up quickly, let's go home!"

"I-I can't move!" Chen Yuanyuan cried.

Chen Yuanyuan's mother grew impatient and said, "Hey, did you break your leg or something when you fell? Can't stand up? So fragile! Get up for me immediately! Hurry up! Let's go!"

Chen Yuanyuan felt extremely wronged. She tried hard to prove to her mother that she really couldn't move, but to her surprise, as she tried to move, she actually stood up!

In that instant, she didn't care about anything else and quickly followed her mother, escaping from that place as if running for her life.

"You can stand up now, can't you?" Chen Yuanyuan's mother said disdainfully.

As they walked, she muttered, "Didn't I tell you not to play with her?"

Trembling, Chen Yuanyuan hadn't fully reacted yet, and she continued sobbing uncontrollably.

The woman coldly stared at their retreating figures, and then she harshly glared at Li Xiao Gui, who was standing beside her and blocking her view. But in the end, she did nothing and left in silence.

Li Xiao Gui couldn't make sense of everything, but she sensed that the woman seemed angry.

Subconsciously, she followed the woman and called out, "Sister, sister! Are you angry?"

The woman ignored her.

Li Xiao Gui continued to call out from behind, "Sister, sister, are you angry? Why are you angry?"

"Why are you angry? Why are you angry?"

Humans are like parrots, and the woman was getting annoyed by her!

The woman was afraid of the Young Ghost, so she walked with him in mind.

Seeing Li Xiao Gui getting farther and farther away in the opposite direction, the Young Ghost reminded her from a distance, "Little Ghost! It's time to go home."

"Okay!" Li Xiao Gui subconsciously stopped her steps and elongated her voice in response.

Because her dad urged her, Li Xiao Gui became anxious and ran a few steps forward. She ran in front of the woman, extended her palm, and said, "Sister, sister! Don't be angry, okay? I'll give you candy!"

The woman looked at the center of her palm, where two White Rabbit candies lay neatly.

The child looked at her eagerly and anxiously, as if waiting for her acceptance.

"..." The woman looked at her anxious expression, remained silent, and carefully picked up the candy with her pale fingers.

These were the second and third candies that she had given her.


Today, the woman didn't go to trouble Chen Yuanyuan and her mother.

The woman had never let go of her target before, but this was the first time.

Looking at the candy in her hand, she thought, consider it a reward for these two candies.

But there were only two candies, and the woman wasn't a doer of good deeds. She could let these two people go…

Some people couldn't be let go.

She stared at the candy intently, thinking, don't worry, I would take care of them before they start crying.


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