My Family Is Very Odd

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Chapter 5: What Are You Looking At?

Raindrops pitter-pattered on the window, leaving a winding trail of water stains.

Li Xiao Gui clung to the glass, eagerly gazing at the dark sky.

Despite the gloomy and oppressive atmosphere yesterday, as if a heavy downpour was imminent, it only started pouring today.

The rain had been relentless since early morning, and by noon, it showed no signs of stopping. The sky was so dense it resembled dusk at around six or seven in the evening. It seemed like the rain would continue endlessly.

For female ghost, this kind of weather was the most comfortable. Under the gloomy rain, sunlight and vitality faded away, everything returned to zero, and ghosts thrived.

The proliferation of ghosts reached its peak, akin to the first winter midnight and disastrous weather second.

Such weather increased the female ghost's spiritual power and stabilized her ethereal body. She wasn't as lethargic as usual; she had a bit of energy.

Tilting her head back, she rested against the sofa backrest. Her hair cascaded down like a waterfall, revealing a smooth forehead. Below her forehead, her two eyes rolled and fixed on the small figure clinging to the enormous floor-to-ceiling window. Expressionless, she said, "The rain will stop by six o'clock tonight, don't worry."

Li Xiao Gui's eyes brightened, and she hurriedly ran towards the female ghost.

Female ghost continued, "We can still go for a picnic tomorrow. The grass might be a little wet, but we can sit in the pavilion. It'll be good weather tomorrow."

Female ghost didn't like tomorrow's good weather. She was a lazy ghost with an obsession for sleeping. She spent most of her daily routine in the ghost house in a dazed slumber. Only in unfavorable weather, when her spiritual power increased, could she break free from her constraints and maintain some clarity.

Li Xiao Gui opened her mouth and exclaimed, "Wow!"

Female ghost smiled and said, "In two hours, the rain will lessen. You can go buy some food for tomorrow's picnic. Buy whatever you like."

Li Xiao Gui nodded earnestly, saying, "Alright!"

Two hours later, at the doorstep, the young ghost helped Li Xiao Gui with her backpack and asked, "Do you remember what I told you yesterday?"

Li Xiao Gui replied, "I remember."

The young ghost nodded and said, "Well, can you go to the supermarket alone today?"

Li Xiao Gui hesitated for a moment and replied, "Yes."

The young ghost nodded again and said, "Good. Go ahead. Don't buy too many snacks and candies. There's already plenty of fruit in the fridge. Remember when we went to the supermarket a few days ago with your brother?"

Li Xiao Gui exclaimed, "I remember! I'll only buy a little cake and some bread. My brother said he would make sandwiches for me, but we don't have bread and tomatoes. Ah, so I'll also buy a little bread, and maybe some potato chips, and possibly a few other things."

As Li Xiao Gui continued talking, her list of desired purchases grew longer.

The young ghost said, "You can only buy one cake. We still have potato chips at home, don't we?"

Li Xiao Gui said, "But the flavor I want is gone."

"..." The young ghost looked at her watery eyes and sighed, "Fine, if you want to buy it, go ahead. But only buy a little. If you buy too much, you won't be able to carry it back."

Li Xiao Gui nodded like a little chicken pecking at rice, smiled, and hmm-ed in agreement. Holding a small yellow umbrella, she slowly walked into the rain.

Wearing yellow rain boots, Li Xiao Gui happily stepped on water splashes as she walked cautiously towards the convenience store. She moved with a playful demeanor, lightly treading along. Before long, she arrived at her destination.

She hung her umbrella in the umbrella stand outside the door and headed straight into the supermarket with a clear goal in mind.

This supermarket had a particularly delicious bakery. First, she picked a cream cake with rose petals from the bakery's glass display. Then, she grabbed a bag of soft-looking toast.

After making her selection, she walked straight to the snack aisle like a little yellow chick, making a pitter-patter sound with each step.

The brand of potato chips she liked was on the third shelf. It wasn't high, but for the tiny Li Xiao Gui, it was a bit uncomfortable. Even if she stood on tiptoes, she couldn't reach it.

Li Xiao Gui tried several times, but it was no use. She started biting her lower lip, leaning her head forward, contemplating seeking help from someone.

In fact, not far from Li Xiao Gui, there was a salesman wearing a red uniform. He had a vacant expression and a pale complexion, standing at the right exit of this row of shelves.

But she remembered what her father had told her: if she encountered someone who felt similar to them, she shouldn't approach. So, hesitating over and over again, she didn't walk over.

Finally, Li Xiao Gui glanced up at the bag of potato chips she wanted. As she turned around to run outside to find an adult for help, her feet made a circle, and the yellow chips on the shelf suddenly wobbled and fell right next to her small feet with a "pop."

Li Xiao Gui exclaimed in surprise, happily picked up the chips, and her big eyes darted around, wondering if someone was there.

But she couldn't see anyone.

A little further behind where Li Xiao Gui was looking, there was a figure with long flowing hair standing behind the shelves. The gentle air conditioning of the supermarket lifted the gradually changing red and white hem of her skirt.


When Li Xiao Gui walked towards the checkout counter, she passed by the bakery again and couldn't resist buying another cream cake. Li Xiao Gui joyfully thought of eating one tonight and saving one for the picnic tomorrow.

Li Xiao Gui: "Hehehe."

Li Xiao Gui stood on tiptoes, exerting effort to push the cake, bread, potato chips, biscuits, a tomato, and a bunch of grapes onto the conveyor belt, one by one.

"How much is it, please?"

The cashier heard a tender voice but couldn't see the person.

"Do you need a bag?" The cashier hesitated after scanning each item.

Then she saw a plump arm pull out a bag. "No, I brought my own bag!"

"Oh, okay." The cashier sister was taken aback for a moment and said, "That will be eighty-five yuan."

Li Xiao Gui took out her phone, scanned the code, and paid.

When Li Xiao Gui walked to the front, the cashier finally saw that it was a little girl with a small yellow hat and big eyes.

The little girl looked very small.

The cashier sister helped her pack the items into the bag and asked with some concern, "Can you carry it?"

The bag mainly contained puffed snacks, and it wasn't heavy at all. Li Xiao Gui said cheerfully, "I can handle it. Thank you, sister."

Li Xiao Gui received the bag with both hands, then used one hand to carry it. She walked to the entrance, took out the small yellow umbrella from the umbrella stand, opened it, and walked into the drizzling rain.

Li Xiao Gui hummed a tune as she walked in the gentle rain.

Until she reached an alley, she stopped. Her home was far from the convenience store, and if she took the main road, she would have to walk a considerable distance.

Li Xiao Gui wanted to take a shortcut. She looked into the dark pathway.

In reality, this path didn't necessarily bring her closer than the main road, but unfamiliar and different routes always gave Li Xiao Gui a sense of novelty, motivating her to walk with curiosity and interest.

Unlike others, the dark and secluded environment didn't frighten her.

The small yellow umbrella rested on Li Xiao Gui's right shoulder as she curiously gazed at the black, silent alley.

Li Xiao Gui blinked her eyes, moved her feet, and suddenly someone lightly bumped into the umbrella. Her head tilted along with the umbrella, and she exclaimed in surprise, turning around.

She spun around and saw the long-haired young lady she had seen at kindergarten before. She was still wearing the same red and white dress from that day but wasn't holding an umbrella.

Li Xiao Gui took a step forward, and the lace hem of her dress swayed slightly. Behind her, a rough hand suddenly reached out from the alley.

"Sister, why didn't you bring an umbrella?" Li Xiao Gui said in a crisp voice. She raised her hand, wanting to give the umbrella to the young lady in the gradient dress.

The hands in the darkness suddenly stopped and then slowly recoiled.

The young lady in the gradient dress saw everything. She pushed the umbrella back to Li Xiao Gui and said expressionlessly, "Don't walk through alleys alone; it's dangerous."

"Oh." Li Xiao Gui obediently nodded, looking up at her and asking, "Sister, don't you need the umbrella?"

The young lady in the gradient dress shook her pale face and said, "No need. Hurry back home. It's dangerous in the rain."

Li Xiao Gui nodded but still stubbornly said, "But, sister, you don't have an umbrella. It's not good like this; you might catch a cold. You should hold the umbrella, you're taller, and it can cover both of us."

The young lady in the gradient dress paused for a moment, then took the umbrella and said, "Let's go. I'll accompany you for a bit."

Li Xiao Gui, seeing her take the umbrella, burst into a joyful smile.

The young lady turned her head away, not looking at her, and stiffly said, "Let's go."

The sound of the child's voice grew fainter as they walked away. In the alley, a man cautiously poked his head out, looking curiously. He saw a little girl walking slowly in the rain, a small yellow umbrella high above her head for no apparent reason.

The girl tilted her head and smiled. Her small face was fair and tender, but there was no one beside her.

The disheveled man swallowed nervously, his body trembling. Just then, a chilling male voice came from behind, and a cold breeze blew on the back of his neck.

"What are you looking at?"

The man plopped down onto the damp ground, his eyes filled with fear.


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