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Chapter 7: My Classmate Said There Are Ghosts


Li Xiao Gui was delighted. Today, someone was accompanying her home all the way. She smiled and pointed to the road behind Shen Chen, saying, "My home is along this road, just keep walking and we'll be there."

Shen Chen turned his head and glanced, nodding slightly with his fair face, naturally walking beside Li Xiao Gui. He said, "Shall I carry your bag for you?"

So Li Xiao Gui handed him the bag.

When Shen Chen took it, he suddenly paused and glanced behind Li Xiao Gui, but there was only a quiet street with nothing there. He blinked lightly, turned his head back, and walked alongside Li Xiao Gui.

Their umbrellas almost touched as they slowly moved forward in the rain curtain.

Under the huge tree canopy, a slender figure gradually appeared. He stood under the tree with his back facing them, his figure concealed by the enormous tree shadow. In the darkness, he curled his lips, smiling with appreciation.

"So perceptive."

And under another tree, a golden thread floated and swirled, seemingly searching for something.

Li Xiao Gui asked, "Brother, would you like to eat something? I bought some delicious cream cakes!"

This time, there was a response, but Shen Chen's expressionless face refused and said, "Don't eat while walking, it's bad for your digestion."

Very serious.

Li Xiao Gui obediently retracted her hand and said, "Oh."

Shen Chen asked, "Aren't you afraid of those things?"

"Those things?" Li Xiao Gui looked at the sluggish, dark figures moving slowly, her voice as soft as cream in a cake, without any hesitation. She said, "I'm not afraid. They're a bit like my mom and dad, and my grandparents and brother too!"

Shen Chen nodded at first but suddenly stopped and asked, "Like?"

Li Xiao Gui said, "Yeah, they're all like my parents, surrounded by darkness."

"Is that black aura? You have it too." Shen Chen frowned, "Did you get contaminated with something dirty?"

Li Xiao Gui raised her hand and looked at herself, "Black aura? No."

"You can't see your own aura. Only others can see it. I can't see mine either. Can you see the aura on me?"

Li Xiao Gui looked at Shen Chen, who held a white umbrella, with long eyelashes and clean, exposed skin. He had no aura at all.

Li Xiao Gui hesitated and shook her head, "I can't see... Do you have any aura on you?"

Li Xiao Gui's big curious eyes looked at Shen Chen.

"Of course not, I haven't gotten dirty. Only those who get contaminated have black aura on them," Shen Chen said matter-of-factly.

Li Xiao Gui froze, experiencing for the first time the feeling of not knowing how to respond. "Um..."

Shen Chen said, "Black aura usually accumulates over time and easily blends with a person's own energy, making it difficult for those affected to notice. However, others can easily see who has been contaminated by black aura. Just like my mom, she never realizes when she gains weight, but I can tell right away. She gained ten pounds."

Shen Chen proudly stated.

Li Xiao Gui paused, feeling an instinctive sense that she shouldn't engage with him.

Shen Chen continued to ask, "Did something dirty happen at your home? Usually, when someone gets contaminated with black aura, it's because they encountered something dirty. However, that thing shouldn't have any malicious intent, otherwise, you would have been in trouble long ago. From the black aura I saw on you back in kindergarten, it seems like you've been with it for a long time."

Li Xiao Gui said, "No, nothing happened."

They were now very close to the ghost house, and they could vaguely see its outline. Shen Chen sensed something unusual and looked ahead, where he saw a gloomy old house.

A premonition arose in his heart, and he thought to himself, "It can't be that coincidental, right?"

But to his surprise, Li Xiao Gui stopped with Shen Chen in front of that old house and cheerfully said, "We've arrived at my home!"

Shen Chen asked, "Are you sure nothing strange has happened at your home?"

Li Xiao Gui wondered, "No, nothing."

Shen Chen said, "But there is a heavy Yin energy at your home, especially in the backyard. Now I understand why your whole family has black aura. It's because you live in a ghost house."

He paused and continued, "No wonder I just cleansed your spirit, and yet, I see that you've already been contaminated again! Judging from your previous black aura, your family must have been living with the ghost for many years."

Although Li Xiao Gui didn't understand many of the words Shen Chen used, it didn't prevent her from grasping his message. She mumbled, "I've been living here since I was little."

Shen Chen asked, "You've never moved?"

Li Xiao Gui replied, "No."

"Well, it seems the ghost doesn't have any specific intentions towards you. It's just that you happened to move into its house, and it's being lenient and not bothering you," Shen Chen said seriously. "But after all these years, it hasn't shown itself? That's really strange! In any case, it's best to move out as soon as possible."

"Even though I don't know why the ghost hasn't acted all these years, and the house doesn't have a bloody aura, it's still too dangerous to live with a ghost. We can't guarantee that nothing will happen in the future," Shen Chen explained.

He took out a stack of spells and wooden cards and handed them to her. "I just exercised spirits, so I can't go inside right now. If I were to enter, the ghost would definitely sense me and see it as a threat or provocation, which could harm you. My current abilities are not enough to protect you because I'm only in my first year at the Spiritual Academy."

"And for now, it appears that you are relatively safe," he said with a serious expression, causing Li Xiao Gui to adopt a serious demeanor as well.

But if someone else were to see them, they would surely think they were just playing make-believe.

Spells and wooden cards are props used in role-playing games.

"If something really happens, use these. These are spells and wooden cards."

He said. "When not in use, they are just ordinary paper and wood. But if you encounter a ghost, they will have tremendous power. If the spell doesn't work, break the wooden card. The wooden card was given to us by our teacher to call for help when we are in danger."

Li Xiao Gui solemnly accepted the spells and wooden cards, nodding at Shen Chen. Their young faces were serious, as if they were performing some kind of secret ritual.

The boy waved at her. "Go inside now. I'll come to see you next time and help you. But the best solution is still to move away."

Li Xiao Gui nodded earnestly. "Okay!"

Shen Chen handed the bag back to Li Xiao Gui and watched her as she confidently walked towards the ghost house. She opened the door, and Shen Chen could hear her calling for her mother inside.

Shen Chen couldn't see the person clearly as most of her body was blocked by the door, but he could sense the dense black aura emanating from her. It was much stronger than the aura around Li Xiao Gui.

Shen Chen thought to himself that the Yin energy in this ghost house was much heavier than he had imagined. He needed to investigate and have his father come to take a look.

"Mama, Mama. My classmate said there are ghosts in our house, and it's dangerous! We should move out as soon as possible..." Li Xiao Gui's words reached Shen Chen's ears, even though he couldn't see the woman.

Shen Chen felt relieved knowing that Li Xiao Gui had effectively conveyed his message to her mother. He thought to himself and left, feeling reassured.

The woman, partially obscured by the half-closed door, patiently listened to the innocent words of the young girl, and a gentle smile formed on her lips.


Author's Note:

Female ghost's black box:

The human I'm taking care of told me, "Mama, my classmate said there are ghosts in our house, and it's dangerous!"

Hahaha, how adorable.

Of course, my darling, there's a ghost in our house, naturally! Look at me, take a good look at me!

It's me, after all.


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