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Chapter 15: Can I Play with You?

"Class is starting!" Li Xiao Gui exclaimed, looking around anxiously.

The perfectly timed bell made her flustered excuses fade into a blur.

"Brother Shen Chen, I'm heading first, goodbye!" Li Xiao Gui waved towards Shen Chen, quickly running off.

Shen Chen held onto Li Xiao Gui's hand, saying, "Practice your spiritual power every day. It can help remove any negativity around you."

Li Xiao Gui paused for a moment, then nodded. "Okay, I'm going."

Li Xiao Gui said and soon disappeared down the road.

Although she managed to avoid it temporarily due to class, she knew she couldn't escape every time. Shen Chen seemed genuinely worried about her.

With those thoughts in mind, Li Xiao Gui returned home and asked her father with a troubled expression about what to do. Her father, however, seemed less concerned and told her that if they wanted to visit, they could, just give him a heads-up.

Young Ghost's confident and dependable tone provided Li Xiao Gui with a sense of security. She turned, looking forward to the fun times she would have with Shen Chen at the amusement park.

Compared to driving out the exorcists who came to the ghost house, Young Ghost was more worried about Li Xiao Gui's trip to the amusement park.

"Just the two of you are going to the amusement park?" Young Ghost frowned.

Li Xiao Gui nodded. "Yes."

Young Ghost, much like an ordinary human youth, began to worry about his precious daughter's safety. "Will it be safe? You're not going too far, right? And you know the way?"

Li Xiao Gui replied, "Of course! It's not far, Dad, and I know the way!"

But that wasn't the real concern.

Still, Young Ghost didn't want to instill too many negative thoughts in the child's mind. Even though he wasn't inherently cheerful.

"When are you going to the amusement park? Which one?" asked Young Ghost.

"I want to go to Qingshui Amusement Park. I don't know when yet, but I told Shen Chen we'll discuss it tomorrow," Li Xiao Gui replied.

"Remember what Dad said, don't trust strangers, don't let anyone touch you, stay safe, and call me if anything happens," advised Young Ghost.

Li Xiao Gui nodded earnestly.

Seeing Li Xiao Gui's happy expression, Young Ghost thought to himself, raising a human child is really not easy.

On Saturday, Li Xiao Gui put on the white mandarin-collar dress that Ghost Granny had prepared for her. Her black hair was adorned with a pearl clip, making her look especially sweet and lively.

Burly Ghost prepared two lunchboxes for them, along with various odds and ends.

Snacks and a small water bottle were neatly packed into Li Xiao Gui's white backpack.

Burly Ghost said, "Have a blast, little one! I've packed plenty of fruits for you in the lunchbox. Remember to eat."

Li Xiao Gui grinned. "Sure thing! Love you, big brother!"

With an exaggerated expression, Li Xiao Gui closed her eyes, puckered her lips, and made a kissing sound like "MUA!" that carried a hint of a milk flavor.

Li Xiao Gui's complexion was pale, but her pouty lips were as red as freshly plucked cherries.

Pouting and acting spoiled, she looked as soft and tender as the cream cakes Burly Ghost often made for her, fluffy and sweet, instantly capturing Burly Ghost's heart.

This was also why Burly Ghost enjoyed cooking. Who wouldn't want to make delicious food for an adorable little human girl and watch her eat happily? It was almost as if Burly Ghost was enjoying the food himself through her.

"What a pity, I can't take many cute photos of the little ghost this time," Burly Ghost said regretfully.

Li Xiao Gui smiled and reassured Burly Ghost, "Next time, we'll go to the amusement park again, with you, big brother."

When Female Ghost woke up and saw Burly Ghost helping Li Xiao Gui put on her backpack, she asked, "Where are you going?"

The backpack floated in the air, and the straps automatically adjusted to fit Li Xiao Gui's movements, securing it on her back.

Li Xiao Gui turned around and looked at Female Ghost. Smiling, she said, "Mom, I'm going to the amusement park."

The amusement park?

Female Ghost looked at the sunny weather outside, sighed with resignation, and lowered her brows. "There's nothing we can do, let's go."

As Female Ghost started walking, Young Ghost asked Li Xiao Gui, "Are you ready?"

Li Xiao Gui replied, "Yep!"

Young Ghost asked further, "You've arranged the time and place, right?"

Li Xiao Gui confirmed, "Yes, yes! After lunch, I'll be at the bus stop by 1:30."

"Stay safe, don't stay out too late," Young Ghost accompanied Li Xiao Gui to the door.

"Alright! Mom, Dad, big brother, grandpa, grandma, goodbye! I'm off!" Li Xiao Gui said.

Female Ghost: "???"

Her expression of leisurely surprise froze abruptly as she stared in disbelief at Young Ghost and Li Xiao Gui, father and daughter.

Ghost Granny and Burly Ghost waved cheerfully at Li Xiao Gui, "Have a great time!"

Burly Ghost chimed in, "Come back early, and I'll make you double skin milk pudding tonight!"

Li Xiao Gui: "Okay."

With that, Li Xiao Gui happily left.

Female Ghost: "???"

She turned to them, "Aren't you going to the amusement park? Are we not going?"

In shock, she pointed at herself.

Ghost Granny explained, "Little sweetheart made plans to go to the amusement park with her human friend. We're not tagging along. Our little sweetheart has finally reached the stage of having human friends."

Female Ghost was taken aback.

At that moment, Burly Ghost interjected, "Queenie was sleeping all the time, unaware that little ghost is going out to play with her human friend today. Little ghost mentioned a couple of days ago that she wanted to go out with her human friend."

He teased.

Without thinking, Female Ghost playfully slapped Burly Ghost, sending him flying.

With an "ah" sound, Burly Ghost flew out, but just before crashing into the table with Li Xiao Gui's photos, he urgently stopped himself in a very childish manner!

He turned his head and cautiously looked at the photos on the table. Gently caressing the frame, he murmured, "That was close, so close."

"Where is the little ghost going to the amusement park?" Female Ghost understood and sprawled on the couch, asking casually.

The other ghost grandparents were equally clueless, so they all turned their gaze towards Young Ghost.

Young Ghost: "Qingshui Amusement Park."

Female Ghost blinked in confusion, realizing that her memories of being human were too scarce after so many years of being deceased. She responded with a lackluster "Oh."

Without the little goose in the house, she might as well go back to sleep. She sighed and walked back slowly to the room.

At the Shen residence, Shen Chen walked through the living room wearing white socks. Shen Yan asked, "Where are you going?"

Shen Chen replied, "Going to hang out with a friend."

Hanging out with a friend?

It was enough to pique Shen Yan's interest. Not to mention hanging out with a friend, it was the first time he heard this child was going out to play.

But he didn't ask much, just nodded in agreement, saying, "Have fun."

Shen Chen replied, "Sure." Then he put on his shoes and left. His nonchalant demeanor mirrored that of Shen Yan's.

When Li Xiao Gui reached the bus stop to wait, she suddenly spotted Chen Yuanyuan.

Chen Yuanyuan saw her too. She paused for a moment and then waved at Li Xiao Gui, calling out to her. Li Xiao Gui was momentarily taken aback; this was the first time Chen Yuanyuan had greeted her.

After a brief pause, Li Xiao Gui smiled brightly at her and waved back.

There was no barrier between them.

After the greeting, Chen Yuanyuan didn't leave. She walked slowly towards Li Xiao Gui and struck up a conversation. "Where are you going?"

Li Xiao Gui replied, "I'm going to the amusement park."

Hearing this, Chen Yuanyuan hesitated, looking at Li Xiao Gui with an expectant tone she wasn't even aware of. Tentatively, she asked, "Are you going alone? Can I join you?"

Chen Yuanyuan didn't know why, but she suddenly wanted to get closer to Li Xiao Gui and play with her. Although she knew her mom didn't like her and neither did her classmates—everyone thought Li Xiao Gui wasn't good and didn't want to play with her.

In the past, she didn't dare to approach her, fearing being different from others.

But recently, every time Chen Yuanyuan saw Li Xiao Gui, she really wanted to get closer to her. She thought she was really good and wanted to play with her.

Li Xiao Gui blinked sweetly and said, "Sure, but we have to wait a bit. There's one more person, we have to wait for Shen Chen to come."

Chen Yuanyuan felt like she had found a treasure, and she happily nodded, her mouth curved in a shy smile.



But who could have predicted that when they all arrived at the amusement park, they would find out that children weren't allowed in without an adult accompanying them.

Li Xiao Gui exclaimed, "Oh no."



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