My Family Is Very Odd

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Status: ongoing Alternate Titles: 我全家都很奇怪 Type: chinese
Author: Dachun Ermin
Translator: Bun Master


One day, in front of the ghost house, a discarded baby appeared.

From then on, the wicked spirits began a chaotic and challenging journey of raising the child, filled with ups and downs.

They clumsily tried to feed the baby, dealt with the frustration of teaching lessons, and even worried about their child's puppy love…

Author’s Notes:

  1. This story is heartwarming, filled with fairy tale elements and family love. The female protagonist is a baby who will grow up. There is a main couple, but they are not ghosts.
  2. If you enjoy the story, please click, favorite, and leave a comment.
  3. This story is fictional, so don't take it too seriously. Love you all.




Adopted ProtagonistAge ProgressionBeautiful Female LeadChild ProtagonistChildcareChildhood FriendsCute StoryFamilial LoveFemale ProtagonistGhostsHandsome Male LeadHeartwarmingLove Interest Falls in Love FirstSlow RomanceTime Skip

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