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Chapter 61: Younger Brother's Doings

"What's your name?" the big and sturdy dad asked.

The child hesitated for a moment, his mind going through a whirlwind of thoughts. Then, he remembered something and turned back, saying, "Right, there's one more thing we haven't discussed."

Yue Qin was curious, "What is it?"

"Kangkang is a logical child; he wasn't ready to come home at first."

As expected, the big dad forgot about asking the name, and he found this strange. He had wanted to ask earlier, but considering the child's unstable emotions, he refrained from doing so.


"He said he was afraid you'd recognize him. So, I tied a green thread around his foot to bring him back."

Yue Qin suddenly understood. So, several times, that foolish son wasn't pretending to be dead in front of him but shaking that green thread on his foot? That was indeed his son, no doubt about it.

Yue Qin looked at the child again and said, "Thank you."

The child also didn't expect that the big dad would be reasonable, and he felt inexplicably relieved, saying, "You're welcome."

"So, little one, what's your name?"

"My name is the same as your son's, just two characters." The child couldn't avoid it and replied.

Yue Kang, Kang Yue, both were the same two characters, only the order was different.

The big and sturdy dad was surprised, "No wonder, maybe because of the same name, that's why you ended up in this body."

After the conversation, when they came out, they saw Mom and the little parrot standing outside, both of them gazing at them in almost identical postures.

To ensure the child's sleep, the soundproofing in the children's room was excellent, and they had just closed the door, so people outside couldn't hear what was said inside.

Mr. Kang was still timid and quietly hid behind the big and sturdy dad.

As a result, the burly dad picked him up, "You frightened your mom just now. What should you say to her?"

The child dashed toward the room as soon as he got home.

"Mom, I'm sorry." The child lowered his head, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

After all, these weren't his real parents. He stole a glance at the big and sturdy dad beside him, not quite understanding how he could be so natural and without any barriers.

Is this what it's like for adults who grew up with parents?

When Yue Qin was making lunch, he still called out, as before—

"Baby, help Dad wash the potatoes."

Mr. Kang was taken aback and reluctantly sat on a small stool in the kitchen. He saw Mom outside still teaching the little parrot to sing and said, "I'm not your kid anymore, why are you ordering me around?"

How can one ask someone else's child to do chores?

Yue Qin glanced at the child and smiled, saying, "Before, I asked you to do things not because you were my child, but because you are a member of this family."

Mr. Kang recalled the ironclad resistance he faced when asking for wages. Oh, right.


Yue Qin turned around, and the child complained in tone but brushed the potatoes diligently with a small brush, not being perfunctory at all.

Yue Qin couldn't help but feel somewhat sorry. A child without parents around, when he pretended to be someone's son, he could play the role like a real son.

But once left with just himself, he became so hesitant, not knowing what to do.

The three big potatoes were washed and placed in the steamer, and the child promptly went to fetch cabbage to wash.

Yue Qin took out the air fryer from under the cupboard to make honey-glazed chicken wings for the child and his wife.

Mr. Kang sat on a small stool, breaking apart the tender cabbage leaves with his small hands, just like before.

From outside, they could hear Mom softly humming the songs she would perform, and she would occasionally say—

"Don't be nervous, don't be nervous. After all, I'm someone who's been on stage regularly."

Beside him, the big and sturdy dad was cutting the semi-frozen pork belly into thin slices, and each slice was cut meticulously. Meanwhile, the potatoes in the steamer made a popping sound.

The child lowered his head, arranging the cabbage leaves neatly in a row.

The seawater surrounding the deserted island receded layer by layer, revealing a path leading to the human world on the opposite side of the island.

The child's heart was filled with waves of happiness, and this joy made him want to do something, give something.

Mr. Kang had always been like this; if someone made him happy, he would give them various valuable things. But if someone made him unhappy, he wouldn't care about their feelings.

But now, he had no money, and he couldn't give anything.

He could only continue washing the cabbage leaves.

As Yue Qin was halfway through cutting the meat, he saw that the child had finished washing the cabbage leaves and was standing beside him, looking outside, whispering, "Dad."

"What did you say?" Yue Qin looked at the child.

The child said in a hesitant tone, "I will find a way to make Kangkang realize that he is a person."

"This matter can't be rushed." Yue Qin glanced at his biological son, standing on Mom's shoulder, flapping his wings now and then.

His son was only four years old, an age when ordinary children would go to kindergarten to learn how to interact with other kids of the same age.

But his son was unique. He used to think his son couldn't speak, but now he knew it was a cognitive problem, and his son believed he was a bird.

How many people in this world can believe they are a bird and actually transform into one, soaring in the sky?

In his heart, he was indeed a bit anxious, but he also knew that this matter couldn't be rushed.

Yue Qin said, "This matter can't be rushed, take it slow."

After finishing his words, Yue Qin realized something, "Are you in a hurry to start first grade?"

This child was different from his own child; he was six years old.

A four-year-old child who believed he was a bird could transform into one and soar in the sky every day while pretending to be a teacher at the kindergarten—it wasn't a bad deal.

But a six-year-old child being delayed in kindergarten wasn't quite appropriate.

Mr. Kang hesitated, and in his mind, he thought about the dilution of the company's shares. He had indeed been worried about this problem all along; that's why he wanted to go back.

Mr. Kang blurted out, "I'm not a six-year-old child!"

Yue Qin was taken aback; he had always assumed the child was six, but even if he wasn't six, it probably wouldn't make much of a difference. He chuckled, "How old are you, then? You can't be an adult, right?" It was pure teasing.

The child lowered his head, sighed, drooped his head, and said, "I'm five."

"That means you'll start first grade next year, and it should be fine."

Mr. Kang sighed, hoping the board of directors and the major shareholders could hold on a bit longer.

Seeing the child sigh, Yue Qin said, "If there's anything you don't understand, you can ask me or your mother."

Mr. Kang responded with an "Oh," feeling a bit defeated.

Yue Qin continued, "However, there is one thing you can help with."

"Go ahead," the child suddenly perked up, trying to pretend not to care too much.

"Kangkang, at this age, should be going to kindergarten to learn how to make friends with children of the same age."

This was actually an important step in the development of preschool children, beginning to get to know people outside and realizing that other kids were equally important.

As soon as Mr. Kang heard this, he understood what Yue Qin meant and immediately said, "Okay, I'll help him make friends with other classmates."

Mr. Kang probably realized that he sounded too eager, so he quickly added, "I'm not helping for nothing; you still have to pay for my kindergarten tuition."

"You are my son now, of course, I will pay for your kindergarten."

The child felt joyful in his heart, his emotions a bit excited. When he was happy, he wanted to do something to make the big sturdy dad happy as well. So without hesitation, he sold out his younger brother, who was singing with his mother outside.

"Don't worry, little brother actually has friends now—there's an owl and an eagle. They get along really well, always chattering and chatting together."

"But both the owl and the eagle are a bit timid and afraid of adults. Give me your phone at night, and I'll secretly take pictures for you. The three of them often huddle together to sleep."

"They look pretty cute together." Mr. Kang wholeheartedly sold his younger brother.


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