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Chapter 36: Wish

Wish (I hope to put Mr. Kang in a sack in my lifetime...)

After listening to the story, Mr. Kang roughly concluded that the seed of violence that had taken root in the mother's DNA had first sprouted during her high school years.

The memories of his mother's wish to humiliate and harm others, stuffing them into a sack and raining down blows, tormented Mr. Kang's mind and left him tossing and turning at night. A fierce curiosity overtook him as he wondered what the cheap mom's wish was now.

"Dad, Mom! Let's play the game you did in high school," said the child.

As Yue Qin and Xia Sheng rubbed the sleep from their eyes and stumbled out of bed, they were met with a surprise waiting outside their bedroom door. A young child stood there, clutching a pen and a piece of paper in his tiny hands.

"Ah?" Yue Qin was a little baffled.

"We write down our wishes and show them to each other," explained the child.

Yue Qin and Xia Sheng looked at each other and smiled, "Okay."

A brief moment later, the trio were all bent over their respective sheets of paper, scribbling and sketching away.

"Sweetie, what are you drawing?" The adults asked, as they excitedly shared their drawings with each other.

And then, they saw the child's artwork. It depicted a tiny figure sitting in a car, with two other people positioned behind.

"Honey, is this a picture of Daddy and Mommy taking you out for a fun adventure?" Yue Qin inquired with a warm smile, looking at the child's drawing.

Yue Qin gazed at his own drawing, a creation that had come to him seemingly out of nowhere. As he had put pen to paper, an image of himself being reabsorbed into his body had taken shape.

His father's words weighed heavily on him, filling him with a sense of guilt.

"Yes, that's Daddy, that's Mommy, and that's me," the child mumbled, avoiding his parents' gaze as he spoke. "Daddy is driving, Mommy and I are sitting in the back, we're going on a trip to the countryside together." The child's voice grew quieter and quieter, as if he was afraid to meet their eyes.

Xia Sheng said, "Baby, do you want to see Daddy and Mommy's wish?"

Kang raised his head and stretched out his body to see.

Only to see on Daddy's paper, there was only one sentence --

"My wish has already been fulfilled, I hope my wife's wish will be fulfilled soon too."

Yue Qin indeed had no wish, although work was a bit troublesome, it was within his ability to handle, the same went for money and work. As long as he worked hard, he could solve any problem.

His son could now speak, and he didn't need the power of wishes to do so.

If there was truly a power to fulfill wishes, he hoped he could fulfill his wife's.

The child seemed to be able to understand the words, and he stretched out his head to look at his mother's wish card. He then relaxed after seeing it.

Xia Sheng and Yue Qin couldn't help but laugh.

Kang, the CEO, let out a big sigh of relief. Thank goodness, thank goodness. It wasn't written on the wish card--

"To beat my husband's former boss into submission, stuffing him into a burlap sack before he wakes up."

The card from the violent crazy mom read, "I wish to find direction quickly." These recent events made Xia Sheng think that her mother might be right.

Kang lifted his head and, as if he didn't recognize the words, asked, "Mom and Dad, why didn't you draw me?"

"Mommy and Daddy wrote words down," Dad scooped up his son, gesturing to his own row of words as he read them out loud. "Daddy is driving, taking you and Mommy on a trip to the countryside."

Kang's mouth twitched twice. The words were all wrong. They were indeed fooling the kid who couldn't read.

Xia Sheng let out a chuckle and said seriously, "Your words are all off."

Kang turned his head and saw his mother's expression, as if she was saying, "How could you deceive the child?"

Kang thought to himself, "Mom is still more reliable." So, he gazed at her with big eyes.

He saw the violent mother pointing at the last few words she could make out, speaking with care. "I hope the little one eats slowly, not too fast, or it'll give him a stomachache."

Kang gazed at his absurd drawing and then back at the nonsensical words of the two. And in that moment, he finally realized that they were truly a happy, loving family of three.

At that moment, the violent mother suddenly remembered something and said, "Wait, I should have two wishes."

And she added another one below.

"I hope that in my lifetime, I can beat Mr. Kang in a burlap sack."

It’s here, it’s here! The sack is finally here.

Kang looked at his big-headed father and thought, "Dad, take a look at Mom. She is not at all the woman you think you need to protect."

The big-headed father looked at the wish card and said, "Honey, if I have time, I'll go buy sacks in bulk. You can have as many as you want."

President Kang was feeling hopeless. He felt that he would soon face a mixed doubles match, and he didn't know if it could be considered domestic violence.

With a smile on his face, Kang suddenly realized that once he wakes up, they would have no relationship whatsoever, except for the foolish boss and the laid-off pitiful employee.

There would be no other connection left.

"It's okay, I don't care at all."

Early in the morning, in the activity room, Mr. Kang was lying on the table, talking to the parrot teacher.

"I don't actually care about them because they are not my biological parents. They don't love me, they only think of me as their child and that's why they like me."

"I don't care about this either. When I regain my own body, I can do whatever I want."

"If they want to come at me, they can try. I won't take the small alleys, and won't give them the opportunity to put me in a sack."

The parrot approached him and rubbed his face, "Good morning, boss."

"I want to make a new wish. I hope to find their real son quickly and find a way to bring him back into this body. Then I can return to my own body."

Before, Mr. Kang only wanted to get his body back and never thought about anything else.

Mr. Kang sighed, "I have no idea where their real son is."

"Little parrot, do you have any wishes?"

After hearing that, the little parrot flapped his wings twice, "I want to talk, I want to talk."

Mr. Kang was taken aback and suddenly understood the other's meaning, "Your wish is to talk?"

"You can already talk now. Do you want to talk more? I can teach you."

The little parrot always acted as a teacher when standing before other kindergarten students, always quiet and never flapping its wings, let alone jumping around happily like a child. It always walked in the form of a military march, just like a real teacher.

However, when the parrot was alone with Mr. Kang, he would let loose and become like a playful child, flitting around and flapping his wings joyfully.

It was the first time Mr. Kang was so welcomed by a small animal, and he naturally liked the little parrot. Even every time he faced this little bird, he had a fatherly attitude.

And this attitude was good, because Mr. Kang felt he needed to find his feeling of being an adult again.

Otherwise, if things keep going this way, he'll really become someone else's son.

"By the way, Teacher Liu will send you your salary later." He discussed it with Teacher Liu.

It's not right to let a small animal work for nothing, even the ruthless capitalists have to pay their employees.

Teacher Liu proposed giving him one apple per day.

After negotiation, President Kang agreed to three apples and half a catty of peanuts per day.

Of course, the school had a daily supply of apples, and Teacher Liu didn't have to spend any money. She could just ask the principal for some.

"This way, your two friends also have something to eat." President Kang had already noticed the two birds outside the window - a young owl and a little eagle. But they were hiding in the sweet-scented osmanthus tree and were not easy to be found.

At first, he was worried, but later he found out that the owl and eagle were friends with the parrot.

Sure enough, the parrot understood what he said and immediately jumped up, happily like a child. At this time, outside the window, two raptors perched on the tree, one on the left and one on the right.

"Kee kee?" The little eagle looked in, curious.

"Hooo hoo hoo." The owl opened its eyes, took a look, and called out calmly.


Wow, this family sure knows how to keep things interesting! Who needs a game of Monopoly when you can play "Write Down Your Wishes" instead?

Comment time! What do you think about this family's wish game? Would you play it with your own family? What do you think Mom's wish will come true? Let us know in the comments below!


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