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Chapter 44: Where did Mom go?

Where did Mom go? (Not my father...)

At night, the little parrot slept in the child's room. Xia Sheng brought a small blanket over and carefully placed it on the bedside table, molding it into a shape resembling a nest.

The little parrot flapped his wings and flew into the blanket nest.

President Kang patiently waited for some time, hoping to catch a glimpse of the little parrot resting in his nest. However, upon turning around, he noticed that the bird lying in the nest was gone.

President Kang rubbed his eyes. He was really gone.

"Teacher Little Parrot?"



Mr. Kang whispered, but there was still no sound in the room. At this moment, Mr. Kang realized that the door of the room was ajar.

It was exactly fifteen, and the moonlight was wandering in the living room, and everything seemed to be shrouded in a layer of jade white.

And at this moment, there was a slight sound on the balcony.

The balcony again?

When the Violent Mom was in a bad mood before, she would go to the balcony to smoke in the middle of the night.

The Big Daddy also secretly drank with the Violent Mom on the balcony.

Now their child also liked to run up to the balcony in the middle of the night.

What a real family of three.

As Mr. Kang walked onto the balcony, he heard the sound of gurgling outside. The voice was filled with fluctuating tones, as if conveying a message.

The floor-to-ceiling windows connecting the living room to the balcony were not tightly closed, allowing a small bird to squeeze out.

Mr. Kang leaned his face against the glass and looked outside.

Under the moonlight, the green parrot was shaking his head and chatting with two other birds of prey - an owl and an eagle - who were perched on the railing.

"Kee kee kee–-."


"Kee kee!"

"Kee kee kee?"


Mr. Kang couldn't make out what was being said, but he could hear the gurgling sounds coming from their throats.

Soon after, the parrot seemed to be coming back.

Mr. Kang hurriedly tiptoed back to the room and lay down on the bed.

The door opened quickly.

Mr. Kang lay there with his eyes open, taking advantage of the night in the child’s room.

He saw as the green wings fluttered twice and formed an arc in the air. The parrot flew back into his blanket nest.

The bed in the child's room was very low, how low was it?

Mr. Kang saw the eagle and the owl fold their wings and walked over from the doorway. Yes, they walked over, their posture was just like an old man, with their hands behind their backs, slowly walking forward.

When the owl and the eagle reached the bedside table, they flapped their wings and flew into the blanket nest.

Kang waited until they were all asleep before he lifted his head. Three birds were squatting in a row on the bedside table, sleeping soundly.

Kang looked at the eagle and the owl. Both were national protected animals, and keeping them privately was illegal. When the time came, he would say that these two birds of prey were raised by the little parrot, but he didn't know if it would work.

As Kang was looking at them, he fell asleep.

The next morning, when he woke up, the eagle, the owl, and the little parrot were all gone.

Kang was not fully awake yet and was in a daze. When he saw that the little parrot was missing, he suddenly woke up and quickly got up.

Opening the door of the child's room, he saw Xia Sheng holding the little parrot, teaching it to speak word by word.





"The little one is so good. Let's read together and then eat," said Xia Sheng as she gently touched the head of the little parrot with her thumb.


*次饭 (Cì fàn) - Second meal

"Speaking of which, the 'ci' in 'ci fan' requires the tongue to curl up... never mind, 'si-fan' will do", Xia Sheng said.

The little parrot followed along earnestly. Beside them, Yue Qin just finished reading the newspaper for the day and commented, "He learns so fast."

President Kang watched the family of three through the crack of the door, but did not step out. He just stared blankly at them.

It was as if he had gone back to his own childhood, watching other people's parents.

Suddenly, the door burst open with a loud "bang". The child, who had been lost in thought, was hit in the nose.

Mr. Kang felt the door suddenly rush towards him. In the next second, he felt a sharp pain in his nose and forehead before being lifted up. "Daddy didn't mean to, let me see if you hit your nose."

"Why were you just standing still at the door? Daddy came to call you to eat."

"You hit the baby?"

"I was trying to call him to eat, but he was standing still behind the door. I pushed it open and he got hit."

Mr. Kang snapped back to reality and saw his burly father and cheap mother looking at him anxiously.

"I'll check his nose." Xia Sheng said.

As expected of someone who specializes in hitting people's noses, Xia Sheng said as soon as she touched it, "Baby is fine."

Big dad was also distressed. Yesterday, he accidentally got onion juice in the child's eyes while wiping them, and now he accidentally hit him.

"I'm sorry, son. Next time I open the door, I'll make sure to check if you're behind it," said his father apologetically.

In reality, there wouldn't be many "next times".

Mr. Kang's nose suddenly felt more sore, and he leaned on his father's shoulder. But when he saw the little parrot, he immediately got out of his father's arms.

"Is the baby angry?" Yue Qin squatted down and wiped away the child's tears. "Daddy really didn't see you. From now on, I'll check behind the door before opening it."

Yue Qin made the promise once again.

"Forget it, you guys take care of the little parrot teacher. I'm going to draw. I'm going to be a great artist in the future."

As Mr. Kang spoke, he walked over to the sofa, picked up paper and a pen, and then walked towards the study.

He even closed the door.

Yue Qin: "...He has ambition, but why do I feel like he's not happy when he says that?"

Xia Sheng agreed and nodded.

But at this moment, her phone rang again. Xia Sheng answered it and said a few words to the person on the other end before hanging up and saying, "The Art Center has something for me to take care of. I might not be able to come back for lunch."

"We can bring it to you. The takeaway outside is unhygienic."

"It's okay, don't bother. It's fine to eat out occasionally."

After Xia Sheng finished speaking, she put on her clothes, picked up her bag, and left.

Yue Qin then served the child a bowl of freshly cooked dumplings just out of the pan in the kitchen.

The child was busy drawing on a piece of paper. He placed breakfast next to him and said, "This shrimp was bought fresh by Daddy this morning."

The little boy sneakily glanced at the dumplings and could even see the shrimp inside the thin dumpling skin.

After leaving the study and returning a while later, Yue Qin found that the little boy had indeed finished eating the dumplings.

Just as Yue Qin was about to speak, his phone rang.

"Hello, Mr. Yue? I'm the owner of the Art Center. Is Teacher Xia at home? I couldn't get through to her on the phone just now."

"She's out. What can I help you with?"

"Teacher Xia said she would give us an answer today. I wonder if she has made up her mind these past few days? Everyone at our center welcomes her back."

Mr. Kang, who could also hear this sentence, was stunned. His mother had been working overtime for several days now, and when she left earlier, she said she was going to the Art Center.

But how could the Art Center’s owner say that she hadn't even signed a contract with them?

He looked up at his big, calm father, who said, "We may need some more time to consider. We'll call you with a definite answer when we have one."

As he hung up the phone, Yue Qin was puzzled. If his wife didn't go to the Art Center, then where did she go?

Could it be that she was trying to sack his ex-boss who was in a coma after a car accident?

Yue Qin began to worry as the possibility dawned on him.


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