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Chapter 57: Think Again

The weather changed dramatically today. In the early morning, it still felt like a sunny day, but now dark clouds loomed overhead. The child pondered for a moment and said to his robust father, "Daddy, you should go back soon. It's going to rain shortly."

"You haven't fully healed your wound, and getting wet in the rain can easily lead to an infection," the child added.

Yue Qin's expression became somewhat complicated, but he managed to adjust his emotions and replied, "I'll come to pick you up this afternoon."

"Okay," the child turned and headed towards the class.

After taking a few steps, the child turned back, looked up at his towering father, and said, "Daddy, Daddy, I want to eat the cake from my fourth birthday."

"And we need candles," the child thought for a moment and added.

"Your fourth birthday cake was bought by your... mother. I'll ask her where she bought it," his father assured him.

"Thank you, Daddy!" the child exclaimed happily, then ran off in another direction.

"Kangkang, what did your father say to you?" Someone in the group asked as soon as he returned.

"My father is going to buy me a cake," the child basked in the envy-filled gazes of the other kids and walked over to the parrot teacher.

The parrot teacher was preparing for another day of teaching, just like the other teachers at the kindergarten.

In reality, it involved drinking water, grooming his feathers, and sitting upright at a small table.

Mr. Kang addressed the parrot, saying, "Baby—"

The moment this address was uttered, the parrot teacher interrupted, saying, "You should call me Parrot Teacher."

How could one address a teacher as "baby" in school?

"Parrot Teacher," Mr. Kang respected the burden of being a teacher to a four-year-old child and continued, "I asked dad to buy a cake, and tonight, I want you to make a wish just like on your fourth birthday."

The parrot teacher looked puzzled, tilting his head in confusion. Three question marks seemed to almost hover over his head.

"But I don't have any more wishes," the parrot replied.

Both of the parrot's wishes had already come true.

Mr. Kang had never anticipated this situation. At this moment, he wanted to exclaim, "Brother, look at me! Look at how miserable I am!"

Calm down. He was dealing with a four-year-old child. The persuasive skills of an adult were useless when used on a child.

He needed to defeat the child using the child's own thinking.

He was truly different now from before. Mr. Kang felt proud of his current calm, composed, and caring demeanor!

He believed that if he returned to his own body, he would possess a good temperament, wealth, intelligence, and wisdom.

Mr. Kang was starting to realize that he had previously viewed things too one-dimensionally. But now, things were different. He had become a man who had experienced hardship but still maintained an optimistic and cheerful attitude!

This must be what others call growing up.

Mr. Kang patiently coaxed, "Parrot Teacher, do you remember that I'm an impressive boss?"

The parrot immediately nodded vigorously, "I remember, I remember."

In the parrot's mind, the boss was formidable. He could say so many things, and many people would listen to him.

Mr. Kang said, "There are bad people trying to steal my things, so I have to go back to my own body."

"I'll come to play with you when I go back, okay?" Mr. Kang pledged that he would absolutely not come to see them once he returned. He truly didn't want to be trapped in a sack.

As expected, the parrot was easily convinced.

Of course, Mr. Kang still reminded the child, "So, when the time comes, you have to make two wishes. One is for me to return to my own body, and the other is for you to return to your own body and be able to speak."

The child pondered it for a while but managed to remember.

However, when school ended, Kangkang's towering father said, "That cake shop is closed today."

Mr. Kang didn't know whether to be happy or not. It wasn't a great disappointment either way. He just stretched out his arms, wanting to be carried—

The young couple had their own routine when taking care of the child.

The father was extremely tall with long legs, and the little radish couldn't keep up. Holding hands was also inconvenient, so most of the time, he carried the child.

The child had already gotten used to it, so whenever he reached out, he expected to be carried.

Yue Qin hesitated for a moment, then bent down and picked up the child.

Along the way, the burly father hardly said a word, which was really strange.

Mr. Kang thought for a moment and asked, "Daddy, did something troubling happen to you?"

"Nothing serious," his father replied.

Mr. Kang patted big dad's shoulder. He was different now from before.

"Daddy, please tell me."

He was different now, leading a dual life as both a capitalist and a proletarian. His perspective on the world had changed, and there was no problem he couldn't solve.

Yue Qin contemplated. On the one hand, he didn't want his wife to know about this. It was too fantastical, and she had finally found a sense of direction in life, working hard for her dreams. He didn't want her to be burdened by family matters again and hindered from pursuing her dreams.

On the other hand, he hadn't figured out what exactly happened to his son and the unfamiliar child inside his son's body.

He spent the entire afternoon searching for information but found nothing that could explain this behavior. There was no one he could turn to for help either.

Because no matter who it was, nobody would believe that the little parrot was his biological son. No one would believe that this child was not his own.

The child sat on a small stool, helping with washing vegetables, carefully cleaning each mushroom.

Yue Qin looked at the child, realizing that his son's personality was indeed quite different from this child. There was something sharp about this child that his own child didn't possess.

But if it weren't for his biological son being taken away and constantly comparing them, he might not have noticed, as children's personalities are not fixed.

Yue Qin could basically confirm that the other person knew who the little parrot was. It made sense that when he first met the parrot, the person repeatedly emphasized treating him well, preferably treating him as a speaking biological son. He had found it strange at the time.

"Daddy?" Mr. Kang found it strange that his towering father was really not in a good state today. "Daddy, the pot is about to burn."

Yue Qin snapped out of his thoughts and took the mushrooms the child had washed.

He remembered the very beginning when he bumped into this child in the neighborhood. At that time...

At that time, he had probably just arrived in this body. So, why did he run out in the middle of the night? He must have wanted to go back to his own home, right?

A six-year-old child who woke up and found himself in someone else's home wouldn't willingly let someone carry him.

Yue Qin contemplated for a moment and asked, "Baby, is there something you want to tell me recently?"

Seeing the child's bewildered expression, he added, "Anything at all. Just say it, no matter how absurd, I'll believe you."

The child looked up, pondered for a moment, and said, "No."

Yue Qin glanced at his biological son, who was flapping his wings and perched on the hanging lamp, then looked back at the serious child.

Yue Qin sighed inwardly. If his biological son continued like this, he would truly become a foolish bird.

He covered the braised pork with the pot's lid and crouched down in front of the child, trying to maintain a gentle tone with a hint of firmness.

"Think about it again."

In an instant, Mr. Kang's mind was flooded with countless thoughts, but only one remained.

"Daddy, did Teacher Liu complain to you?"

"Alright, alright. I'll play the role of a flower in the cultural performance," he found a girl at school who was assigned to play a tree and switched roles with her.


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