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Chapter 65: The Skirt Is Put On

Last night, Mr. Kang fell asleep amid the chattering of the little parrot and his friends. The parrot was excited at night, not only chatting with his two little friends but also coming to talk to him.

He could only pretend to be asleep, but as he kept pretending, he actually fell asleep for real.

The next morning, there was still the constant chattering. Mr. Kang opened his eyes drowsily, and the eagle and owl happened to be leaving.

This time, the eagle and owl even glanced at him seriously, which felt strange.

As someone who didn't have many true friends, Mr. Kang didn't think too much about it.

They probably chatted all night. As Mr. Kang looked again, he noticed that the little parrot was not in the room.

At that moment, a green figure walked in.

Mr. Kang was taken aback. The door hadn't opened, did the figure pass through the wall?

He rubbed his eyes and focused his gaze. Only then did he notice that a small door had been opened in the center of the bottom of the child's room.

It must have been done by his father.

Of course, it was done by his big and burly father. Considering that Kangkang's little body couldn't open the door, his father had opened a small door here in the child's room the previous day and covered it with a tiny curtain.

Mr. Kang looked around, walked in and failed to notice the little parrot whose identity had already been discovered by his father.

Actually, his father's calmness at the beginning was unexpected. After all, no one could tolerate their own child turning into a parrot.

Later, he realized that indeed this was something Yue Qin could achieve; he was an emotionally stable adult.

Due to the small door under the main door, the soundproofing was not as good. The sound he heard just now came from outside.

It seemed like there were unfamiliar voices.

The little parrot's feathers all fluffed up as he walked to his younger brother and said, "Mom's mother is here, and Mom's grandmother is here too. It's making me so mad!"

An hour ago, Yue Qin was awakened by the doorbell.

Both Yue Qin and Xia Sheng were awake. Yue Qin got up and went to open the door, where he saw a strange old lady standing outside. The old lady had pale hair and was wearing a gray long skirt with a floral knitted cardigan on top, a very fashionable outfit.

The old lady leaned on a cane and held a piece of paper in her hand. When she saw Yue Qin, she seemed a bit dazed, unable to remember what she came to do.

"Hello? Did you go to the wrong door?" Yue Qin spoke.

The old lady suddenly realized, "Yes, I went to the wrong door."

After saying that, she walked towards the other side, and Yue Qin saw her knocking on the door across the hallway.

It turned out she was actually looking for a neighbor.

Yue Qin closed the door.

"Who is it?" Xia Sheng also came out, thinking it might be Yuanyuan's mother, her eyes brightened, "Is it Yuanyuan's mom?"

"It's an old lady who knocked on the wrong door, probably looking for a neighbor," Yue Qin said with a hint of amusement, hugging his wife.

As soon as they became friends, they acted like little girls, wanting to be together all the time.

It was truly a friendship like that of elementary school kids.

At this moment, there was another knock at the door, and Yuanyuan's mom's voice was heard—

"Shengsheng, Shengsheng."

Yue Qin found it odd and followed behind his wife to open the door. He saw Yuanyuan's mom leading the old lady from before. "Shengsheng, this elderly lady seems to be looking for you."

Yue Qin found it strange. Wasn't this old lady supposed to be looking for the neighbor next door?

The old lady was a bit confused too, touching her head, unable to recall whom she came to find.

However, as she looked at Yue Qin, a glimmer appeared in her faded eyes. "Shengsheng, you've grown so tall."

Yue Qin was about to speak, to say that she had mistaken him for someone else, but his wife said to Yuanyuan's mom, "Yes, she's my grandma. You can go back to sleep; we won't disturb you so early."

It was then that Yue Qin realized that she was, in fact, his wife's grandmother. The old lady didn't match what he had imagined.

The elderly lady had a kind face, and even a hint of childlike innocence in her eyes, giving her the image of a textbook-perfect grandmother.

Xia Sheng went inside to get her phone.

Yue Qin had no choice but to invite the old lady inside, and she seemed to mistake him for Xia Sheng.

"Shengsheng, you've grown so tall."

Yue Qin didn't know what to say in his heart, so he could only explain, "I'm not your granddaughter; I'm your granddaughter's husband."

From inside the room, he heard his wife's cold voice, "Yes, she's with me now."

"Come and take her away."

The old lady pulled Yue Qin gently and said, "Young man, can you play Mahjong in your tea house? It's a bit small here."

Yue Qin knew she had mentioned dementia before, and now it seemed her condition was indeed severe.

"Grandma, please have a seat here. Let me pour you a cup of tea." Regardless of whatever grudges there might be between her and his wife, Yue Qin had received a good education and still showed respect to the elderly.

The old lady sat down beside him.

Xia Sheng came out of the room and said, "My mom will be here soon."

Yue Qin poured a cup of tea for the old lady, who drank it slowly and said, "Not bad, not bad."

Xia Sheng sat down next to them.

Yue Qin comforted her, "You should go to sleep; I'll wait here until your mom comes to pick her up."

Xia Sheng shook her head, "I can't sleep now either."

Just as she spoke, the old lady looked over and sighed, "Your tea house doesn't seem to be doing well."

Yue Qin said, "This isn't a tea house."

The old lady breathed a sigh of relief, "That's good, that's good. Your tea is so awful. If it were a tea house, you and your wife might starve."

Yue Qin: "..."

Xia Sheng patted her husband's shoulder reassuringly.

"You don't need to tell me. I can probably guess what kind of life you had before."

"It's not a big deal," Xia Sheng looked at her husband with a look that said, "You haven't seen the world yet."

The old lady couldn't stand their sweet interactions and lowered her head to continue drinking her tea.

Fortunately, Xia Sheng's mother arrived half an hour later.

This wasn't the first time Yue Qin had seen her, but in reality, they had only met twice. Once when she was sick, and the other was during their baby's full-month celebration.

She didn't attend their wedding or their baby's birth.

As soon as Xia Sheng's mother entered the house, she saw the little parrot, who had come out early in the morning to sneak some food.

So, her first words were, "Why do you have a parrot at home? I read in the news that parrots shouldn't be kept with children."

The little parrot fluffed up his feathers, realizing she was the grandmother, and marched angrily towards the child's room, leaving Yue Qin to explain how important the parrot was.

The little parrot marched into the room and tattled to his younger brother.

Mr. Kang pressed against the door, eavesdropping on the commotion outside. At this moment, there was a stranger's voice saying—

"Here you come again, always acting so stubborn. Your grandmother is so old, yet she came looking for you with your address. Why do you have this attitude?"

Then his violent mother retorted, "Didn't you say you wouldn't acknowledge me anymore? To you, I'm a stranger, so what kind of attitude do you expect?"

Amidst the commotion, there was also a very old voice, "Your tea house isn't doing well, and now you have people arguing?"

His big and burly father was trying to mediate.

"Forget it, I didn't come to see you," the strange woman said, "Your grandmother and I came to see my grandson."

"He's sleeping," Xia Sheng heard this and furrowed her eyebrows, "I won't let him have any contact with you."

The middle-aged woman was furious, "Xia Sheng, you haven't grown up at all. You wouldn't let me see your daughter. But you have a son, and you won't let me see him either?"

When Xia Sheng was young, her diary entries were particularly hurtful. She wrote about how she would never let her future daughter have any contact with certain people, as they would only cause harm.

Yue Qin had not given up on mediating and said, "Let's not talk about this topic anymore; the baby is still sleeping."

Xia Sheng replied, "It's better for your so-called 'world's most precious son' ideology to stay away from him."

"Xia Sheng, your thinking has become really extreme. I have already apologized for what happened before. That time, as a mother, I was indeed wrong."

"It's not that. It's just that every time I see you, I feel like I shouldn't exist."

"Can you stop being so melodramatic? Many girls have been raised as boys, and that's an advantage! Do you know how many girls wish they could be raised as boys?"

Just then, a child's voice came from the child's room—

"Mom, Dad, what are you arguing about?"

Yue Qin: "..." He had forgotten; he had installed a small door in the child's room, so it wasn't soundproof anymore.

Immediately, the child's room door opened, but the person inside hadn't come out yet.

Xia Sheng's mother said, "It's Kangkang. Grandma and Great Grandma are here to see you."

Yue Qin: "..." He didn't really want this grandmother to interact with his son.

After all, she really had a severe "son's precious ideology." Children naturally go through a phase of narcissism, but in this son's case, due to the lack of parental discipline and the family's wealth, this aspect was particularly severe.

He had been trying to make this child aware that he was equally important as everyone else, and that everyone else was equally important as him.

Now, another adult comes and tells him how precious and superior he is, based on gender. That's not a good thing at all.

Yue Qin, as a male, had seen too many people grow up in a society that favored boys over girls, where all female characters had to step aside and sacrifice for them. As a result, when they grew up and found that society no longer favored them, and they couldn't compete with women, they became impotent and enraged men.

He really didn't want his son to become that kind of person.

"Baby, go back to sleep," Yue Qin said.

At that moment, a pink figure bounced out and directly threw itself into Xia Sheng's arms—

"Mommy, Mommy, I had a nightmare last night. I'm scared. Mommy, protect me!"

The emerging figure looked like a flower spirit, with a pink petal skirt, a top made of petals, and a petal headband.

Yue Qin looked at the attire; oh, so he didn't throw away the dress.

The whole scene was extremely awkward, and Xia Sheng's mother was dumbfounded.

In this almost frozen atmosphere, the old lady beside them leisurely took a sip of tea and whispered, "The tea in this tea house is really terrible. No wonder the business is so poor, and people still come here to cause trouble."

"I won't drink tea; let's play Mahjong." The old lady suggested.


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