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Chapter 27: The Showdown Between Mom and Mrs. Zhang

The Showdown Between Mom and Mrs. Zhang (Maybe you like me more than your...)

The Art Center was actually quite confused. They first received Mr. Zhang's message saying that Xia Sheng had damaged their piano. She did it during her working hours, so naturally the Art Center had to compensate.

The owner of the Art Center was also a smart person, naturally knowing that Mr. Zhang's family should not be short of such a piano. Although the other party's tone was not exactly angry, something must have happened here, and the focus was not on money or compensation.

The owner of the Art Center said politely that Xia Sheng was only a part-time worker and had not signed a formal contract, so she was not an employee of the Art Center. The owner of the Art Center apologized again and again, and Mr. Zhang on the other side stopped!

The owner thought to himself that he had not guessed wrong, and he was probably thinking in his heart that the conflicts between men and women were nothing more than some romantic incidents. Judging from Mr. Zhang's behavior, it was obvious that Xia Sheng had offended someone.

The owner of the Art Center immediately notified Xia Sheng not to come to work here.

At this time, Mrs. Zhang came again.

The owner of the Art Center was even more nervous when he saw Mrs. Zhang. Generally, when something happened between a man and a woman, especially a wealthy man, the wives were not easy to mess with.

It was estimated that Mrs. Zhang was here to trouble Xia Sheng, especially since Mrs. Zhang had been so good to Xia Sheng before, and everyone had seen it. Now that something like this had happened, the other party must have felt betrayed and was extremely angry.

Mrs. Zhang asked blankly, "Is Teacher Xia here?"

"Teacher Xia may not come. She resigned."

Mrs. Zhang frowned and had a hint of sorrow in her eyes. "Can you give me her address?"

"Sure, let me look for it."

Xia Sheng's mood slowly calmed down. It was not a big deal that she couldn't work at the Art Center. She took out her phone and found the message sent by her former friend.

The conversation between the two people remained frozen on the last message the other party had sent to her.

"If you regret it, you can contact us any time."

"You are really very talented, and we need you too."

Xia Sheng looked at the last two messages again and again, pressed her hand on the keyboard, and typed out a sentence -

"If I come back now, what is the salary?"

However, after typing out this sentence, she just looked at it without sending it.

In front of her, it was as if the little girl appeared again, full of wounds. She was only able to secretly stand in the corner and watch the girls playing the piano on the other side.

At that time, she told herself that when she grows up, she must do what she wants to do and be who she wants to be.

Now that she's an adult, she could express herself however she pleased - wearing skirts, growing out her hair, embracing her beauty, and cherishing cleanliness and aesthetics.

No one would pull her ears and despise her for being a girl anymore, nor would they hate her for loving beauty and cleanliness. She wouldn't have to pretend to hate her own gender or act like a son that didn't exist in order to be accepted.

Xia Sheng laid on the office chair, but in the end she still didn't send out the sentence.

It seemed that as soon as she sent out the sentence, she would be betraying her former self, betraying her dreams, and denying everything she had.

Thump, thump! At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Xia Sheng got up, thinking it was her husband bringing their son back from kindergarten.

Xia Sheng opened the door, and Mrs. Zhang was standing at the door, looking a bit anxious: "Teacher Xia, why did you resign from the Art Center?"

Yesterday she had thought Mrs. Zhang had invited her to practice the piano, but when she arrived, Mrs. Zhang wasn't home. Mr. Zhang had introduced her to two piano professionals in the industry.

Xia Sheng pressed her temples.It seemed Mrs. Zhang didn't know what happened yesterday.

Xia Sheng had a strange feeling in her heart: "How is your husband doing?"

She asked without being too gentle or too harsh, and the other party didn't seem to resist like her previous opponents.

Yesterday she was extremely angry, but today she calmed down!

"He's okay, he's staying in the hospital now. They were playing some game! Although his leg is broken, the doctor said it won't affect his walking in the future." Mrs. Zhang immediately replied, "Why don't you go to the Art Center? Did something happen at home?"

Xia Sheng looked at Mrs. Zhang. There was no anger on her face, but instead she was anxious, as if she was really worried about Xia Sheng not going to work at the Art Center.

Mrs. Zhang continued, "If there is anything, you must tell me. I can also help you."

Recalling the other party learning piano, undergoing plastic surgery, and attempting to become a lady for her husband gave Xia Sheng a headache. She knew that the other party would definitely not believe it, and might even blame her.

But no matter whether the other party believed it or not, she had to say it. After all, the other party had been really good to her during this period of time, and had been considering everything for her.

"Your husband..." Xia Sheng carefully considered her words under the other party's scorching gaze.

Mrs. Zhang seemed to understand what was going on without Xia Sheng having to say anything else. She said, "Is it because of this?"

Xia Sheng was a little surprised: "Isn't this reason enough? Don't you care about this kind of thing at all?"

Mrs. Zhang said, "I know about this. You really don't have to avoid suspicion. I can understand."

"What?" Xia Sheng felt that her three views1 were all shattered, and she pulled the person and said, "You already know what happened, but you don't mind? What do you think?"

The two people got along quite happily during this period of time, and Mrs. Zhang was a very frank person.

But she didn't expect the other party to be so bold that even this kind of thing could be laughed off.

Mrs. Zhang sighed and comforted, "This is actually a very normal thing. Who wouldn't like a girl like you?"

Mrs. Zhang has been big and bold since she was a child, like a rough man, not paying attention to her image, and not very feminine. She has always felt that these lovely and kind girls were the treasures of the world, and she has always hoped that she could become such a girl.

"You really don't have to avoid suspicion just because my husband likes you."

Xia Sheng pressed her temples and told herself that she must not hit anyone today!

Mrs. Zhang looked at Xia Sheng's face: "You don't have to feel that I will be jealous. I can understand this very well, because everyone will like girls like you. When I saw you for the first time, you were sitting on the stage playing the piano, like an angel passing through the world, singing like a heavenly sound."

"When you smile, it's like soft petals blooming in the spring. It makes people want to hold it in their hands."

This probably was the strangest compliment Xia Sheng had ever heard in her life.

She had always wanted people to see her as a woman, probably because she had been denied her gender for so long when she was young.

Still, it was a bit strange at this moment.

Xia Sheng held back her goosebumps and probably understood a bit: "Your husband doesn't like me. You don’t understand that your husband wanted to exploit me, right?"

Xia Sheng thought to herself. Maybe you like me more than your husband.

Mrs. Zhang had been looking at the beautiful woman's face in a trance. But when she heard this, she suddenly came back to her senses: "What?"

"Your husband wanted to exploit me. He wanted me to be his and his partners' mistress. So I beat your husband and his two friends. The game they wanted to play was me!" Xia Sheng said, "Most importantly, I don't want to admit it, but the image you just mentioned has nothing to do with me."

Xia Sheng also wished she could have such a beautiful image, but she could drink, smoke, and was impulsive and violent...

What kind of pure angel and spring flowers had anything to do with her?

Before she went to high school, she had never worn a skirt. Her hair was all cropped. She still remembered how she and her sister saved money to buy a skirt, but she was only brave enough to wear it in private. Even then, she was still cut off by her own mother in the end.

So, before she was in high school, she would always be greeted with a circle of surprised looks when she entered the women's restroom.

Never in a million years did she expect someone to use words like flowers and angels to describe her.

It was still strangely heartwarming.

It was so bizarre yet it still made her happy.

Xia Sheng pressed her temples. As expected, childhood shadows could kill people.

She wanted her husband to come back soon. She was anxious and she wanted to eat the snail rice noodles made by her husband.


  1. Three views refers to world outlook, values, and outlook on life.


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