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Chapter 33: The New Kindergarten Teacher

The New Kindergarten Teacher (I will never talk to him about my heart...)

As Kang walked into the kindergarten, Xia Sheng's phone rang. She answered to hear the news that the Art Center wanted her to return for the class.

Yue Qin felt a twinge of unease. "What if they have a hidden agenda?"

Xia Sheng frowned, deep in thought. "I need to reconsider this."

Kang cast a sidelong glance at Xia Sheng, pondering why the Art Center had suddenly changed their tune. "Don't you see?" he thought to himself.

Cheap Mom was a legendary national first-level performer, both in appearance and tone. At the moment, however, she appeared to be at a loss, looking as though she had no idea what was going on.

Mr. Kang also nodded: "Yeah, I don't know what they're thinking."

Yue Qin and Xia Sheng saw the child pretending to be an adult and couldn't help but giggle. "Go on in, your teacher is waiting for you," they chuckled.

Mr. Kang looked up and met the intense gaze of Teacher Liu, who was watching him from not too far away.

As if waiting for something.

A few minutes later, Mr. Kang discovered the news in the activity room. "Children, Ms. Peppa has gone to work at another kindergarten. Our class has a new teacher."

"The new teacher looks really good-looking."

Kang wondered to himself, could it be that this time, instead of Peppa Pig, we have a Barbie doll as our teacher?

Ms. Liu's voice was filled with excitement, and the children in the class, being naturally emotional beings, couldn't help but clap their hands in response.

"Are you excited to see the new teacher?"

"Yes!" A group of children shouted in unison.

Kang: "..." "What are you going to say to the new teacher when he arrives?"

"Hello, teacher!"

"Will you take care of the new teacher just like you did with Ms. Peppa?"


Mr. Kang was speechless at the thought. He could already picture the children forming a line to greet a plush toy and sharing details about their parents.

Ms. Liu approached Kang with a warning. "Little Kangkang, when the new teacher arrives, you can't talk about them the way you did with Ms. Peppa, all right?"

"Or else the new teacher will be sad."

Mr. Kang had to fight the urge to roll his eyes. He was no longer that rich kid who acted on impulses; he had learned to control them!

No, he can't! Talking to a plush toy is just silly!

Ms. Liu called out to the window, "New teacher, come on in!"

A green figure swooped in through the window and landed firmly on the podium.

The green feathers glimmered in the morning sun, with a striking red beak, still chattering away -

"Hello everyone."

A few seconds of silence in the classroom was all it took before whispers started to spread, quickly leading to a full-blown frenzy in the room.

"Starting now, if you have any unhappiness, you can share it with the new teacher," Ms. Liu spoke up with a hint of nervousness, casting two extra glances in Kang's direction.

The children's eyes widened in amazement as they gazed at the podium.

Thankfully, little Kangkang didn't make any remarks about the parrot.

"Okay!" The children answered in unison.

Teacher Liu placed a stand on the classroom podium for the parrot, towering too high for the children to reach.

The parrot perched on the stand, and the children formed a line to talk to it.

Ms. Liu was elated. Ever since Teacher Peppa retired, she had been pondering over finding a replacement. Of course, her top choice was Teacher George, Teacher Peppa's younger brother.

But she was also concerned that Kangkang's influence may lead the children to reject the stuffed toys.

The afternoon of two days ago, Teacher Liu sent all the students home and was organizing the classroom desks and chairs.

Then she heard a child's voice.


Why was there still a child's voice when the school doors have already closed?

Teacher Liu searched the classroom and looked outside the window, but there was no sign of any children. She thought that she might have had an auditory hallucination.

Teacher Liu shook her head and went back to rearranging the children's chairs in the classroom.


Teacher Liu was somewhat confused: "Who?"

"Kangkang, Kangkang!"

Teacher Liu heard the direction this time. It was outside the window. She went to the window and saw three birds neatly perched on an osmanthus tree outside -

A green parrot, a black owl, and an eagle.

What a strange combination! Teacher Liu rubbed her eyes, suspecting that the three birds were just puppet toys, and the office teacher was playing a prank!

Teacher Liu was amazed when she saw the parrot in the middle suddenly take flight, shouting "I can fly, I can fly!"

The two other birds took to the air as well, as if they were bodyguards.

The situation was highly unusual and would cause others to question her sanity if she were to describe it to them.

Teacher Liu gazed skyward, still in disbelief of what she had just witnessed. She finally reassured herself that the vast world is full of amazing wonders.

It wasn’t uncommon for the parrot to be able to speak, but what was truly peculiar was the friendship between a small parrot, an owl, and an eagle.

On the next day, Teacher Liu discovered that Kangkang had once again requested absence. However, she also found a more astonishing revelation. Despite having one less child in the class, a new animal student was perched on the osmanthus tree outside the classroom.

Teacher Liu studied the behavior of the parrot and suddenly had a moment of enlightenment.

Of course, she was still worried that Kangkang might reject this little teacher.

After all, this time the teacher was not a toy, so she was very careful.

Teacher Liu cast his gaze upon Kangkang, who was lounging in his seat instead of lining up, and couldn't help but feel a twinge of disappointment. However, he didn't stand up and say anything bad about the little teacher. It was a small blessing.

Teacher Liu looked at the children in the class, brimming with excitement as they eagerly lined up to speak with the little teacher.

The children were eager to share their joy and worries with the teacher.

Teacher Liu looked at Kangkang, who was sitting aside with his head down.

Kangkang was truly a unique and mature child.

Teacher Liu did not see Kangkang in the canteen at noon, which was a bit strange.

There was no one in the small activity room and Teacher Liu couldn't find anyone on the playground either, so she returned to the small activity room.

Inside, there was the voice of a child who was a bit worried:

"I don't know when I can go back. I feel like if I continue like this, I'll really become someone else's son."

"I don't have anyone to confide in. The housekeeper is a bad person and I can only remember his phone number. It's a very unpleasant situation."

The parrot soothed the child by gently stroking his hand and said, "Boss, don't be afraid."

Kang stretched out on the table, caressing the feathers of the parrot, and said, "You are a responsible and good teacher! I feel so much better now. Have they given you a salary?"


Looks like the kindergarten class is getting a new teacher, and it's not just any ordinary teacher, it's a parrot! How exciting! And, who would have thought that little Kangkang would have such great impulse control? I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this new dynamic will play out in the classroom.

Dear readers, what do you think of this chapter? Are you excited to see how the new teacher, the parrot, will interact with the children and Kangkang? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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