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Chapter 55: The Fallen Parrot

The Fallen Parrot (Everything Unfolds, Not as He Expected…)

Xia Sheng embarked on a journey to the Art Center, while Miss Tan finally found some time to indulge in learning the piano. So, Xia Sheng was going to teach her.

When Xia Sheng left, he also took little Kang to the kindergarten.

Consequently, only the little parrot and the burly father remained in the house.

The parrot perched on the table and finished the last two grains of rice bubbles from his small bowl, allowing his father to pick him up without any struggle.

"Little Parrot, today we are going to see the doctor."

"The doctor might ask you some questions related to your physical and mental well-being. Answer whatever you know."

The parrot nodded, signifying his understanding.

Little Parrot wasn't afraid of visiting the doctor at all. In fact, he had been to the hospital the most in the past. The uncles and aunties at the hospital were all very nice, and every time he finished his check-up, they would give him a delicious candy.

On the way, Yue Qin sent a message to his elder brother, Yue Jin, reminding him to be authentic and preferably wear a mask.

The response came swiftly: "Don't worry, I am a professional when it comes to acting."

Yue Qin's elder brother was an actor, although it would be more accurate to describe him as an extra. He was too tall and robust, which limited him to playing minor roles such as bodyguards or villains.

As there were no ongoing film shoots during this period, he was available to help.

Yue Qin drove to his brother's house and noticed the couplet hanging on the entrance door, which read:

"Jin's Professional Veterinary Clinic."

Yue Qin sighed and knocked on the door.

The door swung open, revealing a tall man wearing a white coat and a mask. He stood at the entrance, his gaze encompassing the neatly arranged living room.

"Please come in," Yue Jin said.

As Yue Qin entered, he noticed his brother tapping the couplet on the side, as if saying, "Brother, did I think it through well enough? Even the signboard is ready, looking professional, right?"

While Yue Qin was observing, his attention was caught by the little parrot.

The parrot's gaze remained fixed on Yue Jin's face, shifting from left to right. When Yue Jin went to pour water, the parrot tilted his head, trying to get a better look.

It seemed as though the parrot should recognize this person, but he couldn't recall who he was.

Yue Jin, wearing a mask, noticed that the little parrot kept staring at him. He turned to his brother, Yue Qin, and asked, "This clever little parrot is here for his medical check-up, right?"

As he spoke, he took off his mask. The medical masks at home had run out, but he needed to maintain the appearance of a doctor, so he had sewn a fabric mask for himself. The fabric mask wasn't very breathable, making him feel uncomfortable.

Now that the doctor's attire had been established, he could certainly remove the mask.

Just as he removed the mask, the little parrot tilted his head back and finally recognized him. In an instant, the parrot flew up and landed on his shoulder, chirping—

"Superstar! You're a superstar!"

Yue Jin laughed, saying, "What an amazing parrot! Just by looking at me, he knew I would become a superstar in the future."

Yue Qin's expression grew more complex. He approached and gently took the parrot back, lowering his head to ask, "Baby, how did you know he is a star?"

At that moment, the parrot realized something. He froze in place and fell back into the palms of his burly father, his little feet sticking up in the air, revealing the green yarn wrapped around them.

Green yarn, green yarn. The parrot's feet twitched twice inside the green yarn.

Yue Jin was enchanted, exclaiming, "This parrot of yours knows how to play dead!"

Yue Qin's emotions became increasingly complicated, and he didn't have the energy to say anything to Yue Jin.

Yue Qin turned to the doctor and reminded him, "Doctor, please examine him."

Yue Jin immediately put on a serious face, realizing his role, and said, "Alright, I'll take him into the room first, ask about his basic condition, and you can wait here for the results."

In truth, he wanted to bring his younger brother into the room as well, to inquire about his basic condition, as he felt his brother's condition was more serious than that of the parrot.

This parrot may possess a touch of sagacity, while his brother might be suffering from delusions.

Because his younger brother had prepared some items for testing children's intelligence and had given him 25 questions to ask, claiming that even the parrot should be able to answer them.

But those questions were strange, some even mixed with pictures.

Why should a cute little parrot be able to sing nursery rhymes? Why should it be able to recognize people? What kind of worldly suffering is this?

Fifteen minutes later, Yue Jin emerged from the room, exclaiming, "Your parrot has become extraordinary! It's too intelligent!"

Following closely behind him, the little parrot didn't need to fly; he proudly ran out on his own, his head held high. Being praised for his intelligence seemed to make the little parrot quite pleased and forget his manners.

"Was this parrot raised in your home since it hatched from the egg?" Yue Jin asked in a low voice.

He had told the parrot that he needed to answer those questions correctly to determine if he was sick or not, and if he was intelligent enough.

However, most of those questions were:

"Which person in the photo is Kangkang's grandfather?"

"Which person in the photo is Kangkang's aunt?" Yue Jin was about to explain that the aunt was Xia Sheng's sister when he saw the little parrot successfully flap his wings to select the most beautiful woman among the four photos.

Yue Qin ignored Yue Jin's words, his expression complex as he lifted the parrot from the ground. Yesterday, the parrot accurately repeated the words he had spoken to the baby, about where children come from and even about sex education.

He had taught those things to the baby, word by word. At that time, the baby couldn't speak, but he would open his eyes wide and listen attentively to him.

The baby didn't remember those words, but this little parrot did.

When his wife covered the parrot with a blanket at night, he seemed to see his wife covering the baby with a blanket as before.

In that instant, numerous details flooded Yue Qin's mind.

Ordinary things that he had seen before hadn't drawn much attention, merely stored away in the corner of his memory. But once a thread was pulled, everything became interconnected.

When the baby was nervous, he would stiffen and slump on the sofa. The parrot would do the same when he was nervous.

When the baby was happy, he would swing his arms and walk with little hops. The parrot would walk the same way when he was happy.

And now, this little parrot knew all their relatives, even remembering to call Yue Jin a superstar.

Yue Jin himself didn't remember. Last Chinese New Year, while holding the nonverbal child, he teased, "Do you know that Uncle is a superstar?"

And as for the speaking baby...

Yue Qin walked away with the parrot, taking out his phone and making a call.

Behind him, Yue Jin said, "Yue Qin, why are you leaving? Aren't you staying for dinner?"

At that moment, the phone was already connected, and the person on the other end answered Yue Qin's question—

"The result of the previous psychological test?"

"Yes, I remember you mentioned that his mental age exceeded four," Yue Qin replied.

"Yes, his mental age was measured to be six."

"Are you sure it's six?"

The person on the other end said, "There shouldn't be a significant deviation. If you're concerned about any errors, you can retest."

"In fact, the psychological age doesn't have a significant impact. Children of this age often exhibit such conditions. As parents, there's no need to worry too much. At this age, children need parents with stable emotions to guide them slowly in exploring the world."

"Did something happen?"

"No, I just wanted to inquire," Yue Qin said, "I might also schedule an appointment for an in-depth psychological consultation for my child."

Yue Qin walked through the building, speaking to the person on the other end.

As Yue Qin left the building with the parrot, he had already arranged an appointment and ended the call.

Just as he hung up, his phone rang again, and he received a call from the kindergarten teacher.

The little parrot was still happily relishing Yue Jin's praise about his intelligence, hovering in the air within the community.

Upon seeing a few stray cats, the parrot immediately rushed over and darted into his father's arms.

He was afraid of stray cats.

Yue Qin gently stroked the parrot's head to comfort him and stamped his foot, scaring away the stray cats. A young voice came from the other end of the phone—

"Dad, the teacher said someone is coming this afternoon to visit Little Parrot Teacher. Can you take him back to school?"

"Of course."

As Yue Qin spoke, he realized his voice was hoarse.


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