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Chapter 45: Sports Center

Sports Center (Boxing match...)

"Oh dear, your mom might have gone out to sack someone," Yue Qin lifted his son, who was drawing, in his arms. "Great artist, let's put the drawing on hold for now and go look for mommy."

Mr. Kang was impressed. At this time, shouldn't someone suspect that she's out there having an affair? But this big, burly dad's first reaction was that she might have gone out to put someone in a burlap sack.

So...did the violent and crazy mom really have a sack before?

Did she really?!

Outside, the little parrot teacher was stacking blocks with his claws.

"Little Parrot Teacher," Yue Qin stretched out his arm. "Come on, let's go out and play."

The little parrot immediately flew over and perched on the big, burly dad's shoulder.

"If my brothers had seen this when we were kids, I wonder how jealous they would have been," the big, burly dad's inner child came out.

"When we were kids, we loved Harry Potter and we especially wanted a bird as a pet."

Mr. Kang was like, that’s your son, not a bird or a pet.

Besides, your son has a pet owl, which is the closest thing to a Harry Potter pet.

Yue Qin held his son in one arm, while the little parrot stood on the other, drawing the envy of all the other kids when they went outside.

Once they got to the car, Yue Qin buckled his son into the child safety seat, then looked at the little parrot with some worry. "There's no safety belt for you to use."

The little parrot immediately grabbed onto the seat belt on the child safety seat and squeezed himself in, as if to say this works too.

Yue Qin was a bit afraid. What if he accidentally got squeezed?

"You can stand on my shoulder," Mr. Kang suggested.

It seemed like there was no other way. While Yue Qin was driving, Mr. Kang finally found an opportunity to ask the question –-

"Who do you think mom went to put in a sack?"

"Dad's former boss," Yue Qin replied.

Cough cough cough Mr. Kang felt like he was choking on saliva and started coughing violently.

Through the rearview mirror, Yue Qin caught a glimpse of the little parrot teacher flapping his wings and patting the child's chest.

As he looked at the small parrot more and more, Yue Qin found himself inexplicably fond of him. He was reminded of his baby from before, when the baby couldn't speak and wasn't as clever as he's now. When his dad was choking, the baby would pat him on the back.

Yue Qin asked, "Baby, does this little parrot teacher have an owner?"

Mr. Kang couldn't breathe again and said, "You can't treat him like a bird."

"I mean, if the little parrot teacher doesn't mind, he can stay with us forever. There are many stray cats in the neighborhood, and it's not safe."

Mr. Kang noticed that when the little parrot heard about stray cats, every feather on his body bristled, including the ones on top of his head.

Yue Qin said, "It's weird, baby, you used to be so afraid of stray cats, but now you don't seem to be afraid anymore."

Yue Qin recollected a time when his son was younger, and they came across stray cats while strolling through the neighborhood. Despite being held in his father's arms, the child was so apprehensive that he froze in place.

Mr. Kang petted the little parrot, thinking to himself, "Your biological son is still very afraid of stray cats."

Mr. Kang had found it amusing at first, but as he smiled, he began to feel sad, wondering if there were always stray cats in the neighborhood or elsewhere.

When he was a human size, he was scared, and now, as a bird, seeing cats was even more enormous.

Mr. Kang had never worried about anyone else before. Since he arrived in this body, he often found himself worrying about the silly and sweet couple, as well as the safety of the little parrot.

"He will live with us forever," Mr. Kang said.

"Then you'll be responsible for taking care of the little parrot teacher," Yue Qin said. In fact, he wanted to take care of the little parrot himself. He couldn't explain why, but he just really liked the parrot. Maybe it was because the parrot reminded him of his son when he couldn't talk.

But he also wanted to cultivate his child's sense of responsibility for other lives, which was always a good thing.

Mr. Kang sighed and could only say, "Okay."

At that moment, the car stopped by the side of the road. Father and son, along with the parrot, got out of the car, only to find that they were at a sports center, not a hospital.

As soon as Mr. Kang saw the word "sports center," he suddenly realized the mistake and said, "Dad, did you come to the wrong place? Your former boss shouldn't be here, right?"

He's still in the hospital.

"But your mother's phone location is over here."

"What?" Mr. Kang couldn't believe it. They always acted like a silly and sweet couple, yet he’s using a tracker in his wife's phone.

"Dad, are you spying on Mom?"

Yue Qin explained, "It's not unusual. Dad, Mom, and your watch all share locations through the same app. Mom's phone also has Dad's location, and your watch has a location too, but you can't see Dad and Mom's location."

So, this young couple could see his location, but he couldn't see their location.

Alright then.

Yue Qin called his wife again, and this time it connected, but nobody answered.

How strange, what was his wife doing at the sports center?

"Mom might be here to watch basketball or football games." Mr. Kang felt inexplicably nervous. His violent mother had almost never shown her brutal strength in front of his father.

She had never revealed it, probably because she thought it would hurt their relationship or for some other reason.

Anyway, Mr. Kang felt like he needed to cover it up. He really didn't want this family to fall apart. "Dad, let's go back. Little Parrot Teacher also wants to go back."

Yue Qin watched as the fluttering wings of the parrot teacher flew around the sculpture, drawing cheers from the children below.

Yue Qin looked at his son as if to say, "What makes you think he wants to go back?"

"Just in time, we can also go watch a game. Dad has never taken you to see a sports game before," he said.

At this time, more and more people were coming, checking their tickets and entering through the gate.

It turned out that there was a match today, and many people had bought tickets online.

Yue Qin thought that his wife might also come to watch the game, so he bought a ticket while holding his son.

Mr. Kang looked at his big dad buying a ticket for a boxing match, and his eyebrows twitched.

"Dad, don't you know about Mom?" Mr. Kang asked.

"Your mother and I have been sweethearts since high school. Why do you ask if I don't know her?"

"When I first met your mother, I knew she was the mother of my child," Yue Qin said to his son.

"Oh, then I can rest assured," Kang thought to himself that those who fall in love at first sight usually only care about looks, and Xia Sheng's appearance hasn't changed, so there shouldn't be any problems.

They were sitting in the front row, and Mr. Kang hugged the little parrot while looking at the empty stage. He couldn't help but ask, "Dad, what do you think of female boxers?"

"Baby, you're talking quite a lot today."

"I'm just asking. Dad, would you marry a female boxer? I think those girls who fight are pretty cool."

Yue Qin couldn't help but turn his head and look at his son in surprise. "Baby?"

Mr. Kang reminded him, "Dad, you must remember not to do anything you shouldn't do and not to say anything you shouldn't say. A powerful fist can break a person's nose."

Mr. Kang thought to himself, "Brother, I can only help you up to this point. The rest is up to your own fate."

At this moment, boxers from two teams had already stepped onto the stage. Mr. Kang nervously watched, feeling that the shorter female boxer was the violent mother.

But he couldn't see her face clearly due to the distance.

Mr. Kang turned his head to see if the person around him was stunned.

As a result, he found that he didn't look surprised at all.

He’s not surprised?!

"What's with that expression?" Yue Qin felt that his son was very unusual today.

"Do you know that mom is a boxer?"

"What?" Yue Qin looked at the stage, then looked at his silly son next to him. He couldn't help but laugh and said, "That's not your mom."


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