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Chapter 59: Showdown

Showdown (The Broken Mr. Kang)

The next morning, Xia Sheng had no classes, and she had planned to go to the hospital. After all, it would be convenient to queue together with her husband.

However, Yue Qin refused. His biological son couldn't go to the hospital, so Yue Qin kept him at home. "Didn't you say you wanted to teach the little parrot to play the piano?"

The truth was, the crowded environment of the hospital was not suitable for the little parrot.

Xia Sheng understood this reasoning and decided to stay at home.

Yue Qin got into the car, and the child in the back seat obediently fastened his child safety seat belt.

"Dad, since we're already in the car, can we also check if the cake shop is open?" the child asked.

Mr. Kang had ordered the birthday cake from Kangkang's fourth birthday yesterday, but his father, who was a big shot, had said the cake shop was closed.

Yue Qin replied, "Let's go to the hospital first, and we can visit the cake shop later when we come back."

"Why do you suddenly want to eat cake?"

"It's not about wanting to eat cake; it's about wanting to eat the cake from when I turned four," Mr. Kang said.

"But you didn't eat it that day."

The child's face turned slightly embarrassed as he explained, "It's because I didn't eat it that day that I now feel regret for missing out and really want to eat it."

Yue Qin looked at this unfamiliar child, feeling both nervous and awkward, but ultimately decided not to press him further.

Although this unfamiliar child was indeed unknown, he exuded the innocent awkwardness of a typical child.

They soon arrived at the hospital. Since they had made an appointment earlier, they quickly took a number and were called in.

Yue Qin tidied the child's clothes and said, "Don't be nervous. Just answer the doctor's questions. I'll wait for you outside."

He waited in the neighboring room. The focal point wasn't the child's intelligence or psychological age; Yue Qin was certain that the child was only a few years old.

The key was that Yue Qin wanted to know the specific situation of this child, so he instructed the psychiatrist to inquire about the child's family background.

Mr. Kang also noticed that this time was different from the previous one. Last time, he was shown a lot of cards and asked simple questions.

For example, what did he see in this card or that card?

But this time, the psychiatrist didn't rush to show him any cards. Instead, he asked him to lie down on the nearby chair, with soft music playing in the background.

The psychiatrist began to speak a few words to him, and Mr. Kang felt his emotions gradually relax. He no longer felt the constant tension he had before.

His heart seemed to be immersed in bitterness as he began to speak—

"The teacher said that boys can also dress up as flowers, and girls can also be trees."

"I understand that principle, but if I dress up as a flower, other kids will laugh at me."

As the child spoke, he began to feel uncomfortable.

The psychiatrist sensed the child's discomfort, and in the next second, a defense mechanism was triggered. He masked his own vulnerability with anger and disgust, and said harshly,

"I really hate other kids."

The children who were considered the most innocent and adorable were the ones he despised the most.

Mr. Kang felt as if he had returned to the year he was six. That year, he met some children in the neighborhood who would ride bicycles and play on trampolines.

As a small boy, he genuinely wanted to be friends with those kids but didn't know how to approach them. He could only watch them pass by from his own mansion.

During that time, he was deceived by those kids and was cruelly bullied.

Since then, he no longer wanted any friends.

A child without parental protection is like a lonely island, only able to observe the lively world from afar. When he takes a step forward, all he can touch is the cold seawater.

Mr. Kang sighed, pulling himself out of the memories. He thought to himself that things were different now; he had truly grown up and matured.

These hardships had made him grow. He not only experienced a life without parental protection but also a life without money.

Having lived a dual life, he now felt invincible.

There was nothing in this world that could defeat him!

"This time, maybe they didn't test my intelligence," the child said as they returned to the car, still appreciating his own life. "The psychiatrist chatted with me for a while."

"Dad," the child's face beamed with pride. Upon reflecting on his life, he discovered the source of his greatness. "Dad, you don't know, but I've just realized how amazing I am."

Yue Qin also received the test report, looking at the various indicators and psychological age mentioned in it.

Yue Qin let out a sigh of relief. "I also think you're amazing."

"No, Dad, you don't understand," Mr. Kang said to himself as he looked at his silly, kind-hearted father, thinking, he still doesn't know what I have truly experienced.

Of course, if he found out, it would be all over for me.

Yue Qin made an effort to soften his tone but felt that now was the best time for honesty. Being honest was something that should be done regardless of the circumstances.

"Dad, for lunch, we can have—"

"I know the little parrot is my son—"

Both of them spoke almost simultaneously.

"We need to talk. I know you're not my child anymore," Yue Qin looked at the child seriously and said, "Can we talk about this?"

The sunlight outside the car was a bit dazzling. The child sat inside the car and, for a moment, felt as if he had been crushed by the other person. The joy and pride he felt just a moment ago turned into shame and a sense of betrayal.

The seawater surrounding the island seemed to surge up all at once, leaving the child in the center with a suffocating feeling.

Yue Qin had initially intended to communicate well, but then he saw the child, who had been rational and calm just moments ago, suddenly bristle like a porcupine. "Didn't you bring me here just to test my IQ?"

The child sat in the child safety seat and fastened the seatbelt tightly.

"We're going to the cake shop to buy a cake."

Yue Qin sighed and said, "Uncle didn't mean it like that."


The child paused for a moment, then looked up and said, "Let's go to the cake shop!"

He would never see them again, never see them again!

Back at home, Xia Sheng was singing with the little parrot when she saw the father and son return. The son was holding a small cake and went straight to the child's room, shouting—

"Little parrot!"

"What's going on?" Xia Sheng looked at the little parrot flying into the child's room, feeling puzzled.

Yue Qin also didn't expect this child to be completely uncommunicative.

They had been able to communicate well before. They spoke well, acted well. The child was a very communicative kid, extremely rational, very calm.

But now, as soon as he finished speaking, the other person exploded. He refused to communicate at all. As soon as Yue Qin spoke, the child would become sharp and unwilling to listen to anything he said. He wished to have him switched back in the next moment—

"Go to the cake shop, and I'll switch your son back!"

It was as if someone completely different had suddenly taken over.

Yue Qin waited outside, explaining to his wife, "When he came back, he realized he wasn't a genius child and couldn't accept it."

Xia Sheng furrowed her brows, feeling a pang of sympathy. "Let me talk to him."

"How are you going to talk to him?"

Xia Sheng pondered for a moment, realizing that she truly didn't know how to handle this situation.

"Then you go?"

"Wait for a while first." Yue Qin was very nervous. Naturally, he hoped to have his son switched back because his biological child couldn't remain a parrot forever.

Besides, they didn't know whose child this was. If he was here, what about his body? What about his family?

After a while, the door of the child's room opened, and a little parrot wobbled out.

Just by looking at the way he walked, Yue Qin knew it was his biological son and knew for sure that he hadn't succeeded.

He scooped up his biological son and placed him on his shoulder.

The little parrot sighed like an adult.

Yue Qin said to his wife, "I'll talk to the child. You continue practicing the piano."

He walked to the door of the child's room, but there was no sound inside.

He knocked on the door twice.

"Baby, can I come in?"

Yue Qin pushed open the door and entered. The room still had the lingering scent of burned candles.

The child was lying on the bed, facing away from the door, tightly wrapped in the blanket. Every inch of him resisted communication. He wished to disappear in the next second, never to see them again.

Yue Qin couldn't quite understand. The child had no problem communicating before, so why was it suddenly so difficult now?

"Uncle is not a bad person." Yue Qin sat down by the bed. "Uncle knows that you're also a victim."

"One night, you were chased by stray dogs in the neighborhood. You wanted to sneak back home, right?" Yue Qin cut a piece of cake. "Do you miss your mom and dad?"

"I don't have a mom and dad," the child in the blanket said. "I know, as soon as I say I don't have a mom and dad, you immediately think I want to steal someone else's mom and dad."

"I don't think that way."

"But I don't want to stay here either. I know you want me gone now, and I want to leave too."

"Your family is so poor. Your whole house is smaller than my bathroom. Do you think I want to stay here?" the child retorted.

"You're just slightly better at cooking. You just have multiple pots. When I go back, I'll buy ten or twenty pots!"

Yue Qin suddenly realized the child's mention of a classmate from kindergarten, the pitiful child who lost his parents, the child who sought friendship with a nanny, driver, and cook as common topics.

And there was that remark the child made one day: "Do you know how difficult it is for a child without parents to live in this world?"

Yue Qin thought that perhaps the most difficult part was not knowing how to communicate with others, not knowing how to handle emotions.

He scooped the child up, and as expected, the child started crying.

"I'm crying because I couldn't go back!"

"I want to go back. I don't want to stay here anymore! I never want to stay here again!"

Mr. Kang felt so wronged. It wasn't his choice to come here. Why should he be treated with such disdain?

"I really hate you all!" The child clutched the blanket, repeating "hate" over and over, feeling miserable.

After the child finished venting, Yue Qin finally spoke, "It might still be uncomfortable for you for a while. Until we find the right method, you, the calm and rational one, might have to act as the child for me."

Yue Qin looked at the child and couldn't hold back anymore—

"Now that you're my child, you need to change the habit of not listening to others and passing judgment on yourself."

"Dad hasn't said anything yet, and you completely refuse to communicate."


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