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Chapter 52: Self-Reconciliation

Self-Reconciliation (Reconciling Oneself is a Kind of Ability)

The two brothers were really angry.

The child kept walking forward without looking back, stomping his feet as if to tell the whole world that he was furious, and no matter how anyone tried to persuade him, it was useless.

As for the little parrot, after a while, he started to feel a bit tired with all his feathers ruffled. So, he relaxed and as soon as he got back home, he immediately fluffed up again, transforming into a round ball. He flew up and perched on top of the cabinet, facing the living room with his rear end, crouched down as if no one had apologized to him. Today, he had become this little ball.

Xia Sheng looked at the child, wanting to say something, but the child had already put on a serious face and started drawing.

Xia Sheng then looked at the little parrot, and saw that he was probably upset from seeing the child drawing. It seemed as if he would lose if he didn't draw as well, so he also went to the study, picked up a piece of paper, and placed it on the foam carpet.

The little parrot stomped and stomped on that white paper, exerting a lot of force. Of course, there was nothing on the white paper, so his feathers fluffed up even more.

Seeing his determination, Xia Sheng immediately fetched a bottle of ink and poured it into a small bowl, placing it next to the white paper.

The little parrot stepped on the ink twice and then went back to stomping on the paper, looking at the imprints left on the paper, now satisfied.

Xia Sheng looked at the two of them, feeling helpless, not knowing how to reconcile them.

"What's going on here?" Yue Qin came home and felt that the atmosphere in the house today was particularly unusual. On one side was the child, pouting and drawing angrily, while the little parrot on the floor fluffed up his feathers and kept stomping on the white paper, clearly showing their anger towards each other.

This scene was all too familiar to him; he used to do this with his older brother when they were young.

"What's the situation with them?" Yue Qin couldn't help but smile. His son often acted like he had an IQ higher than kids his age, but he never expected him to be so angry with a parrot.

"I don't know either. This is how they were after school. I purposely didn't try to make them reconcile because I wanted you to witness this magical scene," Xia Sheng said.

"Thank you, dear." Yue Qin kissed his wife's cheek. "You truly are the person who loves me the most in this world."

"Actually, you know I have no idea how to make them reconcile, right?" Xia Sheng whispered.

"I know." Yue Qin hugged his wife. "Don't worry, I'm here."

Xia Sheng lacked this kind of experience. She and her younger sister depended on each other and resisted their mother's evil influence. They never had this kind of experience of having conflicts and didn't have any experience in dealing with such situations.

"Don't be nervous. Let them solve it on their own." Yue Qin wasn't an only child; he had an older brother who was only slightly older than him. There was no elder brother who would let the younger brother have his way. When the two little boys fought, it was always a back-and-forth struggle.

Fighting and quarreling over things was normal for the two brothers when they were young.

Their father rarely intervened and had this to say—

"Raising children is like raising cats. Kittens need to be raised together. Only through play and fights from an early age do they learn how to interact appropriately. Most of those cats that have never experienced that don't know how to get along with their own kind or with humans."

When Yue Qin was young, he didn't think much of this theory, but as he grew older, he realized that everything his father said was true.

"Is it really okay not to intervene while they're like this now?"

Yue Qin saw that his wife was a little worried and explained, "My father used to have this theory. He said that raising children is like raising cats. If you raise a few little cats together and let them play and fight, they will learn in the process that scratching with their claws hurts. If you extend your claws at someone, they will extend their claws at you too. They gradually learn how to interact."

Xia Sheng listened and thought it made sense.

"Come on, let's go cook and let them continue their antics," Yue Qin said, pulling his wife's hand and heading to the kitchen.

The young couple decided to ignore them completely, leaving the living room to the child and the parrot, giving them complete freedom.

Mr. Kang lifted his head and glanced over, seeing that the young couple had truly decided not to intervene. Instead, his father gave him a look as if to say that he was optimistic about him and believed that he could handle this."

Mr. Kang had never been in such a heated silent battle with someone before. He had never needed to be so angry in the past. It truly irritated him, and he immediately retaliated.

That little parrot.

Mr. Kang lifted his head and glanced at the other side where the little parrot was. Coincidentally, the parrot also looked back at him and made a noise before turning his face away.

Clearly, he was still angry.

Both of them didn't stop and continued doing their own things.

Mr. Kang had no intention of doing anything. His personality and experiences dictated that after he got angry for the first time, others would still get angry with him!

But after calming down, he realized that the parrot was just a four-year-old child. Why was he arguing with a four-year-old? It would be more reasonable to figure out what the second wish was from the other person.

Mr. Kang looked at the parrot, coughed, and then peeled some melon seeds, placing the shelled seeds in a small plate as usual.

This was how he fed the parrot on a regular basis.

The parrot glanced over but didn't come over to eat the seeds as Mr. Kang had expected. Instead, he suddenly flew out.

Mr. Kang was taken aback and quickly ran to the balcony, where he saw the parrot had already flown into the neighborhood.

"Little Parrot!" Mr. Kang called out in concern.

He hadn't expected that he had already extended an olive branch for reconciliation, but the other party refused it.

Moreover, seeing the parrot fly away, he felt especially worried because, after all, he was just a child.

However, soon a green figure appeared in his line of sight once again. He saw that the parrot, which had just flown out, had flown back―

This time, his claws were holding two cherries that he somehow managed to find.

The younger brother had already taken the initiative to give him melon seeds, which meant that he wanted to tell him that he also liked him as an older brother.

As the older brother, he had to acknowledge his younger brother's gesture. If the younger brother peeled melon seeds for him, he should also give something to his younger brother in return.

The little parrot flew to his side and made a chirping sound, handing the cherries to his younger brother.

The child touched the parrot's head and said, "Have some melon seeds."

The young couple in the kitchen breathed a sigh of relief when they saw this scene. Yue Qin said—

"You see, they can solve these problems on their own."

Yue Qin thought to himself that as time went on, their baby would understand more and more that everyone had their own emotions, just like him. They could feel anger and happiness too.

Yue Qin had actually noticed earlier that their child sometimes couldn't fully grasp the importance of other people in the world, just as the child psychologist had said, children could have a sense of narcissism.

But fortunately, the child was only 4 years old now, and they could slowly introduce him to the world.


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