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Chapter 28: President Kang's Cunning Operation

President Kang's Cunning Operation (What a pity that Dad is a teammate...)

"Dad! Do you know what to do in a while?" Yue Qin was pulled by his son as they approached the entrance of the Art Center.


President Kang looked at his father, who had the physique of a gangster but was actually a man who preferred to reason things out. He thought it was better to rely on himself.

His father's intimidating appearance was quite impressive, with his broad shoulders and tall stature. He was even more intimidating when he was silent.

This look could be used to fool strangers, since they wouldn't know his true character.

But it wouldn't work on people he was familiar with, like the short, ugly, and skinny manager from the company who spoke so boldly last time, clearly knowing that he was a rational person.

The Art Center here certainly also understood the character of the man who sent his wife and picked up his child every day. So, to go and reason with the capitalists, this was simply sending someone to be abused.

"We're sorry this had to happen, but we've already dealt with it generously." The owner of the Art Center, exactly as President Kang thought, said arrogantly: "We haven't held Xia Sheng accountable."

Yet Yue Qin was calm as he spoke, "Under the labor law, my wife has worked here for a total of three years, so you need to compensate her with three months of salary."

"No! You misunderstand. The contract we signed with Xia Sheng is a cooperative contract, not an employment contract. As per the terms of our agreement, Xia Sheng is liable to compensate us, because she caused us to lose a big customer."

The owner said while taking out a contract from the cabinet behind him, "You see, it's written clearly on this contract that we are in a partnership, which means I'm renting the venue to you. We're not in an employment relationship, so technically, I don't have to help you pay for social insurance and housing funds. I'm only doing it because I feel sorry for your situation."

Yue Qin was so angry his face turned black, but President Kang quickly pulled his big-headed father back to prevent him from acting impulsively.

Yue Qin regained his senses after being pulled by his own child.

The owner stood up at this time. He wasn't as tall as Yue Qin, but exuded an air of dominance, with a hypocritical smile on his face: "Of course, we also know your family's situation. Anyway, Xia Sheng has been working for us for a long time. I don't want to fire her either. So, as long as she can regain that customer, we'll still be good colleagues."

The owner said, handing a candy to the child next to him, as if to express his friendliness. "Your family's situation isn't great. I heard your child can already talk. It's even more important to continue treatment."

President Kang expressionlessly took the candy, peeled off the wrapper and put it in his mouth.

The owner said, "I know that young people are proud these days, but you have to think about your child too. It's not easy to raise a child now."

President Kang's expression didn't change. That's right, raising a child is not cheap these days.

Yue Qin listened to the other party's words, his face getting darker and darker, but in front of his own child, he couldn't do anything bad.

At this moment, the originally quiet child who was standing aside and didn't speak suddenly collapsed on the ground, started convulsing and began to vomit.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh..."

Yue Qin was startled. He bent down to pick up the child, but the child rolled away and he missed. "Baby, what's wrong? Where does it hurt?"

"Daddy, my tummy hurts. I feel uncomfortable, I shouldn't have eaten candy..." The child held his stomach and rolled on the ground.

Yue Qin didn't have time to think about anything else. His mind was filled with the image of his child's pain. He immediately picked up the child and headed outside.

The owner next to him was caught off guard. He quickly stepped in front to block their path. It was obvious that this situation was an attempt to deceive him!

This matter could only be resolved within the office. If it were to be taken outside, he would not be able to explain it even if he had eight mouths to speak.

"Explain it clearly before leaving. Don't try to deceive me with this kind of tactic!"

President Kang's calls became more intense: "Daddy! It hurts! Daddy! It hurts! The baby hurts so much! Is the baby going to die?"

He secretly glanced at the owner's unsightly expression, as he had suspected, all capitalists were cut from the same cloth, with equally corrupt hearts, they all understood each other well.

The owner heard this and it's clearly an attempt to extort him. He was even angrier, he cursed: "Don't try to use these low-down tactics! Be careful, I’ll report you for scamming and extortion!"

The man who had just attempted to reason with him, pushed him away. His voice was cold and harsh as he said, "Leave! My son is not feeling well. What kind of nonsense are you talking about?"

President Kang was dumbfounded. He was carried out like this, watching as the owner's office disappeared from sight. He couldn't believe his father would be so unaware, could he?

This was such a good opportunity. Didn't you hear that the owner himself started talking about scamming and extorting? He's only afraid, that's why he uses these kinds of words to intimidate! Because this move works!

Yue Qin was in a hurry, running out of the Art Center, his eyes searching for the nearby hospital: "Don't be afraid, Dad is here, I'll take you to the hospital right now."

President Kang: "..." No! We were supposed to deceive. We were supposed to make a big fuss. You ran away, what are we going to do now?

Capitalists are most afraid of crying, making a scene and hanging oneself. That's why there are so many people who owe wages and go up to the roof to demand pay, because only this method can scare the other party.

As a result, his teammate carried him away.

This was like someone who was owed wages going to the roof to demand pay from the boss, and then a teammate came up and carried them away, saying "Don't be afraid. I'm holding you, you won't fall."

Yue Qin was running in a hurry, his hands shaking, he was still constantly comforting the child in his arms: "Baby, don't be afraid, Dad is here."

How could a person's voice contain so many emotions? Fear, guilt, and deep love!

There is a big trend in domestic books, which is to praise the love of parents.

President Kang found it difficult to comprehend the nature of that emotion.

But in this moment, as he looked at the worried expression and trembling voice of his big-headed father, he suddenly understood the depth of a parent's love for their child.

President Kang, who had previously looked down on his father, suddenly realized that this situation was not just about a disagreement over wages.

The child had become quiet and Yue Qin lowered his head. He saw his own child with big wide open eyes, looking at him foolishly. Then the child laughed.

"Daddy, I'm fine." The child said sweetly, "Daddy! Don't worry, I was just scaring that person."

After three minutes, President Kang was securely fastened in the child safety seat in the back of the car, while the father in the front seat wore a grim expression.

Since learning of his deception, his father had remained silent towards him.

President Kang was a bit flustered. He softly said, "Daddy, Daddy-"

"Daddy, look there's a shop that sells snail noodles."

The person in front didn't respond.

President Kang touched his nose, trying to salvage his pride, he said, "That snail noodle shop definitely doesn't have noodles as good as Daddy's."

President Kang thought that in this half of his life, he had never been wronged or lied to anyone.

Even when his girlfriend was angry, he would just appease her himself.

He had never thought that one day he would have to coax a 1.9 meter tall, strong man.

"Dad, are you angry? Why aren't you talking to me? This way of treating me will cause psychological shadow1 to me."

Yue Qin turned his head and looked at his own son, as if to say, will it really cause you psychological shadow?

The child obediently said, "I was just joking, Dad. You are the best dad in taking care of children, the best dad in the world, and it will not cause me any psychological shadow."

"Really?" Yue Qin looked at the child's pitiful attempt to flatter him and he felt a little unbearable.

At first, Yue Qin was angry, but he didn't get too angry with his son. Because at this age, children's every move is learned from the outside world, and Yue Qin was angry with himself, as he didn't notice the change in his child.

He also wanted to use this serious attitude to tell his child that there are some things that can't be done.

President Kang felt that the big-headed father was willing to talk to him, and his heart relaxed a bit. He still liked the big-headed father who never got angry and never lost his temper, like a soft cotton candy.

"Baby, can you tell Dad, who taught you this trick today?"

"My kindergarten friends taught me. Dad, if you think it's not good, I will not learn from them in the future." President Kang blurted out, putting the blame on his kindergarten friends.

Without hesitation or guilt!

Yue Qin had no doubt.

The child said, "Daddy, is it not good for me to do this? But please don't ignore me. If I did something wrong, you can tell me seriously. You're my daddy and I'll listen to you."

President Kang thought to himself - It's over, I'm getting more and more skilled at acting. I should consider becoming an actor and expanding my life's path.

After hearing this, Yue Qin also doubted whether he should not have ignored his son and should have talked to him properly.

President Kang could see from his expression that he had won again, and immediately said, "I don't understand what's right or wrong, I need my daddy to teach me."

Yue Qin was completely taken in. He pulled over the car to the side of the road and his expression was no longer serious, but instead he gently asked his child -

"Tell Daddy, why did you do that just now?"

"Because that owner is a bad person. My kindergarten friends told me that we have to deal with bad people using inhuman methods."

Yue Qin sighed: "Baby, we are not judges, nor are we gods. We do not have the ability to judge whether a person is good or bad. All we can do is to maintain our own interests with legitimate means. Even if our judgment is wrong, and the other person is not bad, we will not bring harm to others."

If he were to use this method today to teach the child how to handle a person they perceive as bad, it would not be effective. The crucial aspect was to provide the child with the cognitive skills to evaluate others and handle difficult people based on his own judgment.

Even if there was no mistake today, and the other person was really not a good person, what about in the future?

President Kang was stunned. This is what 24K pure gold justice looks like!

This is too honest. Isn't modern society all about an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? Do you need to gather evidence before judging a person? It's not like being a judge!

"Baby, why are you covering your face?" As Yue Qin spoke, he saw that his son was covering his face with his hand, looking like he was ashamed to face people.

"Daddy, your sense of justice is too dazzling," said the child.


  1. The psychological shadow is the result of unresolved issues from the past, which can lead to feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety. In this particular case, the father's silence and lack of communication could be the cause of the child's psychological shadow, making them feel uncertain, scared, and insecure.


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