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Chapter 30: Plan’s Implementation

Plan’s Implementation (I know what you did...)

Kang got up early the next day. He put on his combat uniform and carefully prepared his weapons, stowing them in his pockets.

As he emerged from his room, he heard voices coming from the kitchen.

He crept up to the door and found his parents talking inside.

Kang applied his traditional skills, sticking to the kitchen door and eavesdropping on the conversations going on inside.

"I have an interview today, and I'll pass it if there are no surprises," said Yue Qin.

Xia Sheng frowned, "Didn't you say that all the companies you applied to only hired security guards?"

Yue Qin graduated from a political and legal university with a major in criminal investigation, a highly sought after program. As a result, Feiyue Group recruited him on campus. He quickly rose through the ranks, starting as head of security, then promoted to a higher-level management position within a year, and eventually becoming the top executive in charge of the security department two years later.

His rapid promotion was amazing, but he offended many colleagues in the company. Fortunately, his hard work and significant contributions in protecting the company's assets and ensuring the safety of personnel prevented major losses.

However, these positions often prove to be both a blessing and a curse. Regardless of one's background or abilities, success is not guaranteed.

"Starting from a security guard is okay. As long as there is an opportunity, you can still be promoted. I started from the bottom in Feiyue Group, although not as a security guard, but I have experience now. I will definitely be promoted faster."

Xia Sheng expressed concern, "I roughly calculated and we have over 50,000 yuan in savings, but if necessary, I'll sell the piano to raise an additional 20,000 yuan."

Yue Qin soaked the kelp in hot water and turned to kiss his wife's forehead: "Trust me, alright?"


"Don’t worry. I've had a passion for protecting people since I was young. Whether it be as a security guard or head of the security department, it's all the same to me."

Yue Qin's new job remained in the security department, but he now needed to go through an interview process. After passing the interview, he would start anew in security, even though he was previously a high-level executive.

Yue Qin remained composed. He was confident that the severance package from his previous company would arrive soon and, combined with his savings, would support him during this low-wage period. If needed, he could also drive for a ride-hailing service after work.

Every problem has many answers waiting to be found.

Kang stood outside, unsure of how to express the emotions churning within him. He simply stood there, lost in thought, feeling particularly uncomfortable in the chilly morning air.

"The noodles are ready! Go wake up your son to get up and have some noodles." Yue Qin kissed his wife, "I promise you, if I'm not happy, I'll come back right away."

"Honey, why are you crying?" When Mom came out, she saw her child coming out of the children's room, with red eyes, as if he had just cried.

"Sand went into the eyes." The child whispered.

"Come here, Mom will take a look."

Yue Qin noticed the child was feeling down today, and as he ate noodles, he sighed.

At such a young age, and already sighing?!

"Baby, are you still thinking about dancing?" Yue Qin thought that apart from this matter, there didn't seem to be anything that could make the child worry.

The world of a child is simple and innocent. A small issue like not wanting to dance can cause them to sigh while eating breakfast in the morning.

Kang raised his head and looked at the big-headed father: "Yes, and there is also this matter."

"Oh!" The child took a big sigh this time.

"Dad promises you that tackling singing or dancing isn't as tough as you think. The best solution is to face the challenge head on."

Is facing it the best way to solve problems?

Kang let out a half-comprehension hum.

After eating, Kang would go to the hospital with his mother.

There was only one car at home, and initially, Yue Qin requested Xia Sheng to drive over.

"You go ahead for your interview," Xia Sheng declined, "I'll take a taxi with the baby."

Kang eagerly tugged his mother's hand when they arrived at the community's gate, "Mom, let's go to Renai Hospital! I have a kindergarten classmate who got his IQ tested at the Renai Hospital. He said the doctors at Renai Hospital are especially good. They even give candy to eat."

Kang had only attended kindergarten for a short time, but his kindergarten classmates were really good at helping him carry the blames and find excuses.

After all, he had no way to explain how he knew about Renai Hospital out of nowhere.

Anyway, it's the same thing. Xia Sheng searched for the hospital address and found that it was even closer and not only that, but there was also a direct bus, which saved a little on the taxi fare.

So, Kang hopped on the bus for the first time in his life and found himself surrounded by a bustling crowd in the morning bus.

Commuters were off to work, students headed to school, and senior citizens were out to buy groceries, all busy with their morning routines.

Kang felt suffocated from being squeezed in due to his short stature, but thankfully he was rescued by his frugal mom just a moment later.

So, mom had to carry him with one hand while using the other to grip the handle.

Kang felt a twinge of guilt, "Mom, you're working too hard. I'll stand on my own."

Kang struggled down and grabbed a handrail next to him.

He looked at the people on the bus and realized, for the first time, the true sadness of living in poverty.

At the next stop, Xia Sheng got off the bus with her son. She had wanted to save some money initially, but decided it wasn't worth making her son stand for half an hour for a mere thirty bucks.

The hospital wasn't far away. Mr. Kang obediently followed his mother to register. Afterwards, they headed to the waiting area to take a seat in line.

The hospital was really crowded. Kang counted more than 20 people in front of them. Kang looked around. The other person lived in the ward on the 13th floor. Interestingly, his own body was also on the 13th floor.

"Mom, can I borrow your phone?"

Xia Sheng didn't distract herself with her phone. This was the second time she had taken her child to the hospital on her own, and the crowds always made her feel uneasy.

Xia Sheng was cautious, having read news stories about mothers being distracted by their phones and causing harm to their children. So, she made sure to stay fully attentive while caring for her son during their hospital visit.

Xia Sheng took out her phone, found an animation, and gave it to her son.

Then, Xia Sheng continued playing with her son's soft, fluffy hair idly.

She ran her fingers through his hair, lifting it up and then smoothing it down occasionally.

Kang took the phone easily. He was not interested in the bleating sheep on the screen. He quickly quit the children's mode.

On the other side, the butler of the Feiyue Group president on the 13th floor received a strange message.

"I know what you did."

Soon, another message arrived:

"I can also let the police know what you did."

"You're crazy." The butler only felt that the other person was crazy and probably suffered from being a middle school student who had read too many detective novels.

"I have been observing you for quite some time. President Kang is truly foolish, even thinking you were a kind individual during an accident. Are you enjoying President Kang's money?"

"Don't worry! I'm following you because you are valuable. I wouldn't easily hand over the evidence I have to the police. After all, a person in jail is worthless."

Kang was intently looking at his phone screen, eagerly waiting for the other person's response. He was aware of his former butler, however, he wasn't sure if the former butler was completely hiding his true identity towards him.

"Baby, what are you doing?" Xia Sheng looked down, Kang was startled.

"Nothing!" At this moment, Kang saw a little girl with a small bow tied on her head.

"Mom, can I also tie a small bow on my head?" Kang said while grabbing his hair.

Sure enough, the next second, Xia Sheng's attention was completely diverted.

"Baby, do you also want to tie a small bow on your head?" Xia Sheng's eyes lit up.

Despite feeling humiliated, Kang mustered up a smile and nodded, "It looks nice!"

It's okay. It's all for the greater good.


Changed preschool to kindergarten.


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