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Chapter 35: Parent’s Love

Parent’s Love (Where Love Begins...)

Yue Qin stood in the kitchen, feeling the weight of two sets of eyes upon him as he worked his magic with the ingredients. One belonged to a towering figure, the other to a tiny being, both observing him with intense curiosity.

Yue Qin felt a sense of satisfaction in his heart. He loved making meals that brought joy to his loved ones.

He chopped up scallions, arranged the lean meat and sliced the carrots.

Today, the men's jokes about his cooking brought back memories from a long time ago when he couldn't even tell the difference between salt and Monosodium glutamate.

His love story with Xia Sheng was also sparked by a cooking joke, before that, he was secretly in love with her.

"Honey, do you remember our third year class meeting in high school? The one about the time capsule?"

Xia Sheng froze for a moment, then she laughed, "I'll never forget!"

Hearing this, Kang felt a strange feeling, as if he was smelling dog food. However, his curiosity prompted him to ask a question he would regret for the next ten minutes.

"What happened during that class meeting?" He didn't go through high school life, so he couldn't imagine what actually happened.

But he had been in love before and thought maybe it was a confession or proposal during that class.

"Did you confess to each other in that class?"

The young couple looked at each other, as if they were back in that summer of high school, when time capsules were popular. The teacher asked everyone to write down their future goals and plans.

The teacher told them to tuck away their hopes and dreams in a time capsule and wait for more than ten years to see if everyone had achieved their wishes.

The boy in the last row by the window was particularly cool. He took out paper and a pen, wrote one sentence down, and put it in the capsule.

After all, he could do everything else with his own two hands, but this was one thing that might really depend on a little help from heaven.

The girl in the front row was fully absorbed in her writing. She scribbled furiously, filling a whole page with her thoughts. The boy could see the light blue ink shining on the paper, but he couldn't make out what she was writing. With a graceful flick of her wrist, she folded the page into a delicate origami crane.

She also put it in the time capsule.

That should have been the end of the story.

However, no one expected the teacher to be so twisted that he actually opened the time capsule. He not only opened it, but also read everyone's wishes, and came to the classroom the next day with a gloomy face.

"Some of you are not thinking about learning!"

"Your wish is to win 5 million in the lottery? Why don't you wish to be reborn?"

"And there's also this wish, to marry a beautiful wife? Who would want to marry you if you don't study and don't have a desire to succeed?"

The tall teenager in the last row became tense as he realized what he had written on the paper. He was finished! Though he wasn't too worried about the teacher talking to his parents, he couldn't help but steal a few more glances at the girl sitting in front of him, because she might not be sitting there for long.

As expected, the teacher said, "After looking at all of these, the most outrageous one is this!"

The boy couldn't help but look at the girl in front of him, but at that moment he heard the teacher read -

"My wish is a bit complicated. I hope I have the opportunity to put our class teacher in a sack and beat him before graduation."

"I hope I have the opportunity to put Li Wei in a sack and give him a good thrashing before graduation!"

"I hope I also get a chance to put my mom in a sack and give a beating before graduation."

"Finally, I hope to learn how to cook before graduation and have a normal life in the future. I want to cook for the person I love."

"I would like to know who this violent person is who shows no respect to their teachers, parents, and classmates!"

"Do you even know how to leave no name? Stand up! There are only two wish cards without names. I only need to count to know who it is! Stand up now and don't waste my time!"

The boy was on the brink of chuckling. Who had the guts to do such a thing? But then he noticed that the writing on the teacher's sheet was in blue ink and the paper was neatly folded.

The boy looked in surprise at the girl in front of him, only to see her body stiffen and the stool beginning to slip away.

The boy suddenly stood up: "Teacher, I'm sorry. It was written by me."

The teacher was so angry that he was about to explode: "Why did you write this kind of thing?"

"It was just a joke," the boy said, "Oh, by the way, it’s true that I want to cook for the person I love."

The entire class suddenly burst into laughter, as if they couldn't believe that Yue Qin’s wish was so feminine!

The girl wanted to stand up, but was pressed down by the boy with one hand. The boy thought that the teacher would definitely call the parents, and the girl's parents were not easy to mess with.

"Get out of here! I'll deal with you in a bit."

The boy gave the girl a reassuring look, telling her not to do anything, and then he started to walk outside with big steps. At this time, the teacher took out another piece of paper and read -

"I also want to find out who wrote this wishful note. There is no signature and the wish is for Xia Sheng to like him. Come forward. Who wrote this note?"

The boy stood rigid like a statue, but at this moment, his head turned quickly. There were only two wish cards without signatures, and he swiftly pointed at the young girl's spot: "Xia Sheng wrote it herself."

"The daily life of an artistic girl, self-respect and self-love, I saw her write it myself."

The boy spoke with a red face and dared not look at the young girl's eyes.

The entire class had no idea what had happened, even the class teacher barely believed it.

Upon hearing the story, President Kang's emotions were in turmoil. He regretfully realized he should have never missed out on high school. As he watched others reliving their high school years, he couldn't help but think that he should have already met the mother of his future child.

"Then were you beaten up by your class teacher?" Kang felt he needed to find balance.

"How could it be? Your dad was very reasonable at that time. I was just talking, I didn't really want to beat him up. Then your grandmother came to school and said a few more words, and that was it."

Yue Qin couldn't help but kiss his wife's forehead next to him: "What I said at the time really became a reality. I learned to cook and fry dishes for the person I love."

Kang thought to himself. Love truly is blind! Your wife in high school wished to whack her teacher, mother, and classmate in a sack and then in the same breath she wished to learn how to cook.

So you overlooked the three violent incidents and your focus was actually on her wanting to learn to cook and fry dishes?


Wow, this chapter really brings us back to the good old days of high school and teenage crushes! Who could forget the time capsule incidents and the hopes and dreams we all had back then? This chapter is a classic tale of two young lovebirds. Don't you just love a good old-fashioned love story?

What do you think about the chapter? Share your thoughts and maybe even your own high school time capsule stories!


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