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Chapter 62: Making Friends

Eagle and Owl?

The impact on Yue Qin was somewhat significant.

Aren't eagles and owls both raptors?

Yue Qin looked at the little parrot outside, small and seemingly silly, occasionally bumping into the chandelier while flying.

He has two friends, one owl, and one eagle?

"Their relationship is great. Kangkang can understand them, and they communicate with each other."

Yue Qin's heart was incredibly complex. Indeed, life is full of surprises. The father-son relationship he had imagined before...

He taught his son basketball, took him to sports games, and taught him to ride a bike.

Of course, it is also possible that as the child grows older, one day he will find those boys at school who fight and smoke cool, which would be his future worry.

However, the result was that his son was diagnosed with mutism at the age of one and at four, underwent a complete transformation, even befriending two raptors.

It was way beyond Yue Qin's parenting experience.

Mr. Kang heard the big, burly man sigh, "Having friends is good." Though they were raptors, he still believed his son wasn't foolish and knew what he was doing.

Yue Qin also had a feeling that his son was becoming more capable in ways he didn't know about. The little parrot used to wander outside, not only avoiding stray cats but also making friends with two raptors.

Mr. Kang looked at the proud expression on the big, burly man's face and hesitated for a moment.

He suddenly realized... Kangkang had turned into the little parrot, not only having two raptor friends but also a bunch of students, while he himself... had no friends, and even the kindergarten principal would immediately run away when he saw him.

Mr. Kang felt an inexplicable sense of loss, something he had never experienced before.

That night, Mr. Kang lay on the bed, with the two raptors and the little parrot next to him, their three heads close together, chattering away about who knows what.

The eagle and owl had grown quite a bit by now, and their sizes differed significantly, but it was evident that they were best friends.

After chattering for a while, the three birds settled on the bedside cabinet to sleep.

Mr. Kang turned over, covered his head with the blanket, and fell asleep.

The next day at kindergarten, the little parrot teacher was still surrounded by a large group of children.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kang sat in Teacher Liu's office, receiving a pink petal dress from her.

At least it wasn't a hairband.

"Hairband will arrive in the afternoon," Teacher Liu said, "You have to take it home; you can't throw it away, understand?"

Mr. Kang had no expression on his face. "Teacher Liu, can I discuss something with you?"


"Before we go on stage to perform, can you invite two more teachers?" Mr. Kang held the pink petal dress, looking rather helpless.

"Why would we need two more teachers?"

"At that time, one teacher can knock me out, and the other one can forcefully put this dress on me," Mr. Kang said.

Teacher Liu laughed, "Kangkang, many boys in our class are playing flower roles, there's nothing to worry about."

Mr. Kang said, "Just please have two more teachers, and they can be rough with me. I'm afraid I might wake up halfway through."

Forget it, he was clearly not suited to be a normal kid. The other boys easily accepted wearing the flower dress.

Even the little parrot would wear flowers during the cultural performance and he was quite happy about it.

Mr. Kang sighed; he felt uncomfortable looking at that petal dress.

In the afternoon, Mr. Kang stuffed the dress and hairband into his vibrant blue backpack.

After returning home, Mr. Kang didn't take the dress out of his vibrant blue backpack. Instead, he threw it under the bed, out of sight and out of mind.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Mr. Kang came out of his room just in time to see Violent Mom standing at the door, talking to someone.

The little parrot, who had been dozing off nearby, woke up and flew onto Mr. Kang's shoulder.

Mr. Kang approached and realized it was a new neighbor—a young mother with a shy little girl hiding behind her, tightly gripping her mother's hand.

The young mother said, "Yuanyuan, what did you say at home?"

The little girl was still bashful, and the young mother could only explain, "They both go to the same kindergarten. Lately, she's been causing a ruckus at home, saying she wants to make a friend here."

Mr. Kang was taken aback for a moment, adjusted his clothes, and stood in place, ready to welcome his first friend.

The young mother nudged her daughter forward, saying, "Go ahead."

Only then did the little girl summon her courage and walk toward Mr. Kang.

His first friend...

Mr. Kang was momentarily stunned, suddenly realizing that his peer was a little girl, and they had no common topics!

But even with little boys, he didn't have common topics. After all, stocks, funds, shareholder meetings, preferred shares...

These were things children wouldn't understand. Things kids liked, he didn't understand either.

Moreover, he had no idea what kids nowadays liked.

Mr. Kang stood there and thought, maybe it's better not to be friends with her.

"Sorry..." he didn't finish his apology.

The little girl had already approached him, saying, "Teacher Little Parrot, I'm Yuanyuan from Class Five*. I really, really like you. Can we be friends?"

*In this context, Class Five refers to a specific section or group within a larger class. It's commonly used in educational settings to distinguish different groups of students within the same grade level.

The kids from Class Five also liked Teacher Little Parrot, but he wasn't their teacher, so they couldn't talk to him.

"Hello, Yuanyuan."

Little Parrot flew up and landed on the nearby coffee table.

The little girl followed immediately.

So, on the coffee table, the little parrot and little girl chatted happily.

Big burly Dad came out of the kitchen and patted his new son's head. "Baby, come help Dad with the vegetables."

Yue Qin felt particularly sad for the child at that moment and spoke up, "Does the baby also want to play with them?"

"I don't want to."

Yue Qin suddenly realized that he might have made a mistake yesterday.

He shouldn't have asked this child to help the little parrot make friends.

He glanced outside, where his son was already singing with the little girl who had evidently become his playmate.

He should have asked another child to help his baby make friends.


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