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Chapter 29: Kang's New Round of War

Kang's New Round of War (I understand, I am starting again...)

"Big Daddy" was really easy to pacify. Kang was able to quickly calm the person down.

"Come here, Daddy will hug you." Big Daddy hugged his child and comforted him.

Kang felt a strange sense of happiness. His father finally wasn't angry with him.

However, this happiness only lasted for two seconds. Kang's face suddenly changed.

This situation was not right, not right!

He was supposed to help the other party seek justice, but the other party destroyed his plans and dared to give him a face!

If it were before... Before, he would have raged and wanted to send the other party to the moon.

But now, he was actually thinking of ways to reconcile?

Kang swallowed his saliva, no no no, if he kept acting like a son for too long, he would really become a son.

This principle is easy to understand, just like those workers who have been oppressed by capitalists for a long time, their mentality will gradually become that of a worker, thinking that the state of being oppressed is quite normal.

He was currently in the process of gradually getting accustomed to it, taking it step by step. But now, he was calling out so easily!

This was not acceptable. He couldn’t just casually refer to someone as "Dad." If he continued, the other person would truly become a "Dad" to him.

Yue Qin hugged his son and soothed him, "What do you want for lunch, baby? Daddy will go buy groceries as a reward for admitting your mistake."

"Dad, can I have steak for lunch?" Yesterday, Daddy should have cooked a delicious steak, but because of his bad mood and being preoccupied with his mother's affairs, he didn't eat much of it.

"Good, Daddy will buy steak for the baby today."

Kang had never gone to the supermarket to buy groceries before. These tasks were typically handled by designated individuals within the household according to his standards.

The steak, costing more than 400 bucks, was not considered expensive. It could even be considered a gift, but when he saw the price this time, he suddenly felt that it was too expensive.

Kang tugged on his father's shirt, "Dad, I don't want steak for lunch anymore. I want this instead."

Next to it was a country chicken, priced at 16.8 bucks per catty. Wow, this looked really good!

Yue Qin did not give it much thought. He saw it as a change of heart for a child. Now that the child wanted chicken again, he bought a country chicken.

The street vendor put the country chicken on a iron plate and began to weigh it: "That'll be two catties in total. 33.6 bucks and a small change. You can give me 33 bucks."

Kang felt something was off. He didn't care about money, and he didn't care about the price, but he didn't like to lose out.

"Do we have to pay for the iron plate too?" Kang asked. "You included the weight of the plate when you were weighing it earlier."

Kang wasn't being sarcastic. He had never bought groceries before and didn't know if the market would give him an iron plate.

The merchant was taken aback and said, "I'm sorry, I forgot to remove the skin."

Kang looked at his father with a sense of pride and accomplishment, his head held high.

Yue Qin, noticing his son's pride, affectionately patted his head and said, "You did great, my child. I almost paid a few extra bucks."

As soon as he got home, Yue Qin shared the story with his wife.

"Our baby is really smart. Let's take some time off and have him take an IQ test."

He had said he would get his child's IQ tested a long time ago, but various things kept delaying it. Later, the child went to kindergarten and became even busier, so there was no time to go to the hospital.

Different children should have different ways of education. If the baby is of high IQ, it exceeds the capability of the parents, and it is necessary to listen to the opinion of a child psychology expert.

The young couple actually became parents in a hurry, and they did not receive any training.

Kang had previously not been inclined to discuss the matter, but he suddenly realized that he needed to go to the hospital to have his IQ tested.

He had already inquired with the butler about the specific hospital location and room number.

Kang immediately ran over, hugged his mother's arm, "Mom, let's go to the hospital to test my IQ."

"Baby, you've taken a lot of leave these past few days." His father said.

He took a day off for getting drunk and another one for visiting the Art Center.

"Mom's not feeling well recently, I want to accompany her to go out. If I'm a genius child, I can comfort her." There's no one in this world that Kang can't persuade.

The father who had been very determined just now, was starting to waver.

"Besides, I already know what they teach at school. ABCDEFG, 123456789, 10. In life, you have to learn to share with others. If you have an apple and I have an apple, together we have two apples." Kang spoke in a rush, just to make his father believe that the things at the kindergarten were outdated for him.

Yue Qin said: "No, you still have to go to kindergarten. I see other children in kindergarten learning to sing and dance, and when they come home, they can sing and dance."

"Baby, what's wrong with your face? Why are you twitching? Were you really okay in the office today?" As Yue Qin spoke, he noticed his son's face was twisted.

Kang forced himself to calm down. He would never sing and dance, it would be too embarrassing!

"I can't sing or dance."

Xia Sheng lay on the sofa and watched the father and son: "That's why you have to go to kindergarten. The kindergarten teacher will teach you to sing, dance, and draw."

"Yesterday, Teacher Liu was asking me if you wanted to participate in the final art show. She has a spot for you."

Kang quickly retreated in fear, "Absolutely not!"

He understood all too well what kindergarten was like. It was a place where little boys were made to wear makeup and skirts to dance!

"I absolutely will not sing or dance, and I will not participate in the art show."

"Okay, how about this, Dad makes a deal with you?"

"No, I will not sell my soul." The child took this matter too seriously, as if singing and dancing would insult his soul.

If the child didn't have such strong emotions, Yue Qin wouldn't have minded. But the child's strong resistance to this matter was a little off. He still wanted his child to face this situation.

Although he didn't know why his child saw singing and dancing as something terrifying. He hoped that the child would try and realize that it wasn't as scary as he thought.

"If you participate in the art show, you can take a day off tomorrow and mom will take you to the hospital for an IQ test."

"No," Kang said firmly.

"Alright, then if you participate in the art show, dad will make dinner at home tomorrow and mom will take you to the hospital for an IQ test." Yue Qin calculated that he had a job interview tomorrow and he had to plan out the timing. He finally came to the conclusion that he could make a simple stir fry.

Kang of course wanted to take a day off tomorrow, but he couldn't just agree to it outright. He needed more benefits.

Yue Qin saw the child's face contort with indecision and said, "It's a bit like the sukiyaki pot from last time, but it's even better than that hot pot."

"I'll put something you like in there and the broth can be used to cook rice later."

The child hesitated for a moment, then turned with a generous expression and said, "Tell Teacher Liu to put less rouge on me when she does my makeup."

Xia Sheng: "..." For a moment she was at a loss for words. This foodie son, would his IQ test tomorrow show that his head was basically full of food?

Kang has already rehearsed in his mind everything that will happen tomorrow.

The failure in the Art Center can be attributed to him not considering one variable clearly, which was his father's unyielding integrity.

This time he made the variable clear, he would go alone without his mother.

The Art Center just wanted this disabled scumbag to speak, right?

Kang adjusted his original plan and kicked out the embodiment of righteousness, his father.

Now, there were no more hindrances.

He not only wanted the job at the Art Center, but also the charity performance spot that his violent mother should have had.

Don't say that spot belonged to the other party.

Even if it's in their hands, can it be taken back?


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