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Chapter 49: It's Good That You Are Alright

It's Good That You Are Alright (Don't Get Infected...)

Ms. Liu was also shocked. She didn't expect that with just a few words, Kangkang had figured out the situation.

"Your parents have something to do today and can't come to pick you up. They called me and asked if you could stay at my house for one night. Your parents will come and pick you up tomorrow," Ms. Liu explained.

"Also, I have a cute puppy at my house. Do you want to see it? It's very pretty."

After hearing this, Mr. Kang became even more certain that something was wrong. This was a classic way that teachers would try to break the news to children when their parents were in trouble.

The little parrot seemed to understand the situation too and flew around anxiously, occasionally letting out a chirp.

Mr. Kang looked at the little parrot and realized that he had a huge responsibility to fulfill.

"Little parrot, come down. I'll take you to find your mom and dad," Mr. Kang said, trying to calm the bird down.

Ms. Liu didn't realize the addressing issue and continued, "Your parents will be fine. You're still young and it will only cause trouble if you go."

Mr. Kang lifted his head and said, "Teacher, which hospital are they in?"

"The teacher doesn't know either."

"So they are indeed in a hospital. Please take me there...I beg you," Mr. Kang pleaded. He had no parents as long as he could remember.

"No, Kangkang..." Ms. Liu had not expected the child to be so perceptive.

She had only said a few words.

"No matter whether I go or not, he's already in trouble. If I don't go, can you give me a father in the future? No matter what the result is, I will eventually have to face the truth. It's better to take me there and wait."

He kept recalling the big daddy dropping him off at the kindergarten gate that morning, and secretly telling him that he would help his mom cook dinner that night.

His mind seemed to have paused for a moment.

Ms. Liu was also worried about the child. If she didn't take him there, his condition might be worse here.

Ms. Liu tried calling Xia Sheng, but she didn't answer.

"Take me to find them," the child repeated again.

After some hesitation, Ms. Liu made a decision and went out to hail a taxi with the child in his arms.

The child held the little parrot in his arms and comforted him, "It's okay, don't be afraid, daddy won't be in trouble."

The big dad was so tough and strong, he wouldn't have any problems.

Meanwhile, outside the emergency room of the hospital.

"Sister, don't worry," the manager said, "You can rest assured that our company will reimburse all medical expenses."

"Thanks to big brother Yue, otherwise we would be in big trouble."

"He reacted too quickly at the time," the manager recalled the scene and felt scared.

One of the security guards in the company, who happened to be the leader of Yue Qin, stole the company's products and sold them. When the manager found out, he fired the person. However, after drinking some alcohol, he dared to come back and stab someone.

If it weren't for Yue Qin's quick reaction, they would have been in trouble, but Yue Qin also got injured, with a stab wound on his stomach.

"It'll be okay, it'll definitely be okay."

Xia Sheng sat quietly on the waiting chair, the words of those people seeming to be wandering around her without a single word falling on her.

She didn't even see Yue Qin. When she rushed over after receiving the phone call, he had already been taken into the emergency room. She could see that the other people who brought him here still had blood on them.

The incandescent lights in the hospital were too bright, and everything around her was blurred in her vision.

When Mr. Kang arrived, he saw the violent mother who had always appeared gentle, but now seemed to be transformed into a thorny, hostile figure, pushing away anyone who tried to approach her.

Mr. Kang hurried to his mother's side with the little parrot, not knowing how to comfort her.

When she saw him, she paused for a moment, then reached out and hugged him, saying, "Dad will be okay."

And at this moment, the door of the emergency room opened, and the person was pushed out.

Yue Qin was not unconscious due to anesthesia, as everyone had imagined. He was awake because his injury was not so serious, but he looked scary. Before he went into the emergency room, he had already said not to call his wife, he would be fine.

Now it seems, there was still a call.

When Yue Qin saw his wife and child, he felt both guilty and heartbroken. "Dear, I'm fine."

Xia Sheng didn't cry before, but now, hearing him say "I'm fine", tears suddenly fell down her cheeks.

Yue Qin was truly fine. He had always had good physical fitness, and he reacted quickly at the time. After returning to the ward, he kept comforting his wife. "It was just a cut, and it didn't damage any internal organs. I dodged quickly."

Pets were not allowed in the hospital, so the little parrot was hidden in Mr. Kang's pocket and didn't dare to come out. Mr. Kang kept comforting him, "Daddy is fine, Daddy is fine."

But as soon as he heard the loud voice of the father, filled with laughter, his anger flared up in an instant.

"Do you know how dangerous this was?!"

"Do you know how miserable a child is without a father?!"

"If a child doesn't have a father, while other kids talk about their parents in kindergarten, he can only talk about his butler. Then everyone will look at him with strange eyes wherever he goes, and everyone will say he's the child without parents!"


Mr. Kang wiped away his tears. "I'm talking about a kindergarten classmate I know who doesn't have parents."

"Don't worry, Mom and Dad won't leave you," reassured Yue Qin.

Yue Qin felt a twinge of pain for his child and realized for the first time how important he was in his son's eyes, despite always being on the receiving end of his scornful gaze.

Over the next few days, Yue Qin fully experienced what it means to be kind and filial, especially the importance of being filial.

In reality, his injuries were not serious; he was lucky that his spleen and stomach were not hurt and that he did not need to be hospitalized.

But his son had learned something, and he was constantly watching him.

"Don't let it touch water. Hold on, what if it gets infected?"

"Hurry and change the bandage. It's time, what if it gets infected?"

"Don't eat anything strange, what if it gets infected?"

"Don't move, what are you doing? Let me do it. What if the wound opens and gets infected?"

"You know what infection is?" Yue Qin thought his son had picked up a word from somewhere and was just using it casually, which was rather intimidating.

The child held a cup of hot water and said, "The kindergarten classmate who lost his parents, his parents were in a car accident and both were rescued, but later they got infected and died. Then their child was bullied, and everyone could bully him."

Since becoming a father, Yue Qin had a strong sense of empathy when he heard this. He already pictured a child without a father, being bullied and hiding in a corner crying silently.

"Which classmate? Is he your good friend? Let's invite him to our house to play in the future."

"He won't come." Mr. Kang sighed.

"Why not? Are you not friends with him?"

Mr. Kang looked up and said, "It's not that we're not friends."

"Then would you like to be friends with him?"

"It's a bit difficult." Mr. Kang recalled his own kindergarten experience.


"Oh, because his standard for making friends is the same as his own. His family must have butlers, chefs, drivers, gardeners, and private tutors." The child said.

"Just be careful not to get infected," the child said seriously.


Looks like President Kang is now running on the Dad-care operating system. It's amazing what a little family love can do to a cold-hearted person.


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