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Chapter 43: How Could He Be Recognized?

How Could He Be Recognized? (No one would think that the parrot is...)

"Baby? Baby? Have you seen who bit daddy's clothes?"

In the child's room, the little child wearing a red sweatshirt with a hole in it, pressed his ear against the wall, listening to his big and muscular dad outside.

The little parrot next to him seemed to find it very amusing and hopped down to the ground. He imitated the boss's behavior and pressed his little head against the door.

Boss Kang lowered his head and saw the parrot's actions. He coughed and felt like he was a bad influence on the child, sneaking around and eavesdropping on the conversation.

He patted the non-existent dust off his knees and stood up, extending his hand, "Come on, let me take you out to find your dad."

The little parrot next to him flapped his wings in a similar fashion, as if dusting off his feathers and flew up, standing on the boss's shoulder.

Yue Qin held his overalls. It was black, but in the bottom right corner, the company's name was embroidered in green thread.

Now, the embroidered area with his company's name had a hole in it.

Meanwhile, the child walked out with his head drooping and whispered, "I want to introduce you to, it's a bird."

As the child spoke, he saw his big and burly dad walking towards them.

Yue Qin said, "Baby, your clothes also have a hole in them."

"Now is not the time to talk about that," President Kang extended his hand, only to find that the bird that was previously perched on his arm was gone.

"Little Parrot Teacher!" At this point, he felt a little nervous. Where did that childish bird that was rolling around in his mother's clothes go?

"Little Parrot Teacher?"

"Yes, the Little Parrot Teacher came home with me." Mr. Kang looked left and right, but couldn't find where the little parrot was hiding. Maybe he went back to the room?

This gave him the perfect opportunity to talk to this big dad.

Mr. Kang pulled the big dad into the kitchen and gestured secretly, indicating that he had something confidential to discuss.

The big dad crouched down cooperatively. At this moment, President Kang, like an old leader summoning his employee, spoke seriously, "Yue Qin..."

"What did you call me?" Yue Qin turned his head to look at his son.

Mr. Kang rubbed his nose. After the man's biological son had returned, he felt embarrassed to call him dad.

"Here's the thing, our teacher came to our house, and we need to show him an equal and free family atmosphere. So, when our teacher is here, can I call you Yue Qin?"

"And to show that I'm not a naive child, you don't have to call me baby. You can call me Yue Yue."

Yue Qin said, "Show me your wings."


"I want to see if they're really hard enough to fly away."

After hearing these words, Mr. Kang thought to himself that he didn't have wings, but Yue Qin's biological son's wings were hard enough to fly away.

Therefore, he needed to be kind to his son and try to act like he had already recognized him.

Mr. Kang didn't want to compete with the little guy for his parents' affection.

He could only continue, "You must be kind to Little Parrot Teacher, or you'll regret it later."

Yue Qin chuckled, "Do you think your father is a maniac who enjoys torturing birds?"

"Mainly, we have to be extra nice to him, show him more care and love, treat him as a person, like you would your own speaking child..."

"Do you want to explain first why there's a hole in both of our clothes?"

"Yue Qin, let me ask you –" Mr. Kang was about to explain, but of course, he had to dig a pit first.

"What did you call me?"

"Dad, if you tie a red thread around a parrot's foot, wouldn't it make it easier for predators to spot them?"

"My question is, why would you tie a thread on a parrot's foot?" Yue Qin continued, not falling into the trap.

"But if it's a green thread, it wouldn't be easily spotted, right?"

"So, why would a parrot need a thread on its foot?" Yue Qin asked again, avoiding the trap.

Mr. Kang was stunned, facing his life's nemesis, staring foolishly at his big, burly dad. Was this still his simple-minded, naive dad with a strong body and a straightforward mindset?

Yue Qin lifted his eyebrows in triumph, feeling pleased with his son's reaction.

He had long realized that when this child responded to a question by posing another question, it was a clear sign that he was setting a trap. If you were not careful, you could easily fall into it. Thus, it was important not to answer his question at that point.

Once again, Mr. Kang encountered a setback and turned around to run, "I'm going to find Teacher Little Parrot."

Back in the room, Little Parrot was hiding in his mother's clothes, and there was a small lump in the clothes.

Mr. Kang had never been good at coaxing children, but he decided to give it a try. He spoke to the parrot in a gentle and patient manner, "Baby, don't you want to meet your daddy?"

The little parrot's nickname was Baby, and Mr. Kang called him by that name as a way of returning the title to him.

The small lump inside the clothes moved twice, and then a furry head emerged, nodding slightly.

"Do you still fear that Daddy will recognize you?" Mr. Kang asked.

Little Parrot nodded weakly, then drooped his furry little head. He missed his mommy and daddy, but he was also afraid of being recognized by them.

Mr. Kang thought to himself, it would be a miracle if they could recognize him! No one would think a little parrot was their own biological son, right?

"Okay, let's make sure he sees a green thread on your foot, then Daddy won't recognize you," Mr. Kang said.

Yue Qin was cooking in the kitchen when he heard the sound of flapping wings. He turned around and saw a green figure flying over, landing firmly on his shoulder.

"Little Parrot Teacher?" Yue Qin stopped what he was doing and walked into the living room.

"Little Parrot Teacher came to visit us. Come on, have some water."

The big father poured water while looking at the little child next to him, as if saying, "You see, I did it right, didn't I?"

Mr. Kang rubbed his forehead, afraid of hurting the little parrot's feelings. Although the bird was afraid of being recognized by his father, if his father didn't recognize him, it would definitely make him sad.

But the problem was, this was a parrot. Yue Qin wouldn't even think that he was his biological son no matter how hard he tried.

The little parrot leaped down from his father's shoulder, flapped his wings twice, and then stretched them out wide. He hopped and ran on his tiny feet, filled with excitement.

Watching this magical scene, Yue Qin felt a strange feeling surging up in his heart.

"Baby, he runs just like you did when you were little." Yue Qin exclaimed.

The only difference was that when the baby ran when he was little, he opened his arms and waved them around.

The next second, the big and burly father carefully reached out his hand and touched the little parrot's head. His eyes were gentle and loving, and his voice was soft, "Drink slowly, don't choke."

Mr. Kang was dumbfounded.

Was this the legendary biological father-son relationship?

The pot in the kitchen soon started to sizzle, and the big and burly father said, "Baby, take care of Teacher Little Parrot, I'll go cook."

As soon as the big daddy left, the little parrot, who had been stiffly drinking water, suddenly lay on the table.

Mr. Kang was startled and quickly approached to take a look.

In the human subconscious, if a bird turns its body over, there is only one possibility.

Fortunately, the little parrot was fine. His eyes were still blinking, and it seemed that he had been nervous just now.

At this moment, Mom walked in and waved to the two people in the house before weakly lying down on the sofa.

"Honey?" The big and burly father stuck his head out of the kitchen. "Honey, why are you so tired today?"

"Today, I practiced piano all afternoon," Mom said.

"Go lie down in the bedroom," Yue Qin said.

Xia Sheng opened her eyes and looked at her husband, then at her son beside her, saying, "I'll just rest here for a while."

The bedroom boasted excellent soundproofing, providing a peaceful oasis from the noise of the outside world. Lying down here for a while meant that Xia Sheng could escape the sounds of her husband cooking in the kitchen and her son chattering away.

"Okay, I'll go get you a pillow then."

Meanwhile, Mr. Kang sat next to the violent mom with the little parrot.

Mom closed her eyes and rested.

In the kitchen, the big dad called out to him, "Baby, come in and help Dad with something."

Mr. Kang observed the serene expression of the mother as she rested with her eyes closed, then turned his gaze to the cautious little parrot making his way towards her.

He got up and vacated the spot for the little parrot, making his way to the kitchen.

After crushing the garlic, he walked past the living room on his way to wash his hands.

On the sofa in the living room, the little parrot was obediently snuggled up to his mother's face.

Kang sighed. He did not intend for any of this to happen, but he did occupy the child's body.

Kang did not disturb the scene in the living room and instead returned to the kitchen.

Soon after, he heard the mother wake up and say, "Is this the little parrot teacher from the baby's class? Hello, hello."

Mr. Kang pondered the situation, wondering how anyone could possibly recognize the little parrot as their son. After all, it was unlikely that anyone would believe that a four-year-old's soul could inhabit a bird.

The next moment, he heard Xia Sheng's surprised and joyful voice, "Darling, Little Parrot Teacher is just like our baby when he was young. Every time he gets nervous, he stiffens up and falls over, just like our baby did."

"Don't be nervous, Little Parrot Teacher," the violent mother reassured the bird in a gentle voice. "I am not a bad person. I am Kangkang's mother."

Mr. Kang now believed that the little parrot's confidence was not blind. His parents could actually recognize him.

When a child exhibits inconsistent behavior, it is unlikely that an adult would perceive it as a different person.

However, if a child or animal with the exact same behavior suddenly appeared, adults would immediately recall the original child.

Parents have a unique ability to remember small details about their children, even if they have changed drastically. They remember how their child walked, how they drank water, and how they became stiff when nervous, falling onto the sofa. These small details are etched in their memories, and they can recognize their child's behavior instantly. It's a special bond that exists between a parent and a child, one that transcends time and space.

They were a true family of three.

Give them a little more time, and they might actually figure it out themselves.

Mr. Kang withdrew his gaze and thought about the time he wanted to return to his own body quickly. He didn't want the young couple to find out what had happened during this time.


Mr. Kang looked up to see the big dad holding a wet tissue. "Did the garlic juice get in your eyes when you were mashing it just now? Why are your eyes so red? Let Daddy wipe them for you."

As he spoke, the big dad wiped the child's eyes with the wet tissue.

The next second, tears flowed from the child's eyes.

"Daddy just wiped your eyes, why are you so touched?" Yue Qin laughed a little.

"Onion! You just cut onions!" Mr. Kang couldn't help but cry.

A fake son was still a son. This was too much, he wasn't even prepared to shed a tear, and now he couldn't stop crying.


I love how this chapter explores the concept of identity and how it is not defined solely by physical appearance but by personality and behavior.


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