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Chapter 26: His Home Ground

His Home Ground (What's wrong with your eyes?...)

President Kang hated one thing most in his life, but now he had two things he despised.

First, someone snatched something from him. He never went to kindergarten, so he didn't understand the concept of sharing.

Second, his parents cook snail rice noodles.

President Kang stepped out of his bedroom with a grapefruit in hand, and saw his parents in the kitchen.

"You ate snail noodles last night. Why are you having it again today?"

Once he's back in his own body, he must find a way to bankrupt the snail rice noodles.

Things that smell like this should not exist in this world!

President Kang pinched the round and ripe grapefruit and was overwhelmed by its strong fragrance, which gave him a chance to survive.

"Mom, Dad, can you please stop eating snail noodles?"

Yue Qin added another spoon of fermented bamboo shoots into the dish and turned to his son, "Honey, Mom and Dad are teaching you an important lesson. You have to accept that people can be different from you, and you should learn to understand them."

Xia Sheng nodded to agree with her husband.

President Kang looked at his stubborn father and violent mother. He had all the reasons to believe that the couple would use their differences as an excuse to do many things he wouldn't approve of.

Oddly enough, to his surprise, he found that he did not get angry or mad when they completely ignored him.

He still held a memory in his body. No matter what kind of setting he found himself in, whether it be a business or home, if someone went against his wishes, he would feel an inner urge to control them and suppress their desires.

Now he just complained, and sometimes he was even curious about what the couple wanted to do.

There was no feeling of impatience.

"Okay, as long as you are happy." President Kang pinched the grapefruit peel and breathed its fragrance again.

If you take a look at the way the big man cooked the snail rice noodles, you will find it very delicious.

He carefully prepared every ingredient, his focus unwavering and his movements precise.

It's just that smell, it's really unbearable!

At this moment, President Kang's gaze was drawn to the balcony, where he noticed a hint of green - a little parrot perched on the railing.

President Kang quickly went over there.

The living room and balcony were connected by floor-to-ceiling glass. As President Kang opened the glass door, he saw in horror as the parrot, in the next second, started to vomit.

President Kang was both amused and angry, and he quickly closed the glass door.

"Stinky! Stinky! Stinky!" The parrot was forced to say the fifth sentence.

No, the first sentence was "Hello, boss!".

The second sentence was "Kangkang".

The third sentence was "I can talk".

The fourth sentence was "I can fly".

He just complained that the snail rice noodles were too smelly. Look at this parrot, it used to speak four sentences, but now it's forced to speak the fifth sentence.

"Hello, boss!" The little parrot flapped its tender green wings and shouted.

President Kang looked at the grapefruit in his hand and said, "Wait for me here. I'll go and check if parrots can eat grapefruit."

As President Kang spoke, he turned around and opened the glass door. When he opened the glass door he didn't forget to look back at the parrot. As expected it opened its beak and squawked in the stinky smell again.

President Kang's fingers flew across the keyboard as he searched on the computer - Can parrots eat grapefruit?

The result was that they could, but only in small amounts.

President Kang immediately grabbed a knife and brought the grapefruit to the balcony.

He felt that he should face more small animals. If he continued to face the young couple inside, he was sure to feel like a child.

The small parrot tucked in its wings and happily jumped around on the railing.

President Kang was startled and scared that the bird would accidentally fall off.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that the other one was a bird that could fly.

President Kang quickly peeled the grapefruit and took out the pieces. According to Baidu, he had to feed it slowly or else it would easily choke.

President Kang separated the small seeds inside the grapefruit pieces: "Come here, there's something good to eat."

Just as the parrot was about to come over, someone inside came out: "Kangkang, come back for breakfast."

The parrot looked inside, and then flew away immediately.

President Kang looked at the grapefruit pieces in his hand and thought, "I finally peeled it, couldn't you at least eat something before you leave?"

It seems that this little parrot was scared of strangers. But when it saw President Kang for the first time, it wasn’t afraid of him?!

It looks like the parrot really liked him! As a person who had never been welcomed by animals, President Kang was filled with joy.

"What are you doing there, son? Come and have breakfast."

President Kang returned to the dining table, where the couple had already finished the snail rice noodles, and somehow there was no smell in the living room.

On the small table, there was a bowl in front of him.

"Come over and have breakfast." The big man called out.

President Kang’s eyes lit up as he saw it. Chicken soup and meatball noodles were his favorite. In a small bowl of noodles, the small meatballs emitted a fragrant smell.

President Kang finished it in one go.

The couple on the other side were quietly discussing something--

President Kang listened with his ears upright, attentively hearing the conversation.

The big-headed father said: "You stay at home and wait for my message. I'll go talk to them. This isn't fair, you didn't do anything wrong. Why did they fire you?"

Xia Sheng shook her head: "It's alright. I also wanted to take a break and reflect on myself. I can't tell whether I'm suitable for playing the piano or not. Maybe I really don't have any talent. If I did, someone would have found out by now."

She realized yesterday that maybe her mother was right, and she was wrong all along.

Yue Qin hugged his wife and said, "Don't listen to them, you are the most talented pianist I have ever seen."

"Think about it, if you really don't have talent, why would they try to discourage you? They did this because they felt threatened by your talent and are afraid that you will surpass them. So they tried to discourage you. If you believe them, they will win." Yue Qin said.

President Kang was stunned and speechless at his father's logical explanation.

But did the big head dad really want to cause trouble at the Art Center?

"Dad, I'm going with you." President Kang said seriously as they went downstairs.

"You have to go to kindergarten today. You have already taken a leave yesterday because you got drunk." Yue Qin said. "Don't worry, baby! Daddy told the teacher you were sick, not drunk."

"Let me finish!" President Kang had already figured out the temper of his big daddy, "There is nothing to learn in the kindergarten, it is okay if I don't go for a day."

"But the situation is different here. You are going to get justice for Mom. How can I, as a man in the family, miss such a thing?"

Yue Qin was a little disbelieving, "Baby, I must find a day this week to take you to test your IQ and EQ."

Can he say such things? Isn’t this a genius child?

"First tell me if you are taking me or not?" He acted like a father, expecting his child to be brave and responsible.

He wished his child could be a brave and responsible person.

Yue Qin: "Okay! I’ll take you there."

President Kang: "... " Look, this is a capitalist who can always achieve his goals.

Big man was a silly sweet, and he knew too little. Sending him alone could only be abused.

President Kang's eyes were wicked, and it was his home ground next!

"Baby, what's wrong with your eyes? Come, let Daddy take a look if you have sand in it."


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