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Chapter 41: Finding Someone Who Can't Speak

Finding Someone Who Can't Speak (Hello boss, hello boss...)

"Baby, who was on the phone? What did they say?" Yue Qin had already scooped up all the fried meat from the pot.

"He said that the Feiyue Group is changing the boss," the child said.

Yue Qin strode over and the child handed him the phone.

President Kang was really, really angry. In his eyes, the Feiyue Group belonged to him and he could share it with others if he wanted to, but nobody was allowed to take it from him.

Yue Qin didn't talk to the person on the phone for very long. After he hung up, he picked up his son and said, "Hey kiddo, can Daddy talk to you now?"

"Does Baby still remember that old boss?" Yue Qin hugged his little one and settled onto the sofa.

Kang didn't say anything, his little head drooped, his small fists clenched tightly.

"Daddy has actually almost forgotten about him."

Yue Qin gave his son a tight squeeze and said, "Do you remember when you were little, you always stumbled when you walked. You always opened your arms and wanted to run. Your mother and I couldn't stop you, and every time you fell, you would cry."

"Back then, falling down hurt, so you cried. Don't you feel any pain now?"

"Daddy got fired by his boss, but it's like when you used to fall when you were little. Daddy can pick himself up and keep going."

President Kang looked at the brawny, strong dad with mixed emotions. When he used to fall down as a child, no one ever comforted him like this. He just had the servants dig out wherever he fell.

If the tile wasn't good enough, he would just have it replaced.

It was the same when he didn't like going to kindergarten, he simply stopped.

He always had a way of making the world adapt to him, rather than adapting to the world.

"You might also come across things that don't align with your worldview and seem unacceptable. But over time, you'll be like Daddy and eventually forget it even happened."

"What if I'm not the one who falls, but the one who makes others fall?" The child spoke up abruptly.

"Everyone does that sometimes. We all have moments when we make others fall, and other times when someone else trips us up. But when we cause someone to fall, we must acknowledge our actions and work to make it right." The burly dad embraced his little one and added, "Don't worry, I'll be watching over you and guiding you on what's right and wrong."

"Sometimes Daddy has to tell you what you can't do, but as long as it doesn't harm anyone, you can still try it. You might even discover something different from what Daddy had told you, and that's the beauty of life." The sturdy dad had lived through life's ups and downs, and knew what was worth experiencing and what was not. Like any other parent, he wished for his child to have the best in life and avoid the worst.

But sometimes it's okay to confront difficulties instead of avoiding them. People always grow and explore, and that includes experiencing challenges and setbacks.

"Your teacher told me that you've been feeling anxious at school, but you don't have to feel that way. Remember when you had to wait until you were four years old to start speaking? Well, just like that, I'm not going to expect you to do things before you're ready."

President Kang felt a sense of comfort in his heart. If, at the age of 24, he could truly open his eyes and see the scenery of life and other people in the world, and perhaps even experience love, it would be enough.

He couldn't expect his confused 23-year-old self, who had not yet opened his eyes to the world, to see anything.

If he had to return to his body to take over the company, why bother demanding so much from himself now when he couldn't do anything?

It was better to cherish this last bit of time.

"Daddy," Mr. Kang's mood suddenly improved and he spoke.

In fact, a father who is emotionally stable and gets along well with the world can really soothe a child's emotions to a great extent.

At this moment, Mr. Kang felt much more relaxed. Human emotions are really strange, a slight change in one's way of thinking can change the whole person.

However, at this moment, a voice came from outside the window in the kitchen:

"Whose pot is burning?"

"Mine!" The big dad was startled, there was still an oil pan on his gas stove!

Luckily, he had already taken out the fried meat before. Yue Qin placed his son in a slightly high child seat, aware of his little one's fondness for watching him work his magic in the kitchen.

His wife sent him a text message, telling them to eat first since her class might run late today.

Yue Qin was a bit reluctant. In his mind, the whole family should eat together, but his son was definitely hungry.

Perched on his elevated seat, the child watched with wide-eyed wonder as his father deftly sliced the crispy meat that had been fried to perfection into bite-sized pieces.

Fresh pork was seasoned with a mixture of flour, sauce, Sichuan pepper, chili powder, and more to create the delicious and crispy meat. The meat was fried to a perfect golden-brown, creating a crunchy exterior that contrasted with the juicy and tender meat inside. Cutting open the meat would reveal its succulent and mouth-watering texture.

"Dad, I want to eat a piece," the child's previous emotions had long vanished, leaving only food on his mind.

Big dad was right, what was the point of worrying about something that couldn't be done until tomorrow?

"Wait just a moment," Big Dad said as he put the meat he had cut into a bowl. Then he walked over to the storage cabinet on the other side and took out a deep pot and two steamers.

Mr. Kang's expression was like –

Why do you still have a pot? Why is there a pot I've never seen before?

It seemed like big dad had an extensive collection of pots, perhaps even more than a girl's collection of handbags.

"Dad, how many pots do you actually have?"

"Who's counting?" Big Daddy shrugged and filled the deep pot with water. He then placed a steamer and carefully arranged the bowl of crispy meat inside. With a flick of the switch, the heat was on, and the savory aroma began to fill the air.

"With so many pots, can you actually use them all?"

"When you learn how to cook, you'll understand that different ingredients require different pots to cook them properly. Dry pot potatoes made in a casserole taste completely different from those made in a stainless steel pot."

Just like different clothes match different bags?

Kang listened to his dad explaining which pots and pans were best suited for cooking different types of dishes - from casseroles to iron pots, electric hot pots, and even air fryers…

The scary thing was that he actually listened carefully. In the end, the dad put the steamed crispy meat in front of him, and the previously crispy and tender meat now had a whole new flavor.

Kang ate a large bowl of it in one go.

He made up his mind. He had to find the real Kangkang first, and then figure out how to go back.

Initially, President Kang's fury was just that - an intense feeling of anger. They had taken his things, but he was not angry about losing them, because he wouldn't lose them.

What kind of tricks could they pull off by holding a board meeting?

He held 75% of the shares, and if he died, they would be donated. So those people would ensure that he stayed alive.

And as long as he woke up, even if the 20% preferred shares couldn't vote, he could vote for himself with the remaining 55% common shares. What could the others do? What could they do?!

President Kang thought for those people, and their best bet now was for the new power holder to decide to issue more shares. However, issuing new shares can dilute 55% of the shares. The stock would entail huge risks, and the other shareholders on the board were not fools. How could they watch their interests be put at risk and their shares diluted?

Just the tug of war between the new power holders and the small shareholders was enough for him to catch his breath.

President Kang's mind was always quick to work when it came to business matters, a skill he had honed since childhood. But deep down, he saw the company as nothing more than a toy, a possession he knew well but failed to cherish. Like a child with his playthings, he had taken it for granted.

Now, what was strange to President Kang was another matter, and what made him anxious was another question. Where was the real Kangkang? Was he still in this body? President Kang had tried several methods, but none of them worked. This probably meant that the original Kang was not in this body.

If he wasn't in this body, finding him would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. He only knew that the other person had mutism and couldn't speak. But if he wasn't in this body, the problem was that no news was reported, so who would suddenly appear as someone unable to speak?

Early the next morning, Mr. Kang arrived at the activity room. Since the young couple was the first to bring him to school, there was only him and Teacher Parrot in the room.

Mr. Kang picked up a pen and a notebook and idly drew some pictures.

"He can't speak... that child can't speak," Mr. Kang couldn't help but say.

Teacher Parrot had been preening his feathers on the side, but when he heard this, he flew over. "Hello boss, hello boss –" he chirped.

Mr. Kang was still lost in his thoughts, "Their original child couldn't speak. With just that one characteristic alone, it would be a miracle if I could find him!"

Just as he finished speaking, Teacher Parrot pecked him hard, causing all his feathers to puff up. Mr. Kang was angry and scolded him, but he pecked him twice more.

"I can talk, I can talk!"

"I'm not talking about you. Of course, I know you can talk," Mr. Kang said. "I'm talking about my current parents. Their original child couldn't talk."

"I can talk! I can talk!"

"Finding those suddenly speechless people won't be easy, and they won't come to me..." he said in frustration.

As he spoke, Mr. Kang felt that finding the real Kangkang was harder than returning to his own body. He was still just a child, so how could he approach those who suddenly couldn't speak?

"Hello boss, hello boss!" Teacher Parrot called out.

"Not now," Mr. Kang was feeling overwhelmed and wanted the little parrot to take some rest while he took some time to calm down.

"Hello boss, hello boss!"

– That bastard who forced your son to call him 'boss'...

– I can talk, I can talk!

– His name is Kangkang.

– Why do you call me boss every time you see me? And why do you always say 'hello boss'?

Suddenly, Mr. Kang's face changed, his eyes revealing disbelief.


"Hello boss, hello boss!" The parrot's previously angry and bristled feathers suddenly smoothed down as it gleefully jumped around the table, spinning in circles.

He finally let the boss know that he could talk, and even say the words 'hello boss'!


Boss Kang knows little Kangkang now! Yay!

Bee doo bee doo! Yue Qin needs a smoke alarm or maybe a minion assistant to remind him of cooking!


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