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Chapter 32: Eating Dinner at Home

Eating Dinner at Home (Dad's Love...)

The child previously pulled out two braids from his head to serve as a makeshift lamb to divert his mother's attention.

Now, the bored young mother actually braided two small braids and styled them into two small loops to pass the time.

"It's him—it's him," the mother looked at her work with satisfaction and couldn't help but hum a childhood song.

"Our hero, Little Nezha?" The child reflexively followed.

They had the same childhood memory!

In fact, the violent mother and the big-headed father were only four years older than President Kang's actual age.

They had barely the same childhood memories!

Xia Sheng was a little surprised: "Baby, how do you know this song?"

"I heard it from a kindergarten friend."

Kang now realized that kindergarten was really good and all the blame could be shifted to his kindergarten friends.

Xia Sheng didn't question it at all. She just thought her son was really clever to be able to learn a song after just hearing it once.

At this moment, they finally had their turn.

Kang had no expectation for this test and walked in with a neutral expression.

The main purpose of coming to the hospital wasn't for this test in the first place.

However, he was ready to show off his math, philosophy, and literature skills.

But the psychologist only showed him some pictures and asked him what they were.

These were easy for him and he answered quickly.

The psychologist then asked some common questions and gave him two more tests.

Kang thought that although he never went to compulsory education, he was at least a university graduate and could play the role of a genius without any problems.

After the test, as usual, the parents and children were separated and there were probably some things that couldn't be told to the children.

Kang crept up to the door, pressing his ear against the cold surface in a desperate attempt to listen in on the conversation within. With bated breath, he absorbed every hushed whisper, his mind racing with the possibilities of what he might uncover.

"The child displays an exceptional level of maturity and intelligence beyond their years."

The first thing the doctor said startled Kang. He stared at the doctor, and was scared that the doctor would announce his mental age was 24.

"However, this is quite common. Certain children, due to excessive exposure to information meant for adults, may exhibit this sort of behavior. Rest assured, your child is perfectly normal."

The doctor chose his words carefully, avoiding a direct statement that the boy was not a genius, but the message was conveyed nonetheless.

Kang was in shock. Was the doctor incorrect in some way? Did this indicate that his mental age was only that big?

Kang's heart was heavy with sorrow. Wasn't his IQ high? Wasn't his mental age high?

"The doctor says the baby is a genius," announced Xia Sheng with a beaming expression upon her exit.

Kang: "..." No, I heard it, I'm not a genius child.

"Okay." said Kang, a little disheartened.

Anyone who regresses to a childlike state would feel that their intelligence is higher than their peers.

"Dad just called and said that he made something delicious at home to celebrate the genius baby."

Kang: "..." This was probably the well-intentioned lies that parents say as described on the internet.

But he was eager to hasten home, his stomach now grumbling with hunger.

The morning had been a rollercoaster of emotions, and he desperately needed to return home and recharge.

The black round iron pot in the house made a bubbling sound.

Upon reaching home, Kang rushed straight to the kitchen, where he laid eyes on the black round iron pot, its wooden lid tightly sealed, emitting a cloud of steam with a tempting fragrance.

Dad was diligently chopping vegetables beside him, meticulously cutting shiitake mushrooms into a cruciform shape and slicing a carrot in half.

Dad still donned his black apron, and Kang stood nearby, enjoying the sight of his big-headed father handling the ingredients with grace.

What emotion was this stirring within him?

While preparing the ingredients, Yue Qin displayed a look of utmost focus, as if each shiitake mushroom and carrot were of great importance.

As dad often stated, each ingredient holds within it the essence of a season's sun, clouds, moon, wind, and dew.

Do all individuals who prepare delicious food possess an artistic touch? Kang had never paid attention to the chef before.

In fact, dad had limited time today and could only prepare a mixed pot.

The so-called mixed pot was essentially a combination of all the leftover ingredients in the house, combining various vegetables, smothered in a special sauce, and simmered in a broth of kombu and bonito flakes that was prepared in the morning.

Yue Qin was a bit apprehensive that the mixed pot wouldn't be enough, so he also made a relatively easy claypot rice.

Yue Qin glanced at his son, who was drooling at the sight of the mixed pot, and thought that perhaps the claypot rice wouldn't even be necessary after all.

As soon as it was announced that it was time for dinner, the child promptly took his seat at the dining table, eager and obedient.

Kang found himself staring at a bowl of rice, unlike any he'd had before. It didn't take long for him to recognize it as claypot rice, but there was a distinct difference from the claypot rice he had tried in the past.

Because there was a golden crust under this.

Even big-headed dad and violent mom had some crispy rice in their bowls.

Kang quickly finished his portion and gazed hungrily at his dad.

Dad chuckled and told Kang, "Everyone only gets a little bit. Your dad and mom love the crispy rice too."

Kang suddenly realized that the textbook lied to him. Despite not attending 9 years of compulsory education, he had read a story about the selflessness of a parent's love. The story told of a mother who would rather give her fish to her child, even though she liked it, and claim that she didn't want to eat it.

However, when he read that story as a child, he jotted down many annotations:

"Can't you buy one more fish?"

"Two people sharing one fish.. Isn't it delicious?"

"I want to eat all the fish I can!"

And at that moment, Kang's big eyes looked at the rice in his dad's bowl.

Then he saw dad’s smile and watched him pick up some rice with his chopsticks.

Kang's eyes sparkled with delight as he realized that there was some truth to the portrayal of loving parents in the textbook after all.

In the next moment, he witnessed the rice falling into his mother's bowl.

It had nothing to do with him!

Kang experienced an epiphany in that moment and realized that he had matured, even though he was unable to articulate his emotions exactly.

Previously, he would have felt upset, but now, he didn't feel angry at all, but rather, he was enveloped by a relaxed atmosphere during dinner.

Kang wished he could pat his head. He sighed, he really grew up!


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