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Chapter 51: Darling Brother

Darling Brother (My Little Brother Came Here on My Wish...)

After Big Dad found the excuse, Mr. Kang let out a sigh of relief.

If possible, he hoped that the young couple would never know what happened during this period.

He would return the body to Xiao Kangkang, but he also wanted to retain the memories of this time.

If it was discovered, everything that happened during this period would be denied by the other party.

No one would have a pleasant expression towards someone who occupied their son's body. He might even be expelled from this body using cruel methods that he couldn't even imagine right now.

Although... he knew that both Big Dad and Violent Mom seemed incapable of such things.

But he was an adult who had seen various realities, and he knew very well that adults treat different people with different faces.

When he was their son, their faces towards him were kind, gentle, and sometimes even a bit childish, without a hint of hostility.

If he were a stranger, their attitude might be different, but probably not too hostile.

However, he occupied someone else's body, claimed that their son couldn't speak, and even fired the man as the previous boss, there would be a lot of room for imagination in that situation.

Mr. Kang carefully concealed his identity, and he didn't even resist playing the role of a flower as much as before.

Early in the morning, the couple sent their child and parrot to the school gate.

"Go inside quickly. Mom and Dad will come pick you up in the afternoon," Xia Sheng said.

The couple seemed like they were sending two brothers to school.


24-year-old Mr. Kang came to the kindergarten as a student, and he had to perform in the kindergarten's Spring Festival program.

The actual four-year-old child stood on the platform in the kindergarten, acting as a little teacher, listening to the voices of other children in school.

Little Parrot Teacher was the most popular teacher in the school. The school took many videos and photos of him, and he occupied the largest space on the promotional board outside the school.

It could be said that he was a very famous teacher, so more and more students came to the kindergarten to find Little Parrot Teacher.

But Mr. Kang argued logically and successfully obtained activity classes, allowing Little Parrot to have plenty of rest time.

Mr. Kang sat in the activity room, boredly observing the leaves that the teacher asked everyone to bring.

In a while, they would have to draw leaves.

Little Parrot was originally sleeping, while Teacher Liu stayed in the classroom, watching everyone draw.

The classroom was noisy.

Little Parrot Teacher also woke up and came down from the shelf. Following Teacher Liu's example, he flew among the classmates, observing their drawings.

Finally, he flew in front of Mr. Kang. Little Parrot glanced at the drawing, then hopped onto Mr. Kang's shoulder, extending one wing and patting Mr. Kang's neck, as if encouraging him.

When did this start? Why did this little parrot no longer treat him as a boss and instead treat him like a brother? How did he become like a younger brother?

Mr. Kang quickly discovered the specific reason.

In the past few years, with the implementation of the two-child policy, some children in the class either had an older sibling or were about to have a younger sibling.

So, everyone complained to Little Parrot about their family life.

"I don't like my older brother at all," a little girl said.

"My older brother always bullies me, pulls my hair, and says that Mom and Dad belong only to him. He even forbids Mom and Dad from holding me," a little girl leaned on the table in front of Little Parrot Teacher. Little Parrot Teacher stood on the table, feeling anxious as well.

"How can your older brother treat you like that?"

The little girl sighed, "Sigh."

Little Parrot also sighed, "Sigh."

After the little girl finished speaking, a little boy followed.

"Little Parrot Teacher, I don't want a younger sibling. My mom said she wants to have a baby for me."

Little Parrot said, "I also have a brother."

Mr. Kang remained expressionless: No, you don't. You really don't!

The little boy widened his eyes, "Little Parrot Teacher, do you have a younger brother too? I have a friend, and after she got a younger sibling, her parents stopped loving her."

Little Parrot pondered for a moment and said, "My parents still love me. They also love my brother. I love my brother too. He is very clever, good at making money, and knows how to ride a bike. He loves me as well. Every day, my brother peels melon seeds for me, combs my feathers, and even covers me with a blanket. Whenever I play with my friends, he will go and open the window for me."

The little boy's heart was filled with longing. "Your brother is really nice to you."

Upon hearing this, Mr. Kang thought to himself, every time that owl and eagle outside knock on the window with their beaks, can he not go and open it?

Apart from their worries, the children also had some happy things to share--

"Peipei gave me a flower today."

"Guess who is my best friend."

There were also some children who came to share secrets.

"Little Parrot Teacher, I'll tell you secretly, I like Kangkang the most because he looks the best."

Mr. Kang had rarely heard what other children talked to this little parrot about before, but now he realized that these children indeed had their own genuine thoughts.

After chatting with the other children, Little Parrot Teacher had gained a general understanding during this time. The child who was born first in a family is the older sibling, and it has nothing to do with height or weight.

In other words, the first to arrive in the family becomes the older sibling, and the later ones become the younger siblings.

He used to think that the taller one was the older sibling, and he was even considering calling his boss "older brother."

Later, one child who ate a lot every day was asked by Teacher Liu to inquire about this matter. The child said he wanted to eat more so that he could grow taller and be called "older brother" by his younger sibling.

Teacher Liu said, "It's not determined that way. The one who arrives first to their mom and dad becomes the older sibling, and the later one becomes the younger sibling. It has nothing to do with height."

It was only then that Little Parrot understood. So, he, who arrived first to his mom and dad, was the older sibling. He was the older sibling!

However, the older siblings in the class generally didn't like their younger siblings because they felt that the younger ones stole their parents' and grandparents' love.

But Little Parrot didn't feel that way. He believed that having a clever younger brother meant that his parents wouldn't be called parents of a foolish son by others. And his younger brother loved him and treated him well. He didn't snatch away his parents' love because his parents still loved him.

As Little Parrot Teacher pondered, he realized that he was different from those bad older brothers. He wouldn't pull his younger brother's hair or push him to the ground, making him cry.

Now Mr. Kang finally understood. Where did this four-year-old's dream of becoming an older brother come from? He couldn't believe that such a young child could randomly dream of having an older brother.

After school, Mr. Kang put on his small backpack, and Little Parrot hopped onto his shoulder.

Next to them, a pair of twin brothers started fighting again for some reason, and the teacher couldn't stop them.

They heard one of the little boys say, "I want to be an older brother too!"

The other little boy replied, "You can't be an older brother. I'm the older brother! Mom said so. You're the younger brother, and you have to listen to me!"

"Mom also said you're the older brother and that you should be considerate of your younger brother!"

The child who was the older brother stood with hands on hips and said, "I should have done what Li Fangfang did. When Mom and Dad asked me if I wanted a younger brother, I would have directly said no, I don't want this younger brother. That way, Mom and Dad would have thrown you in the trash can, and someone else would have picked you up and made you their younger brother."

Mr. Kang couldn't help but think, "You're twins, and you really don't have the right to decide."

The little parrot watched this scene and said to his younger brother, "I'm different from other big brothers. I love my little brother. I made a wish to the birthday cake, and then you came. I like having a little brother."

Mr. Kang immediately caught the key point in that sentence, squinted his eyes, as if finally grasping the core of the matter. "What wish did you make?"

"I wished for Mom and Dad to have a child as smart as the boss. At that time, I didn't know it meant having a little brother. But now I know."

Mr. Kang pressed his temples. This was something he absolutely didn't expect.

"Is it because you made that wish that I ended up trapped in this body?"

"Who helped you make that wish? Couldn't they have a deeper understanding?" Why did they understand it in such a shallow way?

"Birthday candles," the little parrot didn't understand why his younger brother was angry.

"You don't want Mom and Dad?"

Want Mom and Dad?

Wait! Mr. Kang suddenly had a small memory flash in his mind.

When he was a child, at that time, at a very foolish age, he had also sat in front of a cake and secretly made a very childish wish.

"I want Mom and Dad."

Because he heard other children in the neighborhood say that wishes made to birthday candles would come true.

But the next day, he still didn't have Mom and Dad, so he smashed the cake.

Mr. Kang looked at the little parrot in front of him and felt unfair for the first time. This was too unfair.

He bought the biggest cake back then and blew out so many candles in one breath.

His wish didn't come true.

This kid casually made a wish and it came true!


The little parrot patted his younger brother's shoulder with his wings, clearly a childish kid, but still pretending to be a mature older brother.

Mr. Kang became even angrier and didn't want to see this little parrot at all.

"I'm too angry right now, I don't want to see you."

The little parrot was stunned for a moment, opened his wings and was about to fly away, but the child called the little parrot back the next second.

When Xia Sheng came to the school, she noticed that her son, who used to be inseparable from the little parrot teacher, was missing.

You see, before, the child cared the most about the little parrot teacher. No matter what he did, he always had to have the little parrot teacher with him.

"Where's the little parrot teacher?" Xia Sheng asked.

The child walked ahead with a straight face, carrying his backpack, each step heavy, like a little bull. He pouted and said, "I'm so angry, I don't want to see him for now. Mom, don't mention him to me."

As she walked ahead, Xia Sheng finally saw the little parrot squatting in the cap of the child's sweatshirt. The little parrot seemed angry too, with his feathers on his head and body all puffed up, making it look even more like a ball.

Xia Sheng held back her laughter and asked the little parrot teacher, "Why are you angry?"

"I like him so much, but he doesn't like me at all. I'm angry too. I don't want to see him anymore!" The little parrot said in one breath, his feathers still puffed up, continuing to be his round self.

Xia Sheng couldn't help but feel that this scene was really like two brothers having a disagreement.


Apologies for the interruption in translation for the past few months. I am pleased to announce that I will be resuming the translation of the remaining chapters. Going forward, I will ensure a regular release schedule to provide you with the translated content you've been eagerly waiting for. Thank you for your patience and continued support.


  1. Changed sunflower seeds to melon seeds.


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