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Chapter 64: Dark History

In the kitchen, Yue Qin lowered his head, maintaining silence, and tried not to expose the little child's lie.

The child sat on a small stool, pretending to be a mature person, and said in a childish manner, "Actually, I don't need friends. Some people need a friend to feel happy, but I'm not that kind of person."

The child looked at the big father and continued, "I'm perfectly fine on my own."

Yue Qin nodded, saying, "Being happy on your own is great."

After all, it was almost time for dinner. The little girl's mother quickly took her daughter home. Xia Sheng was quite happy and praised, "Yuanyuan's mother is so interesting. She said she practiced for quite a while before daring to knock on our door."

Mr. Kang glanced at the violent mother, who was just as socially awkward as himself, and felt as if she had suddenly transformed into a child who loved making friends.

To be honest, after getting to know this young couple, he realized a fact about real-life parents—they weren't like those described in books, fanning their children, scrimping on the good food for themselves, or like those TV parents who lived solely for their children.

The violent mother was socially anxious, not inclined to argue with others, but she was fierce in a fight. Whenever she talked about her dreams or saw other little girls dressed nicely by their mothers, she would become as happy as a child, brimming with innocent joy.

Mr. Kang recalled that in high school, the violent mother had a wish to put a burlap sack over her own mother. Even though high school students tended to be rebellious, just this one sentence gave him a glimpse of her upbringing.

Xia Sheng, like a young girl making friends for the first time, continued excitedly, "She's really good to her daughter. She made the little coat her daughter is wearing."

Mr. Kang had never seen the violent mother praise someone so highly before. Her eyes were filled with a glowing admiration, wishing to meet her again immediately.

Quietly, Mr. Kang turned his head to look at the burly father.

The burly father smiled and listened attentively.

He knew that his wife didn't like the other little girl's mother because she was interesting, but because the young mother's affection for her daughter touched her heart.

In his wife's eyes, every mother who loved her daughter was a treasure. When they were dating, they used to go for walks, and whenever they saw a mother with her little girl on the street, she couldn't help but glance more than a few times.

And this mother, who brought her daughter to their home just because her daughter liked their little parrot, was the embodiment of tenderness in her eyes.

"They live close by, so we can have chats together in the future," Yue Qin said.

Xia Sheng nodded, her eyes glistening with a smile. Mr. Kang pressed his temples, what's the big deal?

He felt that the violent mother was getting further away from being his kindred spirit; they were really not alike at all.

Anyway, he didn't want friends.

After dinner, Mr. Kang followed the burly father, while the mother and the little parrot went to the neighbor's house to visit.

The burly father then brought out a large cardboard box from the study.

"Baby, help Dad get the toolbox from the bedside table in the bedroom."

Mr. Kang happily ran into the room and fetched the box from under the bedside table.

When he came out, he saw Dad carrying the cardboard box into his room.

The big father moved the small nightstand where the parrot used to sleep.

The big box was unpacked, revealing several pieces of wood, along with three bird nests of different sizes.

Mr. Kang was taken aback, then he heard the big father say, "Baby, hand me the screwdriver."

Mr. Kang opened the toolbox and handed it to his father, but he couldn't tell which one was the screwdriver.

Yue Qin took the screwdriver from the box and started assembling beds for his real son and his son's best friends.

Mr. Kang wasn't very familiar with tools, so he simply stayed by his father's side, helping to pick up parts and passing some of the components.

In the children's room, the burly father assembled a cozy little nest for the younger son while chatting with the elder son, who had trouble making friends.

"Your teacher told me there's going to be an art performance in a couple of days, and you seem a bit nervous."

Mr. Kang, as he assisted his father, stood the wooden board upright and said, "I don't want to wear a floral dress."

Mr. Kang felt a bit irritable, "I know wearing a dress is not shameful, and I don't look down on girls."

"Dad is just talking to you, don't be nervous." Yue Qin noticed that the child was particularly sensitive.

Before, Yue Qin didn't know that this child wasn't his own son, so he didn't think much about the child's refusal to play the role of a flower. His son had grown up under his and his wife's eyes, without experiencing anything he shouldn't.

Now, Yue Qin knew that the other child was a wealthy kid who lost his parents at a young age, although he had household staff and nannies, they were not his parents.

"Dad sometimes doesn't want to force you to do things," Yue Qin said while assembling the second layer of wooden boards. He continued, "I'm also a first-time father, maybe my experience is not enough, I just feel that there are some things you can try."

The child muttered softly, "You're fine."

Yue Qin smiled and turned his head, "Not easy, huh? I still remember the scornful look you used to give me."

The child felt a bit embarrassed and said, "I was old then…" Too old to understand.

Now that he's younger, he's starting to understand some things.

Yue Qin continued, "I didn't initially want you to wear a skirt; mainly I wanted to tell you that you are you, it doesn't matter what you wear or what you possess."

"Dad hopes that when you grow up, you'll see a broader world."

"If you really don't want to wear this petal skirt, you don't have to, you must have your reasons, no need to rush to change yourself."

As the burly father spoke, he finished the last layer of wooden boards, then he inserted the three bird nests into each layer of the wooden boards.

Thus, a three-layer small bedroom was formed, with standing space on each layer and specialized bird nests for sleeping.

Mr. Kang stood by the side and whispered, "When I was six...five years old, I was bullied."

At that time, he first understood that the housekeeper was just a housekeeper, the nanny was just a nanny, and the cook who prepared his meals was just a cook.

He used to have no envy for others who had mom and dad. What was so great about that? They still had to listen to their mom and dad, but he was different. He had people who made meals for him, packed his school bag, and carried him outside, and they all had to listen to him.

But then, he was bullied, and the parents of those kids all came.

His housekeeper only knew how to apologize.

Other mothers would hold those little hooligans, angry and teary-eyed—

"Look at what he did to my son's face."

"He bit my son's hand, how could he?"

"This is not a problem that money can solve! Look at it, is this something that happens when kids play around?"

"We understand that he doesn't have parents, so we don't want to investigate further, but he really needs proper discipline!"

And he, even though he was also beaten, nobody hugged him and said while crying, "Look, they ripped his clothes off! And they made him wear a skirt and lipstick!"

His housekeeper only knew how to apologize, and his uncle hurried over and just said a few words, and in the end, he was asked to apologize to those boys!

He was forced to apologize with his head held down.

Yue Qin felt a bit heartbroken when he heard that the child had been bullied before.

The child took a deep breath and said, "Dad, after they bullied me, they made me suffer so much and surrounded me, forcing me to apologize to them, just because I don't have parents..."

"A child without parents, after being bullied, still has to apologize to those bad people."

As the child spoke, he lowered his head, recalling that painful story. He was forced to apologize to others just because those kids had parents, and he didn't.

Yue Qin felt even more heartbroken, so he hugged the child and said, "Do you remember where those kids live? Dad will go and talk to them, what's going on? Teaming up to bully others?"

Bullying kids who don't have parents is unacceptable. In fact, this kind of situation is not uncommon. Some parents always believe their kids can do no wrong, and even if their kids make mistakes outside, they would blame other kids instead.

The child shook his head, "It's okay, I probably won't be able to explain it now anyway."

Yue Qin said tenderly, "I'll talk to your teacher at the kindergarten, and you can be the tree in the play."

The child had some shadows that could slowly fade away, there was no need to rush.

After being hugged by the burly father, the child felt relieved. He brought up all the buried past; if he couldn't achieve his goal with that, then he'd truly be miserable.

Originally, he had decided to accept the skirt, but who would have thought that Teacher Liu would make a petal skirt for him? And there was a headband with pink petals on top, and he would probably have to wear makeup with two monkey butt marks behind.

It was so ugly, really too ugly.

He had to consider his little brother Kangkang; after all, it's him who will be left in the video.

Mr. Kang looked at the returning little parrot and thought to himself, even though he was a first-time big brother, he was definitely a responsible and good one.

After the little parrot flew back, he immediately spotted the three-tier "miniature building" in the room.

"Your dad made it for you," Mr. Kang said.

The little parrot joyfully entered and exited the coconut-sized bird nest repeatedly, overjoyed.

The little parrot had always wished to have a bird nest like other birds, but he and the owl and eagle were not taught by bird parents, so they didn't know how to build nests.

But now, finally, he had one!

The little parrot happily embraced the round coconut bird nest with his wings and nuzzled against it.

Then, he suddenly realized, "Why did Dad make three of them?"

Mr. Kang's heart skipped a beat. He had warned little brother before not to tell the burly father who he really was, and of course, not to mention the owl and the eagle either, as they were afraid of adults.

Mr. Kang said, "Your dad made two more nests as backups. If you feel uncomfortable in one, you can sleep in the other two."

The little parrot flapped his wings in delight.

Mr. Kang sighed in relief; it was good, kids were easy to please.

When the eagle and the owl came, they found that they had new nests too, so the three birds excitedly chirped and chatted for over half an hour.

In an instant, it felt like being back at university. During Mr. Kang's freshman year, he lived in the dorms with a roommate who loved to talk on the phone like this with his girlfriend.

He irritably snapped, "Stop blabbering, I want to sleep."

The guy teasingly remarked, "Are you jealous that I have a girlfriend?"

The very next day, that guy was suddenly single.

Mr. Kang looked at the three birds—

It seemed like even if he offered them a million, the other two birds wouldn't leave.

As expected, Dad was right, money couldn't solve all problems.


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