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Chapter 54: Dad is Acting Strange

Dad is Acting Strange (Mr. Parrot Takes a Leave...)

Mr. Kang became even more certain that he absolutely could not let this young couple know his true identity; he had to secretly switch bodies back.

Otherwise... it would be a scene of domestic death.

The little parrot slept in a cozy nest on the bedside table next to the bed. Xia Sheng covered the little parrot with a soft cloth as a small blanket. After tucking the little parrot's blanket, she also tucked in their son.

Yue Qin stood by, watching. The little parrot nestled in the blanket, with his small head resting on the soft cloth.

Xia Sheng chuckled, "Our baby used to sleep like this too."

Previously, the baby used to sleep on his stomach, rarely on his back.

Yue Qin looked at their baby lying on the bed, sleeping on his back, and nodded with a smile.

Mr. Kang looked at the closed door, feeling restless. Today's events had exceeded his imagination.

He turned to the side, and the moonlight cast a faint green hue on the little parrot's body. After making amends with the little parrot earlier today, Mr. Kang inquired about the desires of the parrot and learned two things.

The little parrot had only made two wishes. One was that the couple's child would be as intelligent as him.

The other was that he wanted to become a talking bird.

It all seemed quite vague and elusive. The only option was to try again and have the little parrot make a wish when blowing out the candles on his next birthday.

But the next birthday was still about ten months away. The small shareholders in the company could delay him for a maximum of two months, and the market could delay him for one month at most.

He simply did not have enough time. If it took ten months to return to his own body, he would lose complete control over the company, left with only a 20% preferred stock dividend and an unknown amount of diluted common stock.

This was something Mr. Kang absolutely could not endure.

The little parrot flipped over and ended up with his two legs up in the air, causing the small cloth to slip off.

The child got up from the bed and picked up the cloth, placing it back on the little parrot.

Originally, Mr. Kang had only thought about switching back to his own body. As long as he could return to his own body, he didn't consider other problems.

Now Mr. Kang realized he had to consider another problem...

This silly child believed he was a bird. If he switched back to a human body, would he stop talking again? The reason he couldn't speak in the first place was that he was a bird incapable of talking.

Delving further into his thoughts, there was no immediate danger in not being able to speak. However, what if the little parrot grew accustomed to soaring in the sky and failed to realize that he had become a human who couldn't fly?

That would be perilous.

The moon, with its gentle eyes, cast its luminous gaze upon everything in the room, enveloping the atmosphere in the child's room with warmth.

The child looked at the little parrot and sighed softly, "I feel more and more like a grown-up now."

He had to find a way to make this silly child realize that he was also human.

Early the next day, the little parrot swiftly soared into the blue sky, joining his two little friends up above.

Mr. Kang moved a small chair to the balcony and watched the little parrot glide through the sky.

As a human, a human who owned a private plane, he still couldn't comprehend the sensation of soaring with his own wings.

"Baby," Yue Qin also brought a chair and sat down beside him, "Did Teacher Parrot go to exercise his body again?"

Every morning, the little parrot would circle in the sky, like a regular morning exercise routine.

Mr. Kang nodded, his gaze still fixed on the circling little parrot.

When he snapped out of his thoughts, he realized that his big burly father was staring at him intently.


"Baby has already forgotten the past. Daddy was just thinking that when Baby has time, Daddy will tell Baby about the past."

Mr. Kang had been busy lately, and the child's past mainly consisted of going to a special school, eating, and sleeping. So he said, "Daddy doesn't need to."

Yue Qin didn't mention the past anymore either. He just touched the child's head with a complex expression and said, "Daddy is going to make breakfast. Call Teacher Parrot to come back for a meal."

"Okay, Daddy. Thank you for your hard work."

"Not hard at all."

The little parrot always ate with them. Considering that the little parrot couldn't eat many human foods, he had a specially prepared plate.

Yue Qin quickly prepared breakfast but didn't wake Xia Sheng up to eat.

Mr. Kang returned with the little parrot, who had happily frolicked outside. On the small table were two breakfasts: the little parrot's plate and his own bowl.

Inside, there was something fragrant and white, slightly larger than a grain of rice.

This was something Mr. Kang had never really eaten before.

The little parrot seemed to have discovered some delicacy and pounced on it, starting to eat.

"Daddy, what is this?" Mr. Kang was a little surprised. Why was today's breakfast so simple?

Yue Qin said, "This is... I can't remember what it's called."

"Rice bubbles." The little parrot, with rice bubbles all over his face, managed to answer while munching.

Mr. Kang removed the rice bubbles stuck to the little parrot's feathers.

Yue Qin nodded, "Yes, it's called rice bubbles."

Mr. Kang scooped a spoonful. They were crunchy, somewhat like popcorn, but also different, even more fragrant than popcorn.

This must be rice that popped like popcorn. Mr. Kang looked at the little parrot beside him and thought of the upcoming cultural performance. He said, "Daddy, can I bring some to school?"

"Sure." Yue Qin watched the little parrot peck at the rice bubbles, answering.

"Can Teacher Parrot take a leave today?" Yue Qin asked.

The child, who was eating rice bubbles, looked up with big eyes, a bit puzzled. "Teacher Parrot is an important teacher at our school. If he takes the day off, there won't be anyone to replace him unless it's something really important."

Besides, he was planning to talk to the school again. Since negotiations were involved, he certainly couldn't make any mistakes.

"The school mentioned giving him a vaccine. Daddy has a friend who is a veterinarian, and we thought of sending him there to see the specific situation," Yue Qin said.

Mr. Kang thought it was necessary. After all, it was a small bird, and getting vaccinated was good for the bird's well-being.

"Well, I'll go ask Teacher Liu for leave. There shouldn't be any problems."

At the school, Teacher Liu, upon hearing the words of his most troublesome student, became even more troubled. "This might not be possible. It's fine to take a day off at other times, but today is special."

"But my daddy has already taken him to see the veterinarian," Mr. Kang said.

"The main issue is that there are investors coming over, probably specifically to see Teacher Parrot."

"Your daddy has probably taken him to the veterinarian now. They won't spend the whole day there, and they should be back in the afternoon. It should still be possible to bring him over then."

"Alright." Mr. Kang didn't have a better solution at the moment, so he had to go along with it.

Strangely, Mr. Kang tried calling his big burly father four times using Teacher Liu's phone, but nobody answered.

Where had the big daddy gone? Why wasn't he picking up the phone?

It couldn't be that something was wrong with the little parrot after the veterinarian examined him, right?

Please, don't let any problems arise. The real little Kangkang's soul is still in that parrot's body!


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