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Chapter 56: Conflict of Fathers

Conflict of Fathers (Your Father is a Capitalist...)

On the way back, Yue Qin sat in the car but didn't start the engine. Instead, he took out a box of rice bubbles from the side.

The little parrot immediately came over, sticking his little head into the box, sounding extremely excited, "Rice bubbles!"

It turns out that this is how babies talk.

Yue Qin picked up the rice bubbles and said, "When he was a baby and couldn't talk, he still loved rice bubbles."

The little parrot immediately lay on his father's lap, revealing his soft belly feathers. His feet, adorned with green yarn, twitched.

How did Yue Qin not notice this before? This little rascal always played dumb like this.

It was the same before when he accidentally dropped his phone into a bucket of water. Immediately, he lay on the ground, pretending not to know anything.

Yue Qin scooped up the little rascal and said, "We'll save these rice bubbles for Kangkang, who loves them the most."

The little parrot felt that his dad didn't recognize him and said, "Half for Kangkang, half for me."

Yue Qin looked at his carefree and skillful son, who acted just like a bird. He asked, "It seems like Kangkang doesn't like rice bubbles anymore? But he used to love them."

"Why doesn't Kangkang like rice bubbles anymore? He used to love them the most."

"Little baby parrot, do you have something to tell me? Whatever you say, I'll believe you."

The little parrot ruffled his feathers and continued to shake his feet, the ones with green yarn.

Yue Qin said again, "Dad already knows everything, baby. Is there something you want to tell Dad?"

The little parrot continued to shake his feet as if he didn't understand anything.

Yue Qin pressed his temple. His biological son couldn't communicate at all. Even before, when he couldn't talk, if he didn't want to talk, he would pretend not to. His little eyes were especially serious, as if to say, "How can you force a non-speaking bird to speak?"

Around ten in the morning, there was a flag-raising ceremony at the kindergarten, and the teachers' voices with megaphones could be heard from a distance.

Yue Qin stood with the little parrot on his shoulder. The parrot heard the sound of the flag-raising ceremony and instantly flew happily in that direction.

In the middle of the flight, he probably thought of his old father and flew back.

The little parrot flapped his green wings and joyfully said, "I'm Teacher Parrot, and I'm going to class."

Yue Qin didn't want to let him go, but all he could do was watch the little parrot and nod, "I'll come to pick you up in the afternoon."

The little parrot flew into the kindergarten, and the children all looked up, watching the Teacher Parrot.

Among the group of children, Yue Qin immediately spotted the little child standing in the third row from the right in the back. The child was wearing the sweatshirt he had left in the child's room yesterday, with a white panda printed on it.

The child had a stern expression, looking cool, unlike when he was at home.

The children on both sides were whispering to their close friends, but this child stood there, unable to blend in with the other children.

Mr. Kang was originally thinking about how to ask his big, burly dad if they could have another taste of the 4th birthday cake. But then he saw his dad standing outside the railing.

His big, burly dad was probably here to bring the parrot to school. Mr. Kang remembered his first day of school when his big, burly dad and his violent-tempered mom were watching him from outside.

At that time, he didn't even acknowledge them.

The chubby kid next to him recognized the uncle and said, "Kangkang, Kangkang, your dad is outside, he's watching you."

The chubby kid was clearly excited.

Usually, during the flag-raising ceremony, some grandparents would come to see their own children.

Most of the children wanted to see their grandparents but felt embarrassed about it.

Sometimes, parents would come to watch, but it wasn't common. Whenever a parent came to watch, the other children would tease, "So-and-so, your mom is watching you."

Then that child would feel especially embarrassed and blush.

But Mr. Kang, who was cool, smart, and even knew how to negotiate with his teachers, was different.

His dad was also different from the other kids' dads because his dad was really tall. In the eyes of the children, Kangkang's dad was the tallest dad.

So when his dad came to watch him, everyone looked over.

The teacher on stage was passionately describing the children's performances over the past week.

Teacher Liu didn't interfere with the children in the class, so the kids around Kangkang started chattering—

"Kangkang, your dad is so tall. Will you grow that tall too in the future?"

"I also want to grow that tall so I can reach the pomelo with just one hand."

There was a pomelo tree next to their playground with three pomelos hanging from it. In the children's minds, Kangkang's dad was as tall as that pomelo tree, so he could reach the pomelos directly.

"Your dad can definitely reach the pomelos just by reaching out his hand," another child said enviously.

"Kangkang, your dad is waving at me!" one of the more outgoing children waved at Kangkang's dad, and then they saw Kangkang's dad waving back.

The child looked at the big dad outside the kindergarten and said, "He's not waving at you, he's waving at me!"

Mr. Kang said with a mixture of disdain and dissatisfaction, waving to the person outside, shouting—

"Dad, you mistook your son!"

Just at that moment, the teacher on stage happened to pause her speech, and the whole hall heard the cool Kangkang shouting at his own dad in school—

"Dad, you mistook your son! I'm here! The one waving is not your son!"

After a brief silence, the children burst into laughter.

Mr. Kang's face immediately turned red, wishing he could find a hole to hide in.

The teacher said, "Kangkang, don't worry. Your dad didn't make a mistake. He was just greeting your classmates."

The child who waved at Kangkang earlier said, "Kangkang, I won't compete with you for your dad. I have my own dad too."

Mr. Kang said with a pout, "Your dad isn't as tall as mine!"

"My dad can make more money than your dad!"

Upon hearing this, Mr. Kang felt insulted on behalf of his big, burly dad.

Indeed, Kangkang's dad wasn't particularly good at making money, but he was much better than a money-grubbing capitalist. Mr. Kang felt that this person misunderstood his big, burly dad. Just the thought of it made him angry, his face turning red and his neck thick. "Your dad is a capitalist! My dad is from the working class! The world belongs to the working-class from now on!"

Teacher Liu thought, it's just comparing dads, but now it's turning into a class struggle. She quickly intervened, "They're both good dads. Let's not argue."

Mr. Kang snorted but still gave Teacher Liu some face.

Teacher Liu saw Kangkang, who had just finished arguing, running towards the edge of the playground.

"Dad, do you need something from me?" The child looked up, his little face blushing, his voice a bit shy.

This was his first time talking to his dad in front of all the children in the school, and the other kindergarten children were watching them.

"I didn't start the argument with that kid earlier. He was the one who wanted to argue with me."


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