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Chapter 58: Child Prodigy

Child Prodigy (You might actually be one)

Mr. Kang sighed. If he couldn't avoid it, then so be it. Ultimately, the true image that would remain is that of the real Kangkang.

No one would come to the Feiyue Group with a photo of him wearing a pink petal skirt with a flower crown on his head, saying–

"Well done, well done. You danced really well."

Mr. Kang cleaned the enoki mushrooms thoroughly and handed them to his father, compromising, "I'll play the role of a flower then."

Yue Qin realized that he should have been aware when the child resisted things associated with girls.

His son had never attended kindergarten before, and the special education center focused on teaching children to speak. Due to Xia Sheng's sensitivity towards gender, they rarely mentioned things like boys shouldn't wear skirts.

But this child in front of him was just like the other children, feeling extremely embarrassed about a little boy wearing a skirt and being laughed at by others.

However, this viewpoint showed that the child had already been influenced by external factors.

Yue Qin looked at the child in front of him, hesitated for a moment, but decided not to mention his earlier words. Instead, he said, "The previous psychologist called me and said that the results of the last evaluation may have some issues. We need to go for another IQ test."

Mr. Kang didn't realize any problems. Silly and innocent Dad said they would go for another IQ test, so they would go. It didn't matter; he had already been to that psychologist's office twice before, so one more time wouldn't make a difference.

"Daddy, I also think they got the previous IQ test wrong. I'm so smart; I must be a child prodigy." Mr. Kang felt that his dad was in a bad mood today, so he deliberately said something funnier to make him laugh.

Yue Qin looked at the serious child and found it amusing. "A child prodigy? Give me an example."

"I'm different from the other kids. When I went to kindergarten, I didn't cry."

"Anything else?"

"I help you wash vegetables."

"Anything else?"

"I'm a very calm and rational child, don't you think? You've probably never seen me cry." Mr. Kang became prouder as he spoke. He genuinely believed he was amazing.

Initially, when he suddenly found himself in a child's body, he didn't collapse. He faced everything with rationality and composure.

If it were an ordinary person, they would have collapsed long ago, revealing everything and likely being sent for treatment.

Yue Qin thought to himself, indeed, that's how it would have been.

A six-year-old child who woke up in someone else's home remained calm, didn't cry, didn't fuss for his parents, and didn't ask who those two strangers were.

He even dared to secretly sneak out at night, wanting to return to his own home.

Moreover, he found the little parrot before them and brought it back.

Truly, a child prodigy.

As Yue Qin pondered these thoughts, he nodded. "You are indeed calm and rational."

"Well, of course," Mr. Kang felt affirmed. His tone now became even more delighted.

"You ask me to eat meat, I eat meat. You ask me to eat vegetables, I eat vegetables. Other kids are picky eaters."

Yue Qin nodded. "Then we should test you thoroughly. You might really be a child prodigy."

Mr. Kang nodded firmly.

When Xia Sheng came back, she happened to overhear the conversation and asked, "Another IQ test?"

She put down her bag and immediately went to the kitchen, embracing her husband there.

Mr. Kang sat on a small stool and clearly felt the heavy-hearted, preoccupied burly dad suddenly brighten up in an instant.

Mr. Kang pressed his temples, taking the parrot with him as he left the kitchen.

This couple always stood at the forefront, blinding the eyes of single dogs everywhere.

Yue Qin embraced his wife. He had to handle this matter quickly.

Yue Qin didn't want his wife to know about this, not because he doubted her ability to handle it, but because he didn't want her to give up on her dreams because of these things.

In reality, they didn't have many materialistic desires. When they graduated, they lived frugally, focusing on fulfilling their dreams. He was preparing for postgraduate entrance exams while Xia Sheng planned to study under a piano maestro.

That was when Xia Sheng became pregnant despite using contraceptives.

Like a massive whirlpool of life, the two of them were deeply entangled in it.

Finally, everything returned to the right track, and Yue Qin didn't want this matter to drag his wife back into the whirlpool of life.

As usual, Yue Qin remained calm, not revealing any traces of his thoughts. He recollected their high school days in his mind and remembered the moment when she accepted his confession.

Yue Qin felt his whole body being floating.

He kissed his wife's forehead and spoke the first sentence, "How was your day today?"

"You seem a bit unhappy today," Xia Sheng immediately sensed it.

Yue Qin: "You can even feel that?"

"Well, of course," Xia Sheng kissed her husband's forehead. "What's wrong?"

"I stayed at home all day and didn't have much to do," Yue Qin replied.

Xia Sheng showed her support, "I understand that feeling." Previously, when their baby was diagnosed with selective mutism and couldn't go to kindergarten, there were times when it was just her and the baby at home.

Initially, she felt like she was going to collapse and thought about going to work or focusing on her studies.

So, her husband's current state may seem like a vacation, having fun at home, but it actually makes a person feel very down. Therefore, she could particularly understand her husband's unhappiness.

"Did your company say you could take a whole month off?" It had only been a little over a week since he took the leave, and his wound was almost healed, but the company granted him a month off.

Yue Qin didn't even bother contacting the company and could only say, "I'll talk to them and try to go back sooner."

"How are you feeling today?" Yue Qin held his wife, his mood becoming increasingly calm. Changing the subject, he asked.

"I went for a rehearsal today, and it felt amazing!" Xia Sheng's eyes would become moist like those of a little girl when she talked about it, shining with radiance, and her tone would become joyful.

Yue Qin looked at his wife and listened to her describing the feeling of playing the piano in the middle of the stage. The smile in the man's eyes became more and more genuine.

"Feeling better?" As Xia Sheng continued speaking, she noticed her husband's gaze fixed on her, and her face inexplicably blushed.

"I instantly felt better," Yue Qin embraced his wife. "My great pianist, how did you become so amazing?"

At that moment, a voice came from the living room—

"Dad, the braised pork is about to burn!"

Mr. Kang truly didn't want to disturb them, but it was his braised pork, and he had washed the potatoes inside. The dish had already dried up and was on the verge of burning; any further cooking would have turned it into mush.

He still had to eat it later.


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