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Chapter 60: Call Me Dad

Yue Qin rarely encountered such a child – one who cried while exhibiting a strong aggressive nature.

He spoke of becoming his child in the future, and the child got even angrier. He stood up from the bed and walked from one end to the other, muttering all the while:

"What a joke! I won't be your son!"

"I have plenty of money, and everyone must obey me! I don't need a dad."

"You're just a little better at cooking, that's all. I don't believe I couldn't find ten Michelin chefs to replicate that taste!" The child's emotions escalated as he spoke. "I'll raise my own parrot and bring back a loving couple to show affection to me every day!"

"Alright, Dad knows he's good at cooking, no need to boast." Yue Qin spoon-fed the emotionally unstable child some cream.

"I'm not boasting about you." The child ate some cream, and the sweet taste was not unpleasant.

"Okay, no boasting," Yue Qin looked at the child and said, "Can we talk now?"

The child squirmed and replied, "I don't want to talk to you."

"I just want to understand what's going on." Yue Qin asked, "Was it because of Kangkang's birthday wish?"

This was not hard to guess because the child had always wanted to return to his own body and had been talking about the birthday cake. Upon coming back, the first thing he did was to bring Kangkang to the child's room, and the candles on the cake had been burned.

Mr. Kang was taken aback; he hadn't expected the other person to really figure it out.

"It's obvious," Yue Qin said, "I can only guess roughly. Kangkang didn't want to tell me these things for some reason. Will you tell me?"

Big and sturdy dad's tone was similar to before. He sat there like a mountain, not only providing a sense of security but also great understanding.

The child's tone was still hesitant, "He couldn't speak before because he believed he was a bird, so he made a wish to become a talking bird."

The child paused for a moment before continuing, "He also made a wish for you and Mom to have a smart child."

Yue Qin looked at the child, and it was evident that this child was that smart person. Yue Qin felt apologetic, "Sorry, he didn't realize what consequences his words would bring."

Mr. Kang kept thinking of this sentence, recalling the words he had said when he got drunk at the party. He hadn't thought about the consequences of his words at that time either.

The child refused to think further and quickly stopped.

"I'll apologize on his behalf," which indeed implicated the innocent child.

"It's not his fault," Mr. Kang's face turned red, and he felt like a tightly strung string. He continued, "It's the fault of those people who fulfilled the wish. Can't they have a shallower understanding of language?"

"I originally thought of letting him make another wish at the cake, but it didn't seem to work."

"It's okay," Yue Qin patted the child's head, "Dad will find a way."

Yue Qin was someone who could provide a lot of reassurance to others. He was rarely defeated by life's difficulties, and his words made people feel that this matter didn't need to be worried about.

The child's emotions finally stabilized, and he nodded.

Once all the important matters were resolved, Yue Qin spoke, "How about having a delicious lunch with us, and welcome you to our family?"

To his surprise, Mr. Kang never expected that the big and sturdy dad still possessed a sense of ceremony.

The child hesitated for a moment. Now that he was no longer someone else's son, he didn't feel entitled as before. So, he declined, saying, "No, thank you."

"How about sukiyaki?"

"I don't want it. I don't like these dishes."

"Grilled steak?"

"I really don't like those," the child continued to refuse.

"How about rice with honey-glazed chicken wings? While I make the rice dumplings, you can enjoy the honey sauce chicken wings on the side."

"Yue Qin, rest assured, I will definitely take good care of your son's body," the child finally couldn't contain himself.

"What should I call you?"

"———" The child felt uncomfortable, "Let's forget it; it would be weird to call you dad."

Mr. Kang was different from the other kids; the issue of having parents was his permanent concern, a trigger that could make him explode.

"From now on, you'll eat the meals I cook, live in my house, and attend the kindergarten where I pay the fees. Does that sound alright?"

"I'll repay you double the money later," the child said.

"Kid, not everything has to be solved with money. Call me dad," Yue Qin lifted the child from the bed, "Right now, you don't have more than a dozen Michelin chefs. There's only me, and every meal from now on will be made by me. Are you sure you won't call me dad? Beware that I might prepare some dark cuisine, like watermelon stir-fried with meat."

"Can you really stir-fry watermelon?" Mr. Kang's little face twisted, "Mom won't let you do that."

"Your mom knows nothing about cooking; if I tell her that strawberries can be stir-fried with meat, she'd believe it."

Mr. Kang reminisced; indeed, the violent mom knew nothing about cooking, and her concept was to take the ingredients prepared by burly dad, put them in the pot according to the instructions.


"Not natural enough," Yue Qin said, "Your mom doesn't know about this yet. She'll be participating in a charity event performance soon, so let's not distract her. We, father and son, will handle this matter together."

Mr. Kang thought for a moment and nodded. He then added, "Then I have to be the older brother; Kangkang can't call me younger brother."

"He calls you younger brother?"

"He said the one who came to the family first is the older brother, and the one who came later is the younger brother."

Suddenly, Yue Qin remembered something. This child had mentioned that he came from blowing out candles and making wishes.

So, that phrase corresponded to this matter.

"Alright, you're the older brother, you're already six years old," Yue Qin said, "Can you call me dad now?"

At first, Mr. Kang was taken aback when he heard the other person mention his age, and then he faced the challenge of calling him dad.

Before, Mr. Kang didn't have much trouble calling him dad because back then, he carried his son's body and identity.

But now, the other person knew he wasn't his son; he was just himself.

"Dad," Mr. Kang whispered, thankfully this time the big and sturdy dad didn't find fault with it.

After calling him dad, the child's face turned all red, feeling somewhat embarrassed. So, he hastily ran outside.

At this moment, the big and sturdy dad remembered the most crucial thing. He grabbed the child about to run away and asked, "By the way, what's your name?"


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