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Chapter 50: Brother?

Brother? (A newborn calf isn't afraid of tigers...)

Yue Qin had come to realize what it truly meant to have a deep love that weighed heavy on the heart. His injury wasn't too serious, just that the wound was a bit big and looked terrifying, but it wouldn't affect him from continuing to work.

Of course, the company gave him a month's leave, and he accepted it happily. After all, this incident had brought a great shock to his wife and child, and he wanted to spend more time with them. However, the reality was that his wife continued to work, and his son continued to go to school.

He stayed at home and looked through his previous study materials for the postgraduate entrance exam. When he had free time, he taught the little parrot how to speak.

President Kang arranged for the little parrot teacher to take a long vacation, and the school agreed.

Yue Qin was very patient. He had successfully taught his nonverbal son how to speak before, and now he was putting those skills to use once again.

Every day when President Kang came home, he could see the results of the big, bulky dad teaching the little parrot how to talk.

From simple phrases like "I want to eat rice" and "I want to eat melon seeds" to more advanced phrases like "You're finally back, I'm so hungry." He would even give him nuts to eat.

"Eating more nuts is good for your health," the little parrot said slowly and carefully.

Truly, they were father and son. Even though Yue Qin didn't know that the little parrot was his son, he was growing fond of the little parrot every day.

One night, the little parrot lay in his blanket and suddenly sighed.

President Kang was at school during the day, preparing for the art show, but it was a memory he didn't want to look back on.

The only good thing was that the image that was left behind was that of this child, and he could let him worry about the embarrassing history later.

"Why did you suddenly sigh?"

The little parrot could basically express his feelings fully.

Looking at his wings, the little parrot whispered, "If only I had hands."

Mr. Kang was stunned for a moment. He had always known that the child had cognitive impairment, so he felt like he was a bird.

When he was human, he felt like a chubby bird that couldn't talk or fly, afraid of stray cats and envious of other birds that could fly.

And now, he really was a bird. Mr. Kang knew that this little parrot actually lived happily.

He looked at the little parrot lying here now, closed his eyes, and remembered something his father had said.

"You can do wrong things, but try not to hurt others."

Mr. Kang lowered his head and retrieved some of his other thoughts. "If you were human, you would have hands."

He stretched out his hand. "A hand like this."

He didn't know how to get his body back, but the method must be with this child because his original cognition was that he was a bird, and now he really had become a bird.

Clearly, there was some kind of connection here, and he looked at the little parrot.

The little parrot spoke slowly, "But I am a bird..."

Mr. Kang touched his little head, "You are a bird now. Some birds grow up to become people."

"Just like how children grow up and become adults."

"When you become a person, your mom and dad will teach you how to ride a bike, how to play basketball, send you to kindergarten, send you to elementary school, and attend parent-teacher meetings. If you do well, you can leave a note on the table saying that mom and dad should keep it low-key and not show off too much. If you don't do well, you can say, 'Stay calm, intelligence is genetic.'"

"Then you'll see your parents posting on their WeChat Moments."

"When you grow up and get into a good university, there will be people who will be happy for you. When you have a girlfriend, you can bring her home to meet your parents."

The little parrot nodded as if he understood, and said in a crisp voice, "What about you, brother?"

Mr. Kang was stunned, "What did you call me?"

"Boss...Boss!" The little parrot immediately nodded as if he had just had a lapse of judgment.

Mr. Kang squinted and picked up the little parrot, "Did you just call me brother?"

The little parrot wasn't really afraid of him, and he mimicked his usual tone of reasoning with people, setting a trap for him: "My mom and dad are your mom and dad too. The first child in the family is the older brother, right?"

Mr. Kang: "..." From now on, he must be careful around this little parrot and not let him learn any bad habits.

"I'm the first child in the family, and you're the second child."

Mr. Kang: "Go to sleep quickly. You'll have everything in your dreams."

This four-year-old child wanted to be his brother, which was really fitting for his age. A newborn calf is not afraid of tigers!1

Wait a minute, today the little parrot also picked several nuts for him, that's what it meant!

The next day, Mr. Kang still had to go to kindergarten, dull and boring. But that's life, mostly dull and boring with a little bit of interesting things.

In the afternoon, Mr. Kang stood at the kindergarten gate, waiting for his parents to pick him up. He waited for a while, but they didn't come, so Mr. Kang anxiously looked outside.

At this moment, a middle-aged woman walked over: "I'm here to pick up Kangkang."

Mr. Kang frowned, a human trafficker?

Mr. Kang had countless news flashes in his mind, and he took two steps back: "Who are you? I don't know you! Teacher Liu, protect me!"

Ms. Liu pressed her temples and said, "Kangkang, this is your grandma. Your parents have something to do today, so your grandma came to pick you up. Don't you know your grandma?"

Mr. Kang recognized the other person at this time. He had seen her during the last video call, but the other person seemed much younger then.

However, why did she come to pick him up?

He was confused for a moment, and his heart was almost in despair: "Did something happen to them again?"

Grandma was pleased to see her grandson speaking so fluently, "Your parents are eating snail noodles at home, and the smell is all over them. So I told them I'll come and pick you up to spare you from smelling like that too."

Yue Qin had gotten rid of the smell in the house, only to see his son arrive home, carrying a backpack and wearing a serious expression on his face.

The grandma then recounted the incident that had just happened at school as a joke to everyone.

Yue Qin was a little puzzled, "Baby, didn't you use to really like your grandma before?"

Mr. Kang turned his head to look at the little parrot.

Sure enough, the parrot was already perched on the old lady's shoulder, putting on a high-flying performance that made everyone laugh.

Yue Qin also saw the scene where the parrot ate the peeled melon seeds in grandma's hands after performing the high-flying trick.

The scene was so familiar.

Yue Qin suddenly remembered that when his son couldn't speak yet, he used to flap his arms like a bird in front of his grandma, then obediently ate the peeled melon seeds.

Grandma had only found out a few days ago that her son had been injured and had been kept in the dark for some time. Since she had made some spicy and sour cabbage at home, she decided to come and see them.

After making sure his son was okay, she left.

But Mr. Kang felt like he had been tricked by Kangkang's grandma.

Because now, burly dad's gaze seemed a bit strange towards him.

Since he didn't recognize granny, did big dad already suspect him?

Mr. Kang knew he really had to hurry and get back to his own body.


  1. A newborn calf is not afraid of tigers: The phrase "初生牛犊不怕虎" is a Chinese proverb that means a young and inexperienced person is fearless and doesn't understand the danger. They that know nothing fear nothing.

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