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Chapter 67: Big Brother?

When Mr. Kang came out, he happened to see that the violent mother's emotions had already stabilized.

In fact, he still didn't understand why, despite their great victory that left Grandma speechless and pale, which should have been a very joyful thing, why was the violent mother unhappy at the beginning?

But now the other side seemed happier, though he had no idea how Big Dad managed to console her.

Seeing that Dad had already gone into the kitchen, Mr. Kang led his younger brother to his mother's side.


Xia Sheng lifted the child and placed him in a nearby seat. She wanted to explain to her child what had happened today. She opened her mouth, but didn't know where to start.

The little parrot flew to his mother's shoulder and nuzzled her neck with his small head.

Xia Sheng gently stroked the little parrot, feeling comforted. Whenever she was upset, her son would come and hug her, nuzzling her face.

Mr. Kang said, "Mom, you don't need to explain to me. I know you're sad."

And at this moment, a scent wafted out from the kitchen. Mr. Kang could finally guess what Big Dad was making for Mom to eat.

"Little Brother! Let's go!" Mr. Kang immediately hugged the parrot that was about to feel nauseous and headed to the balcony. While running, he said—

"Mom, after you finish eating the snail noodles and brushing your teeth, my younger brother and I will come to comfort you."

Xia Sheng couldn't help but laugh, "This scent is actually quite fragrant, why are you two reacting so strongly?"

Mr. Kang had already reached the balcony, closed the glass door, and with the parrot by his side, he took in the fresh air. Snail noodles, they hadn't eaten them in a long time.

And at this moment, the little parrot beside him tilted his head and said, "Why are you calling me Little Brother?"

Mr. Kang: "..." He spoke too quickly.

It's okay, this parrot was easy to fool. Mr. Kang said, "They are your Mom and Dad. I also call them Mom and Dad, right?"

"I'm older than you, right?"

"The older one is the older brother, the younger one is the younger brother." Mr. Kang added a chip to himself, "If you don't believe me, you can ask Teacher Liu at school."

Indeed, in a family, the older one is the older brother, the younger one is the younger brother.

The little parrot thought for a moment and said, "But I want to be the older brother." This parrot unexpectedly insisted!

Mr. Kang was taken aback. He never expected that this usually easily fooled parrot would have such a determined matter.

"It's not good to be the older brother at all." Mr. Kang continued to coax, "Being the older brother means taking care of the younger brother, giving him everything, not bullying him, protecting him. And being a brother comes with responsibility."

"I can handle this responsibility. I can protect you, take care of you."

However, big capitalist never expected that this speech would make the little parrot puff up his chest, and his feathers would ruffle up—

"So I'm the older brother, I've always been taking care of you, protecting you." The little parrot said, "I'm your big brother, Maomao is your second brother, Yingying is your third brother."

Maomao is the owl? Yingying is the eagle?

Why were they also ranked ahead of him?

"When we discussed the ranking last night, I called you, but you were asleep. So, we decided to make you the younger brother, because the younger brother is the one protected. You are the youngest among us and can't fly."

Last night? Last night they chatted for a whole night, discussing rankings. That's why this morning Mr. Kang saw the eagle and owl giving him that look?

Mr. Kang was on the verge of tears, saying, "But I'm the 'Dad' outside. If I become a younger brother, it would be so embarrassing to tell others. The other kids would make fun of me." He used to be a father to others.

The little parrot patted his younger brother's shoulder with his wing and said, "Little Brother, don't be afraid. Big Brother won't let the other kids make fun of you. Big Brother will protect you."

Mr. Kang suddenly realized that this little parrot was not easy to fool.

He made a decision – he would let Big Dad handle this. How could a 5-year-old call a 4-year old "Big Brother"?

As a negotiation expert, when he couldn't handle something, he would recommend someone capable.

So, on the way to school, Mr. Kang listened to the conversation between Big Dad and the little parrot –

The little parrot asked earnestly, "Being a big brother means taking care of the younger brother, letting the younger brother have things, not bullying him, protecting him. I think I can be a good big brother."

"Actually, it's not necessary," Yue Qin said, "It's just a title. You're only a year apart. The older one is also just a kid, he doesn't need to take care of another child."

"But I still want to be a big brother. I've always been a big brother outside. If I become a younger brother now, it would be so embarrassing to tell others."

Yue Qin was confused. It was his own son, but when did he become so articulate and eloquent? And when did he keep being a big brother outside? What's going on here?

Mr. Kang listened to the whole process and the almost identical coaxing, and he became more certain. He should definitely not do bad things in front of this little parrot in the future.

However, the title of "Big Brother" or "Younger Brother" was still undecided. Yue Qin looked at his two sons, one 4 years old and the other 5 years old. They could sort it out themselves.

Whoever persuaded the other, that person would be the big brother. Fair and square.

Speaking of which, he also needed the younger son to take care of the older son, who wasn't good at making friends.

Mr. Kang saw that even Big Dad gave up. When he thought back, the last time Dad had asked him to help the little parrot make friends at school, the result was that the parrot had a circle of friends while he had none.

Mr. Kang felt a bit uncertain about his position as a big brother.

At the kindergarten gate, Teacher Liu had arrived early. She had considered it last night. If the child really didn't want to dress as a flower, she didn't need to force it.

Her original idea was for boys not to feel ashamed to wear skirts.

But if the child was unwilling, forcing them to wear it would go against her intentions.

Kangkang, who had resisted wearing the petal skirt yesterday, walked in confidently and even greeted her—

"Good morning, Teacher Liu!"

Teacher Liu: "...Good morning, Kangkang!" It was a bit strange, he never greeted her before.

Kangkang had decided. He wasn't suitable for making friends with these childish kids. They didn't share any common interests. The fact that Violent Mom found a friend gave him a significant insight: making friends requires shared interests.

The kids didn't share common interests with him, but the adults did.

But he could try making friends with Teacher Liu—

They had common topics. They could discuss how to increase wages, resist the oppression of capitalists, and fight for workers' rights. These were his strengths.

He could also be friends with the principal.

There would be even more shared topics, like how to expand and strengthen the kindergarten, how to market it? How to go public?

He started with Teacher Liu.

Teacher Liu was particularly apprehensive today. In her mind, Kangkang was a very intelligent child, even surpassing many adults.

If someone had told her before that a child could demand wages from the principal, and that this wage was for a parrot, and that it would actually work, she would never have believed it.

However, the entire process was right in front of her, like magic. If it wasn't for maintaining the gentle image of kindergarten teachers, she would have wanted to exclaim, "That's impressive."

And now, this genius child was staring at her, smiling sweetly. This was a situation that had never happened before. With this thought, she felt nervous. It seemed that he didn't want to play the role of a flower.

Mr. Kang didn't make friends with Teacher Liu, so he turned to the principal.

"Princi—" From a distance, he saw the principal walking over in this direction. Before he could even call out, he saw the principal suddenly change direction.

Mr. Kang: "..." The principal probably didn't see him.

Surely he didn't see him. After all, he had approached the principal 10 times, and at least 8 of those times were not about wage increases. Of course, he admitted that those 8 times involved more complicated welfare and policy matters.

Mr. Kang looked at the adults in the school. With so many adults in the school, how could he not make a single friend?

This wasn't right.

And at this moment, a little boy from the kindergarten's younger class asked, "Do you want to play on the slide with us?"

Turns out, Mr. Kang was standing next to the slide. The other kids thought he was here to play on the slide too.

Mr. Kang immediately waved his hand. How could he play with something so childish?

So, the little boy walked over, climbed to the top of the slide, and slid down. A little girl followed him, sliding down with giggles.

There was a group of kids waiting below.

Clearly, they were a group of good friends. They looked so carefree, not knowing much about the world yet so happy.

He envied their ignorance.

Mr. Kang was taken aback and awkwardly walked over.

"How do you line up for this slide?"

The little girl who had climbed to the top and was about to slide down heard the voice. She grabbed the edge and looked down. She immediately recognized him, "Kangkang? Teacher Little Parrot's younger brother! You're here to play on the slide too!"

The little girl was Yuanyuan, the girl who had visited their home before.

Without needing to be told, when she had made friends with Teacher Little Parrot, she had learned that he was Teacher Little Parrot's younger brother.


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