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Chapter 66: About Love

"Mom, Mom..." the poor child clung to his mother's arm, trembling. "Who are they? I'm scared."

While saying this, he tried to hide behind his mother.

Before Xia Sheng could react, she saw another figure in green flying out from inside the room, with a pink flower pinned to the head.

Are the two brothers dressing up as girls together?

Yue Qin noticed that this child was quite interesting. Whenever he played a role, whether in speech or actions, there was no hint of unnaturalness.

But as soon as the child acted as himself, he didn't know how to speak or interact with others.

It was Kangkang's grandmother, Xia Sheng's own mother, who spoke first. "Xia Sheng, you dress up your son like this?"

Mr. Kang looked at his violent mother. It was clear that she wasn't suitable for arguing with people. She had probably spent a lot of energy arguing with her mother before.

Actually, it's not that. Xia Sheng knew very well that when arguing, she must use the tactics of elders—

Look back, reflect, and look back again! Essentially, recalling the past.

But when it came to her son and anything related to gender, she couldn't bring herself to say it.

It was a highly sensitive topic.

The child timidly looked at the unfamiliar woman, holding his mother's hand. "Mom... Do I look ugly like this?"

Yue Qin felt that his mother-in-law was about to explode.

Yue Qin signaled the child to stop, but it was evident that the child couldn't sense it as he responded with a look that said - Don't worry, I can handle it.

"Kangkang, I'm your grandma, and you're a boy. You can't wear a skirt," said Xia Sheng's mother, whose name was Li Zhaodi. She squatted down, trying to soften her tone.

Li Zhaodi didn't doubt for a moment that it wasn't Xia Sheng's doing. In her eyes, Xia Sheng was still going through a rebellious phase, with extreme thoughts and radical behavior.

To raise one's own son as a daughter, that was something she couldn't fathom.

"Floral skirts look nice," the child touched the small petals on his clothes. "I want to wear floral skirts."

The old lady next to them seriously looked at the child and added, "This little girl looks good but has poor taste."

The old lady sighed and said, "Let your parents run this teahouse well, then buy a couple of nice dresses, and improve your taste."

Mr. Kang: "..." Is this old lady senile?

How could she say such harsh words with such a kind face?

Mr. Kang almost instantly decided not to provoke this old lady in the future.

Xia Sheng lifted her son and spoke to her own mother, "You see, in your heart, a son will always be valued more than a daughter. I am like a defective product to you, arriving after you had longed for a son for so long. And for a long time, I felt like it was my fault."

"If you had raised me as a son, if I were truly your son, you'd cradle me in your arms every day. You'd shower me with love and tell me how much you longed for me and how challenging it was to give birth to me. You'd be thrilled to see me. That's how sons are treated. I would grow up like most men in society - confident, maybe even a bit arrogant - rather than feeling like I shouldn't have been born at all. That's what it means to be raised as a son."

"For you, I'm an unwelcome intruder who replaced your son. If you had a choice, you wouldn't want me here, and I wish I could have been born to a mother who adores daughters. At least then, when I entered this world, I wouldn't have been met with disappointment and rejection. If I were lucky, maybe she would even knit a little sweater for me." Xia Sheng didn't know why, but all the things she had never dared to say or didn't want to say came out this time.

Her mind was filled with the love that Yuanyuan's mother had for her, a genuine and heartfelt love from a mother to her daughter.

If mothers in this world can love their daughters, then why couldn't her mother give her that love?

She was intelligent, hardworking, and determined, not inferior to any boy.

The woman's face turned pale in Xia Sheng's questioning, and Mr. Kang could tell that she was a strong-willed woman.

She didn't say a word but turned to help the old lady and tried to leave.

The old lady was puzzled and asked, "Why are we leaving? Weren't we here to play mahjong?"

After the door closed, the sharp-tongued young mother suddenly lost her energy. No matter how many years had passed, no matter how grown-up she was, even as a mother to a 4-year-old child, whenever she saw her own mother, she felt like a little girl again - fragile, angry, resentful, and full of thorns.

"Am I too extreme?" The young mother's eyes turned red, looking like a pitiful little girl. After venting her anger, she began to regret.

"No, you're not." Yue Qin embraced his wife. "You're not extreme; you just told her what she did."

Mr. Kang quietly took off the petal skirt, revealing his pants underneath. He had rolled up the pant legs creatively, which seemed quite inventive.

Yue Qin comforted his wife while the two brothers looked equally puzzled, tilting their heads to look at their mother.

They couldn't understand why their mother was upset when they had clearly won the argument.

It was understandable that the two brothers had such thoughts. Big brother had just arrived at their house and had only seen the conflict between his grandmother and mother.

Although the little brother was the biological son, he had little contact with his grandmother. She was a stranger who had bullied his mother. So, there weren't too many complicated emotions involved, and they were just happy that the "bad person" had been driven away.

After Yue Qin calmed his wife, his wife began to worry about the children witnessing the scene. Yue Qin said, "Don't worry; I'll handle this."

With one hand holding the child with the petal headband and the other gently gripping the little parrot, the bulky father led the two brothers to the study.

Among the confused siblings, Mr. Kang finally asked the question as their spokesperson—

"Daddy, didn't we win just now? Why did Mom cry?" Mr. Kang was already preparing to celebrate their victory.

That's the way children think.

Yue Qin patiently explained, "Because emotions are complicated."

He caressed the heads of his two sons and continued, "Sometimes, emotions can hurt because we consider someone important, and your mother doesn't want to hurt important people."

Mr. Kang's thoughts were more extreme, "But she doesn't love us, so why should we consider her important?" In his view, if someone was so unkind, they should never meet again.

Yue Qin was a bit surprised and said, "This question might take a little time for Dad to explain." There was really no easy way to explain the complex feelings between parents and children to a young child.

"It's okay. Next time she comes, you tell me in advance, and we'll buy two skirts at home. I'll change skirts and tease her," Mr. Kang waved his hand confidently.

The little parrot nodded vigorously, "I'll wear flowers!"

Both of them were the little girls that Grandma disliked!

The little parrot's thinking was even simpler. Grandma didn't like Mom because Mom was a little girl. They were little girls too, and Grandma didn't like them either.

Mr. Kang realized today, after wearing a skirt, that everything was just as Dad had said. Some things seemed scary to think about, but they turned out to be quite fun to do.

"Now you don't feel scared wearing a skirt anymore, right?"

"It's okay. Just too floral."

"Boys and girls are the same, equally smart, and equally liked and valued by people," Yue Qin said to his two sons.

Mr. Kang listened seriously, and he was increasingly fond of listening to Dad's reasoning.

Even though in the past, more or less, there were people saying that girls were not as good as boys in certain aspects. For example, girls were not as good as boys in science, not as logical as boys, and they let emotions guide them.

But at this moment, for some reason, he believed in his big, sturdy Dad, feeling that what his Dad said was the right thing.

So, this was the trust and reliance a child had in his Dad, wasn't it?

Accepting everything Dad said as a matter of course, without questioning or refusing.

So, that's how children are!


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