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Chapter 31: A War of Mistaken Identity

A War of Mistaken Identity (Kang Watches the Show...)

"Mom, the hair is too tight." President Kang felt that his mother had rolled up his hair and fastened it up with a hair tie, and he couldn't help but speak out.

"Ah?" Xia Sheng was somewhat surprised, she didn't tie it very tight.

"I heard this phrase from a girl in my class and thought it was funny," the child said with a giggle.

Anyway, the hair is all tied up, so I might as well play up a meme from a meme collection to make it more worthwhile.

"Let the baby see the little pigtail in the avatar." Xia Sheng showed the child the photo.

The child had soft hair, a soft face, and a pair of big, round eyes. Adorning the top of his head was a little pigtail, giving him the appearance of a cute little girl.

Upon viewing the photo, Kang realized that it was not as strange as he thought. The child in the photo was a 4-year-old boy, not a 24-year-old like himself, and the small pigtail on top added to his cute appearance.

Kang's resistance towards the art show diminished. The child, despite the costumes, would only look adorable and not result in an embarrassing historical moment.

Xia Sheng looked at the little boy with his hair fastened, who was posing for the camera with the phone. She was momentarily stunned and unsure how to react.

Xia Sheng didn't say that boys can't wear braids. When she was young, she was forced to hate being a girl, so she was particularly sensitive about gender.

Xia Sheng always thought she would have a daughter, following in the footsteps of her grandmother who had four daughters and no son, as well as her mother who had two daughters and no son.

Her grandmother and mother experienced pain in the absence of a son, but for Xia Sheng, having a daughter would have been a positive outcome.

She always wanted a daughter, and she would encourage her to embrace all things feminine, including a love for beauty, cleanliness, and all things girly. She would teach her to play the piano and dance, and buy her beautiful skirts. She would also braid her daughter's hair and send her to school with other little girls.

Before the birth of her child, Xia Sheng had already made all the necessary preparations for a daughter. However, when the baby arrived, the doctor presented her with a wrinkled infant and informed her that she had given birth to a son.

In that moment, Xia Sheng experienced an inexplicable emotion, feeling a void in her heart.

Later on, the child did not speak, and Xia Sheng kept it a secret from everyone. She always believed that the child's silence was because of her, that the child may have sensed her desire for a daughter.

The child lowered his head and looked at the screen, playfully shaking his little pigtail from time to time with a mixture of vanity and joy.

Xia Sheng looked at the playful child and thought of her youthful days. The child's hair evoked memories of her own hair when she was young, and she remembered secretly braiding her hair into a pigtail and admiring herself in the mirror, filled with conceit.

Kang was not using the phone's camera to take selfies or finding joy in his little pigtail.

He received a reply from the butler. The other side was initially furious. But when he pointed out that the other side sold Mr. Kang's 6 million yuan piano for 1 million yuan, he became quiet.

Mr. Kang was not afraid at all. As a former capitalist he knew, in today's era where everything can be publicly scrutinized, capitalists are a disadvantaged group.

Not to mention a capitalist with a long history of black marks.

On this side, there was a poor working couple.

Their son was sick, and they were fired because of the son's illness. If they were to share this on the internet, a horde of workers would come forward and say, "What a stupid boss! I already got rid of mine. It makes me so mad."

They are the epitome of political correctness.

In the opposing group, there was a wealthy second-generation capitalist who was oblivious to his privileged life and a sly servant who secretly sold the assets of that second-generation.

Others were barefoot and fearless of wearing shoes. Their situation was even more formidable as they were barefoot while the opponent was wearing someone else's shoes.

As long as he wanted to keep the shoes on his feet, he would downplay the big things and surrender completely when the small things were downplayed.

"I have called the police, you will be arrested and imprisoned."

As Kang was about to respond, Xia approached and said, "Honey, stop playing with the phone. We're almost there."

Xia Sheng said as she was about to take her phone. Kang had been sifting through and deleting messages he received, because the phone was not his own.

But the last text message arrived too late.

Xia Sheng grabbed the phone and her expression abruptly shifted.

Kang was taken aback. He was known for taking on big risks with the expectation of high rewards, but at that moment he realized what true risk was.

Xia Sheng was about to discover his secret!

Kang was in a state of confusion and disorder, and his hand unconsciously went to pull his mother's clothes: "Mom -"

Xia Sheng lowered her head, and the child used two small hands to hold his hair on both sides: "Look, I can have two pigtails, just like a little lamb."

Xia Sheng hummed softly and found the information she wanted in another text message from the Art Center.

"Mom has to go deal with something." Xia Sheng picked up the baby and said, "Baby, do you remember the last time Mom hit the bad guy?"

Kang remembered and it would always remain etched in his memory. It has ended. What is the purpose of bringing this up now?

"Don't be afraid for a moment." Xia Sheng took her son and went to the side to get a new number. She then stuffed the slip into her son's coat sleeve. The child's sleeves were snug fit and the slip would not fall out.

"Baby, can you keep this for Mommy?"

Kang's heart was racing and all he could imagine was Xia Sheng hitting someone.

If Mom hits him later, he must not struggle and not tear Mom's clothes.

Mom seems to like the red coat she's wearing today.

However, Kang realized that his mother was standing beside him in the elevator, holding him, and pressing the button for the 13th floor.

Was his mother not going to strike him, but instead target his original body?

How dangerous!

After three minutes, President Kang was lying in bed with a plaster cast on one foot, while a man with a bandaged nose mirrored the child's puzzled expression.

"Did you call the police? Do you want me to end up in jail?" Xia Sheng's tone turned threatening.

Mr. Zhang quickly asked the two attendants inside the ward to leave. After all, these matters were not meant for others to overhear.

Now there were only three people left in the room, including a 4-year-old child.

Zhang remained bewildered, but at this moment, the child suddenly understood what was going on.

The child suddenly realized, "Oh!" Upon seeing the message sent by the butler, Xia Sheng immediately assumed that Zhang had called the police to detain her for intentionally hurting him.

Zhang watched the woman slowly approach, and his nose and legs throbbed with pain.

Even though he had taken painkillers, this pain was like the pain in his memories.

Suddenly, it was as if he was transported back to that morning and the other person was as fierce as a wild beast.

"Say what you have to say. Don't do anything!"

"Baby, cover your ears and close your eyes. Count from 1 to 100."

Xia Sheng didn't look back and gave orders to her child, who promptly obeyed and covered his ears to begin counting.

"One, two..."

And next to the child's tender voice, Xia Sheng sat down.

Kang tightly covered his ears at first, counting seriously, so he could only hear the sound of his own counting.

But he was too curious about the current situation in the ward, so he secretly loosened his ears and pretended.

The child's eyes grew wider and wider, swallowing his saliva. He only knew that violence was very frightening.

But this violent crazy mother's method... was too cruel.

Zhang was desperately explaining: "I didn't call the police. I really didn't call the police."

Xia Sheng didn't believe it and dialed the number that sent the text message.

The butler didn't anticipate the other party to have the audacity to make a call. He was simply trying to scare them and did not dare to contact the police!

Zhang immediately said, "Press the hands-free button. If it's my person, I won't let him go."

Kang: "... " This situation was a bit strange.

The phone rang only twice, and someone answered.

Zhang furiously said to the other end, "Who are you? Who told you to call the police?"

The child stood there, almost questioning reality, as he listened to everything unfold and repeated like a conditioned reflex in his mouth -

"23, 23, 23..."

The butler's aura can't compare with Mr. Zhang. After being scolded fiercely, he learned Zhang's identity and began to apologize repeatedly.

Kang's expression at this moment was indescribable.

He couldn't hear the voice on the butler's end, but he could hear Zhang's words.

"You have a big nerve! Even if your boss were awake, he wouldn't dare interfere with my affairs."

Kang: "..." That's too much!

"You better take care of it. Don't think that no one knows what you've done. Don't forget who bought that piano?"

Kang was muttering "24" to himself. He liked the way capitalists speak in a cryptic manner.

He didn't know what was said on the other end, but then Mr. Zhang continued with a series of scoldings. Kang felt that this was just an outlet for Mr. Zhang's frustration, as he couldn't scold Xia Sheng directly. He was just venting his anger through the phone.

Finally, Mr. Zhang appeared to have been calmed down by the person on the other end.

This surreal experience taught Mr. Kang a lesson.

Human efforts are insignificant compared to the power of nature or fate.

The only thing he was slightly happy about was that this game was still his game, as others only saw a small part of it.

Among the people present, the only one who understood the truth was a detective, who despite his young appearance, was more perceptive than most. He wasn't Conan1, however.

He wasn't the host either. He was still counting in his mouth, but he heard his mother skillfully threaten and intimidate Mr. Zhang, who kept nodding in agreement.

It was difficult for Kang to imagine that Xia Sheng had this side to her.

What happened to her back then? She beat someone up and took that unsightly picture of them, and yet she left in tears?

After Xia Sheng solved this matter and made sure there were no problems, she went to the side, picked up her obedient son who was still counting while covering his ears, and left the ward.

After they left the ward, Kang noticed the intimidating aura from his mother had vanished.

The violent crazy mom took out the slip from his sleeve and said with a hint of distress, "It's over! We have been there for too long, and now we have to line up again."

Kang's expression remained blank. Yes, yes. Mr. Zhang, a big man who was intimidated by his mother, was only forced into the situation and was randomly taken a picture of.

And here her violent mom, who had done nothing wrong, had been held up for so long and now had to line up again!

Do they know that his mother just lined up for more than an hour? She couldn't play with her phone and had to just sit there. She was so bored that she almost counted every hair on her child's head!

Now she had to line up again! The mom is really too miserable!


  1. Conan is a reference to the main character, Conan Edogawa, in the popular Japanese manga and anime series Detective Conan (also known as Case Closed). The series follows the adventures of a teenage detective named Shinichi who has been transformed into a child after being poisoned and must solve crimes while hiding his true identity.

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